Best Android Dialer Application

In this article we have listed the top five Android numbering apps of the year. We have mentioned all the important and useful features of the top five Android dialer apps. And to make it easier to download these apps, we’ve also provided the app download link.

Best Android Dialer Application

You just have to choose the best one for you click on the download link of the application. Therefore, you can enjoy the best Android dialer app.

Best Android Dialing Apps

1. ExDialer

It is one of the best Android dialing apps. It has more and interesting features than a normal Android composer. You should try it at least once. You can take advantage of the following features in the ExDialer Android Dialing app.

  1. Different types of plugins and themes are available to help you get the geographic information of a number.
  2. It has an easy and friendly interface.
  3. ExDialer comes with built-in gestures that help you with a touch of call and messaging.
  4. You can also activate the vibration mode each time you connect or disconnect calls.

You can download the app fromhere.

2. RocketDial Dialer

RocketDial Dialer is also on our list as it is also one of the best Android dialer apps. It is regularly updated the application and used by many peoples. Some of its best features are as follows.

  1. You will get the caller ID if someone calls you.
  2. It also allows you to take notes during a call.
  3. Group management is also included in its functionality.
  4. You can take advantage of the backup and restore functionality by one touch.
  5. It also makes the T9 search option and call confirmation easier for you.

You can download the app fromhere.

3. Simpler Dialer

We arrived here at Simpler Dialer. You can think of its interface by name. It is famous for its ultra simple interface, its tabbed structure and its amazing features. Take a look at its amazing features.

  1. It is an attractive way to manage contacts, find duplicates, merge and synchronize.
  2. It offers you the backup of online and offline contacts.
  3. Additional features such as call blocking and group texting are also included.
  4. It also includes an intelligent cleaning function and a T9 dialer.

You can download the app fromhere.

4. Contacts +

Contact + is also one of the best Android dialing apps. In this Android dialer app, you can customize the call log and contacts. It has some cool features that you should know.

  1. It includes integrated caller ID and call blocking engines.
  2. You will have required Android to port assistance with the Contact + dialer application.
  3. In addition, you can take advantage of the personalization feature.
  4. It has deep integration with applications like Messenger, Whatsapp etc.
  5. It also offers you contact protection.

You can download the app fromhere.

5. Truecaller

Another best Android dialer app is Truecaller. Truecaller has a large number of users. It is one of the most excellent and popular Android phone dialing apps. TrueCaller has amazing features that will make you download this best Android phone dialer app.

  1. It has the most simple and easy to understand user interface.
  2. You can easily block spam and telemarketing calls.
  3. Each time you receive a call, all information about the number, such as the user name and user name, is displayed.
  4. It also supports themes and dual sim as well.

You can download the app fromhere.

Final words

So these are the top five Android numbering apps. I hope you find the best for you. How was the article? Let us know in the comment section. If you liked this article, share it on your social media sites.

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