Barcode 128 | Where to Find Fonts to Generate Them?

The barcode is a code made up of aseries of graphic elementsthat collect information relating to the producton which the code is applied.

Barcode 128 | Where to Find Fonts to Generate Them?
Barcode 128 | Where to Find Fonts to Generate Them?

Barcode 128 | Where to Find Fonts to Generate Them?

The reading takes place through a scanner or reader that emits a laser beam or a CCD, to read the light reflected on the black and white lines in order to decode all the information contained in the code.

The barcode therefore contains sequences of information such as the traceability of the product that are transmitted in a database where they can be recorded, stored and consulted at any time.

How is the barcode made?

The barcode consists of a sequence of bars and spaces. The bar is the dark part of the code formed by a vertical stripe. The space, the white part separates the black bars from each other.

The modulus is the width of the narrowest element which can be a space or a bar. The other thicknesses are multiples of the module.

Each series of bars is interspersed with a clear area calledthe “quiet zone”.This allows you to understand if the code has been read in full. Each piece of information is preceded by a“start”and a“stop” data.These two can be the same as in code 39.

Barcodes are divided into:

  • discrete: in which only the black bars contain information;
  • continuous: when both black bars and spaces contain information.

Another subdivision is between linear and two- dimensional codes such as theQR-Code.Barcodes that represent data can also be called linear or one- dimensional and include:

  • UPC: These are codes used in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Inside they differ inUPC-Awhich encodes a maximum of 12 numerical digits, orUPC-Ewhich encodes a maximum of six;
  • EAN: they are used in Europe in large-scale distribution. They are similar to UPC codes and internally can be 13-digit or 8-digit;
  • Code 39: an alphanumeric code that is used in the automotive sector, and can encode up to 43 characters;
  • code 128: used mainly in logistics and transport. It can store various information that can represent any ASCII 128 character;
  • ITF: they are used for packaging, they code up to 14 numerical digits. The reading of this barcode is immediate;
  • Code 93 – Used to locate products in retail inventory or to get more information about shipments. It guarantees greater security in the scanning of information, which is why it is considered one of the most reliable;
  • Codabar: used mainly in the medical and health fields. The advantage is the possibility of being printed with any printer because it has immediate readability. It can encode up to a maximum of 20 characters;
  • GS1 Databar: an alternative to the barcode introduced in 2001 and used for small products;
  • Msi Plessey: Used for internal management of retail sales.

Where to find the fonts to generate the barcode 128?

Code 128 is a barcodewhose name derives from the ability to encode all 128 ASCII characters,letters and numbers, punctuation, symbolsand much more. It is usually used in sales and shipping activities.

Barcode 128 is made up of six sections. The first and last are“free zones”made up of a certain number of empty spaces, according to the elements of the code. After there is an initial character that indicates the series to which the code belongs.

128 barcodes are divided into three series :

  • A series: indicates codes consisting of capital letters;
  • B series: indicates the codes consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • C series: indicates codes made up of numerical data only.

The leading character is followed by the data. Each encoded character consists of three bars and three spaces. Below is acontrol numberfollowed by a“concluding”character and aclosing free space.

In addition to being versatile, 128 barcodes are compact and this is an advantage as they allow you to enter a significant amount of data in the same space, compared to traditional barcodes.

To be able to generate a barcode, you need fonts that you can download for free and print, by connecting to the numerous websites on the internet.

Just connect to your search engine, enter the words“generate barcode 128”that you will find a complete list of sites at your disposal.

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