10 Artificial Intelligence In Everyday Life

Currently, artificial intelligence or what is also known asArtificial Intelligence(AI) is becoming the center of attention of many people. This started when a computer managed to beat Garry Kasparov in a pro chess game in 1990. This was then developed to help human work become more efficient.

Rarely Noticed! 10 Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life

In essence, AI has two categories, namely weak AI and strong AI. AI is created to perform specific tasks such as answering questions based on what has been input.

Meanwhile, strong AI is designed using a cognitive system like humans. Curious about more information? Let’s look at this article carefully.

10Artificial IntelligenceWe Use in Everyday Life

Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence technology is now very close to us. In fact, without realizing it, we have become dependent on this technology. Below are some examples of Artificial Intelligence.

1. StreamingVideo/Music

Currently, streaming has become one of people’s favorite entertainment. How come? This service allows us to access all videos or music easily and quickly. When we stream video, the service will display the video according to the quality of the network we have.

Generally, when we open a streaming application we will be presented with a variety of the latest content or current trends. The recommendations given will usually be based on your video or music streaming browsing history.

2. Search Engine

Surely you are already familiar with Bing, Yahoo, especially Google. This website is very famous because of its ability to provide various needed information. Do you know?

In fact, this intelligence results from contributions from the world community who share their knowledge with each other through articles.

Generally, search engines will compete to provide high accessibility so that users are more comfortable when surfing the internet. Artificial Intelligence in this search engine lies in its habit of studying users’ habits in searching for information.

3. Selfie feature

When you take fun photos using a smartphone camera, you usually add camera features to support beautiful shots. Be it in the form of filters, editing, beauty and other features.

Apart from that, there are also several camera features that can detect faces so that they can change our face to look younger. Apparently, this feature utilizes AI in the form of face detection, color and quality. So, you don’t need to bother editing the image to make it cooler.

4. GPS

Global Positioning System or more familiarly known as GPS. This Artificial Intelligence relies on big data in its creation process. Just imagine, now you can access routes all over the world in detail just by accessing GPS.

This service can also find out which roads are congested or smooth using colored symbols. You will also get various choices of the fastest routes to avoid traffic jams.

Apart from that, another GPS service that relies on artificial intelligence is a feature to see the world’s position in real 3 dimensions. This GPS route creation is done using a car that circles the world to take 360 ​​degree images. Cool?

5. Onlinemotorcycle taxi ordering

When you order an online motorbike taxi, you will usually get instructions on where the nearest online motorbike taxi is located around you. Next, when you start ordering the application will randomly select a driver according to certain criteria that you need.

Apart from being public transportation, online motorcycle taxis are also widely used to deliver goods or food to certain places. Of course this is very helpful, especially when you need logistics services suddenly.

The artificial intelligence of this service is always updated from time to time. The goal is so that it cannot be misused by drivers or users.

Drivers are also free to determine their own working hours without being pressured by a work schedule. This makes many people interested in becoming online drivers.

6. Video Game

Are you a gamer? Maybe you don’t realize that the video games you always play are a real form of Artificial Intelligence. Video games utilize artificial intelligence in creating simulations and their manufacturing structures.

This makes video games able to develop into 3 dimensions and resemble real life. In the development process, the majority of game developers will utilize artificial intelligence in the form of programs that can read user playing techniques. Next, Artificial Intelligence will fight the user according to their level.

7. Internet Marketing

For online shop business people, the term internet marketing is certainly no longer foreign to their ears. The process of marketing products via the internet network makes it very easy for entrepreneurs to reach customers so they sell more quickly. Apart from that, business actors also do not need to spend funds to pay employees for product marketing.

It is no longer a secret that now the biggest advertising medium is no longer television but the internet which is now used by the majority of the general public.

Through internet marketing, advertisements will be spread automatically to users who match the target market. Artificial Intelligence will recommend these ads to users based on search history.

8. Social Media

It cannot be denied that now we cannot be separated from social media. The reason is, this media is a means for sharing and caring for the wider community. There you can find friends you haven’t seen for a long time, make new friends, share photos, videos and other social activities.

The ease and speed that we get from social media is one form of utilizing AI. One example is that you can find friends on social media based on the contact numbers you save.

9. Translator

Translators or language translators also utilize artificial intelligence to operate their services. Now, translators are equipped with technology in the form of voice recording. You only need to record the sound, then the translator will translate it into the desired language.

Not only that, now you can also use the camera to easily translate a series of sentences in a foreign language. You just have to point the camera at the writing without having to take a photo. Automatically the writing will change by itself.

10.Online Shopping

Online shopping has become an activity that is often carried out by people nowadays. It’s no wonder why, because we can shop for various needs easily, cheaply and practically of course.

Online shopping services will usually have thousands to millions of products in various categories. When you enter the homepage, you will find various products that you can choose based on certain categories.

The application of artificial intelligence in online shops is usually found in product recommendations displayed on the homepage. These recommendations will come from a program that always studies your habits in searching for or buying a particular product.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence, it certainly cannot escape the intervention of a programmer. Apart from the several examples mentioned above, what else around us also utilizes this artificial intelligence technology?

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