The Best Alternatives to Apple Watch

Buying a new Apple Watch is a big expense and not for everyone. This year Apple, in addition to putting the Apple Watch series 6 on the market, has also decided to launch the Apple Watch SE, defining it as the economic model. However, even the latter has a substantial cost.

The Best Alternatives to Apple Watch
The Best Alternatives to Apple Watch

The Best Alternatives to Apple Watch

If you are looking for a good alternative to Apple Watch that has a lower cost you are reading the right article.You will soon find out which are the best alternatives to Apple Watch.


The first smartwatch that I want to recommend as an alternative to apple watch is theFITBIT VERSA 3which, released at the beginning of September, is in effect a true TOP of the FITBIT range.

In this version, it has added various features such as built-in GPS (quite accurate), fast charging and the ability to take advantage of Alexa’s voice assistants and Google Assistant.

The screen is medium in size but reads very well in sunlight, weighs only 20 grams and has excellent wearability.


These Huawei smartwatches represent a decent alternative to the new Apple Watches. They are well thought out in design, offer a long battery life (about 2 weeks) and tracking of sports activities with integrated GPS.

The price is great for a device of this type, but unfortunately there is only one flaw: it is not yet possible to install third-party applications.

In my opinion it does not involve a big limitation, as smartwatches are usually used to make calls, read notifications or monitor physical activity, all functions that the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 already has.


This smartwatch is a little older, in fact it dates back to the beginning of 2020, Its strong point is certainly the large display of 1.65 inches with automatic brightness and excellent visibility in sunlight, the battery, of 220 mAh, ensures 14 days of use (if GPS is not used frequently) and fully recharges in about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Inside there is NO NFC for payments but on the other hand there are various sensors such as the accelerometer, the barometer and the 3-axis geomagnetic sensor.

This device is also very light with its only 24.8 grams and when it is worn it does not feel on the wrist. The cost is around 130 euros, however, if you are interested you can find the link below.


Now we raise the price range a lot for a smartwatch dedicated entirely to those who practice sports of any kind, in fact the GARMIN FORERUNNER 935 offers in-depth monitoring of many sports.

This has many sensors such as GPS glonass, barometer, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer. Battery life varies a lot with respect to hours of use and the settings you use, but still a week should get there without any problems.

The round screen, a bit small, is 1.2 inches but still looks good even in direct sunlight. Despite being a smartwatch dedicated entirely to sport, the design remains very elegant and clean.

Honor Magicwatch 2

The Honor Magicwatch 2 is a flagship smartwatch especially from a design point of view. The features offered and the tracking of physical activity is excellent, however the installation of third-party apps is quite limited.

It is available in 2 versions: 42mm and 46mm. The display is a 1.39-inch AMOLED with extremely accurate touch response. The SpO2 monitor measures the oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream.

Then there is continuous heart rate monitoring and also some tips for how to improve breathing. The Honor Magicwatch 2 is water resistant up to 50m deep and can track calorie consumption and speed even underwater.

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