Are You Aware Of Openload And Streamango Closed?

Openload and Streamango have been closed by ACE, the anti-piracy association. Why doesn’t Openload and Streamango work anymore? What happen?

Are You Aware Of Openload And Streamango Closed?

Openload and Streamango no longer work

Short news to report that the Openload and Streamango sites , famous portals that hosted films and TV series in streaming ILLEGALLY , have been closed by the ACE, an association against audiovisual piracy.

From today, therefore, all the films and TV series that were uploaded to Openload and Streamango will no longer be accessible.

Consequences also in Italy

There are many Italian sites that upload movies and TV series to Openload and Streamango , so in the next few days it may happen that many movies and TV series links are no longer working , as well as many addons for Kodi that allow you to watch movies and TV series in streaming for free they will have problems.

In short, a nice shake up all over the world of illegal streaming movies and TV series.

Alternatives to Openload and Streamango

Fortunately the alternatives to Openload and Streamango are not lacking: among the many we mention Verystream, Supervideo, Mixdrop, Deltabit, Nowvideo, VidTo, WStream and many others, without forgetting that other streaming video portals will no doubt be born in the coming months to take the place of Openload and Streamango.

In short, even if these sites have closed, we still have many alternatives to watch movies and TV series in streaming for free.

Will the other video hosting sites also close?

It remains to be seen whether the ACE, an international association that protects the rights of producers of films and TV series, will decide to take legal action also towards other streaming video sites.

To tell the truth, Openload and Streamango, as well as other portals, were not born to host movies and TV series to watch streaming illegally , but simply allowed users to upload videos of any kind, rewarding them based on the number of views of their movies .

It goes without saying that if the video hosting site does not in any way control the content uploaded by users, they start uploading files protected by copyright (see films and TV series) to make a lot of views and make money from advertisements that appear before, after and while watching the video.

And so in a short time, Openload and Streamango (and all the others) were filled with movies and TV series uploaded and shared illegally on the internet.

Just to give some numbers, Openload had 65 million visitors a month and over 1000 servers scattered around the world.

As anticipated, we’ll see what the ACE will do with all the other video hosting sites used to illegally share films and TV series protected by copyright.

The sure thing, for now, is that trying to access the official portals of Openload and Streamango you are sent back to the official site of the ACE (

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