10 Best Android Gamepads for More Fun Gaming

Android games are now increasingly developing and even the graphics are becoming more like consoles, therefore, many Android gamepad manufacturers are competing to produce the best products. Smartphones are not devices specifically for gaming, therefore vendors usually (except for some gaming smartphones) do not provide gamepads.

10 Best Android Gamepads for More Fun Gaming

10 Best Android Gamepads for More Fun Gaming

If you like games then choosing the best cheap gaming cellphone is the right way, apart from accessories, to support you in playing games.

Now many games like PUBG and the like have appeared, and these games require the player’s agility.

Because smartphones are not special gaming devices, to play games you usually want to play them using a touchscreen. Unfortunately, many smartphones don’t have a good response on the touchscreen, so playing games that require agile movements is very annoying.

Because they know that the smartphone gaming market is in good shape, many gamepad manufacturers are trying their luck in this industry.

So, for those of you who want to try playing games with an Android gamepad, we want to give you some recommendations. Here are the recommendations.

Recommendations for the 10 Best Android Gamepads

1. Razer Serval

The best Android gamepad is a product from Razer. Razer doesn’t seem to want to keep quiet about the opportunities for rapid development of Android smartphones and their gaming, therefore, Razer released an Android gamepad with the name Serval.

This gamepad gives the impression of playing console-style games because it looks like a console gamepad.

This gamepad consists of two analog sticks, a D-Pad, back buttons, triggers, and four face buttons. If you look at this gamepad model, it is similar to the Xbox One gamepad which is comfortable and ergonomic.

2. Xiaomi Gamepad

Who doesn’t know Xiaomi? Xiaomi has now dominated the smartphone market in Indonesia. Entry level to high-end smartphone users have trusted the performance and features of Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi also seems to be expanding into all lines. Starting from the camera to the charger.

Also includes an Android gamepad. Xiaoi makes gamepads with ergonomic and comfortable designs. This gamepad from Xiaomi comes with Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity.

In terms of design, this gamepad is similar to the Xbox One gamepad design.

3. Gamesir G3s

The third Android gamepad is a product from Gamesir, namely the G3s. Gamesir is a manufacturer from China that has a quality that is different from manufacturers that have previously competed in the game controller arena.

This smartphone is presented using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology with a usage distance of up to 7 meters.

If you look closely, the design of the Gamesir G3s is similar to the PlayStation controller, Dual Shock. Of course with a quite different appearance. What’s even more fun is that the Gamesir G3s is priced at an affordable price.

4. Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R

Maybe this brand is not very popular in Indonesia, but Mad Catz is a brand from the United States that has very reliable quality. Mad Catz usually releases products aimed at PC or console gamers.

Maybe because the Android gaming industry is doing well, Mad Catz released the CTRLR Android gamepad. This gamepad has a slightly smaller size, so some users will have to get used to it. However, even so, this gamepad is still fun to use.

5. IPEGA PG-9021

For those of you who want the comfort of gaming on Android, one of IPEGA’s products, namely the PG-9021, will provide all the enjoyment of playing mobile games. This gamepad has a design like the Xbox 360 gamepad.

It seems like it’s not just the dual shock that has inspired other gamepads, the Xbox has also become a role model too. This is because the Xbox gamepad has comfort. This Android gamepad has 4 ABXY buttons and a D-Pad. The price is also very affordable.

6. Dobe TI 465

This gamepad can not only be used for Android smartphones but also iPhones. The button placement is similar to the PlayStation’s Dual Shock. However, if you want a gamepad with a vibration feature, this gamepad is not suitable for you.

So that you can comfortably play your favorite Android games, this gamepad is equipped with a holder that can lock your smartphone when playing games. This holder can only be used on smartphones with a maximum screen of 6 inches.

7. VR Gear Box 2 Gamepad

This gamepad has a different shape from other gamepads. Maybe this gamepad will remind you of the Nintendo Wii controller.

Apart from that, this gamepad is priced at a really cheap price. If you are interested in this product, you just need to take out a piece of blue paper and purple paper.

8. Terios T3

The eighth Android gamepad is the Terios T3. This gamepad will give you the sensation of playing games like on a console. The button position is similar to the PlayStation controller, namely Dual Shock.

For those of you who want to play VR (Virtual Reality) games, this controller is compatible. This product is embedded with a rechargeable battery.

9. Fling Mini Mobile Joystick

For those of you who like playing MOBA games like Mobile Legend or AOV, using this controller is very suitable. This gamepad consists of 2 analogue pieces that are attached to the right or left of the screen.

This Android gamepad is priced at a really cheap price. You only bring Rp. 50,000 and still have change.

10. IPEGA PG-9067

The last Android gamepad is from IPEGA, namely the PG-9067. This controller can not only be used for Android, but also for iPhone and even Windows.

The design is quite ergonomic and comfortable. For those of you who are familiar with Xbox gamepads, this product is suitable for you. The price is not that expensive either. How interested?

Buy the Best Android Gamepads

If you want to buy the best Android gamepad, don’t forget to also choose the best suitable Android gamepad application. Remember, you also have to consider your needs for playing games so that the gamepad you have is not wasted. Also consider the price of the best gamepad according to your budget!

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