Best Adventure Offline Android Games Of All Time

Best Adventure Offline Android Games: Just being at home doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous. Yes, you can also get a similar sensation through the best adventure offline Android game below. And this time, Our team has summarized a selection of the best adventure offline android games that must be tried.

Best Adventure Offline Android Games of All Time

For humans, adventure is an adrenaline-pumping experience. Feel the blood rushing, the heart beats fast, and the mind is running faster. For some people, a sensation that is difficult to compare.

In fact, some of the best adventurous experiences can give you new insights and knowledge about various things. No exception to experience that is done in the form of a game.

Yes, now adventure doesn’t need to spend a lot of energy. Just stay at home, download one of the Android adventure games below. Then, by completing each given task, you can feel a sensation that is not much different from the actual adventure.

The Best Adventure Offline Android Game of All Time

Now, there are many choices of adventure games for Android. There are so many, of course, you are confused about which titles to play offline. Therefore, to make your search easier, Our team has listed them in the list below. Want to know what?

Benji Bananas

Benji is a monkey. He likes taking walks through the forest. While enjoying the lush wild nature, Benji also collected bananas that he encountered along the way. Simple story, right?

Yes, as we can lift from the brief explanation above, this offline adventure game doesn’t take too much concentration. Your job is only to control and direct Benji from one point to another while collecting bananas and chilies.

If a certain number of bananas are collected, then Benji’s new abilities will open up. Starting from a jet pack (jetpack) to a hawk that can be ridden. Besides that, there are many other types of abilities that can be added to Benji.

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Iron Blade: Legend of the Middle Ages

This action adventure game for Android phones deserves to be called one of the best of all time. Developed by the Gameloft studio, this game is set in the Middle Ages – a time when war was taking place in every region and strife and magic was commonplace.

Yes, the characters you play are equipped with various magical abilities. Therefore, the Iron Blade game is also known as a fantasy game. But, the magic element is not just a graphic sweetener. You see, you also need to design a strategy when playing it.

So, arm your character with the various options that are available. Then, use it to complete each given mission. And the RPG (Role Playing Game) element of this game promises you to be far from bored even though you’ve played for hours.


The main premise of this game is an adventure through a city full of mystery and magic. This platformer type game with a 3D view offers an adventure that can be played offline. Yes, you don’t have to worry about your internet package running out, right?

In the game, you only need to run, jump and slash every enemy that comes your way. There are many stories and maps to complete.

You are also given the option to develop your character; both abilities, strength, items and magic spells.

This Android platform game is designed to be played on Android phones. As a result, the game controls will make it easier for beginners.

Even if you’ve played other Android adventure games, Swordigo has elements and elements that aren’t boring, really.

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CASE: Animatronics – Horror Game

If you prefer horror games, then CASE: Animatronics is the right choice. This spooky action game has been downloaded more than 170 thousand times.

And most admit that the horror element of this game is really challenging; easy to make hair bristled!

The story is set in a police station, where a group of insane hackers manages to take over the computer network from the office and cut off the electricity. The result, a dark and creepy room.

Reinforced by the distinctive voice from horror scenes, you are asked to solve puzzles, looking for the source that caused the chaos. Even though it’s simple, it’s guaranteed to make you tense when you play it!

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Death City: Zombie Invasion

According to the author, nothing is more fun and tense than playing Android games with a zombie theme. Moreover, now there are various types of games that use this theme. No exception for offline Android adventure games.

And one of the most memorable titles is the game Deatch City: Zombie Invasion. This game has been downloaded by more than 27 thousand Android cellphone users.

Most of them gave positive comments, the result was this Android game application also received a rating of 4.3. Pretty promising, right?

In this game, many things will be tested on the player. You are asked to improve your reflexes, strategy, and hone your skills to eradicate the zombies that come your way.

For the story, it’s not that different from the Resident Evil game. A city is destroyed by a virus that turns people into zombies. And your obligation is to get out of the city.

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The five games above are the author’s personal opinion. And according to the author, each of the titles above deserves to be called the best adventure offline Android game. In addition to the adventure elements that are presented that are not boring, the gameplay and story can make you forget to eat!

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