7 Best Android Mobile Video Editing Applications In 2023

Video editing skills cannot only be done by professionals or well-known vloggers. You can also edit videos via the Android video editing application which is widely available on the Google Play Store. Increasingly, many people are starting to be interested in video editing.

7 Best Android Mobile Video Editing Applications in 2020

7 Best Android Mobile Video Editing Applications In 2023

This of course happens because of the proliferation of vloggers in cyberspace. Want to try video editing but don’t have a PC with good specs? Don’t worry, you can also use your Android cellphone to edit videos with the Android video editing application.

Without the hassle, hassle and in a fairly easy way, the best Androdi video editing application in 2023 could be the choice and solution for those of you who are just learning or who love video editing. Android video editing applications can make better videos to share on social media. Curious? Here’s the review.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip (Professional Video Editor)

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free Android video editing application that you can download on the Google Play Store.

Previously, this application was only available in the PC version, but then seeing the interest of the public who increasingly liked using the video editing application, Adobe released an Android version. Adobe Premiere Clip is also one of the video editing applications of choice for editors, you know.

You can do various kinds of editing via Adobe Premiere Clip as an Android video editing application. Starting from automatic editing, various background music, as well as cutting and combining videos.

Adobe Premiere Clip can be said to be the mobile version of the PC version of Adobe Premiere Pro. However, unfortunately there are drawbacks such as not being able to add music more than once, not being able to add text, and not being able to record sound.

The good thing is, the video edited by Adobe Premiere Clip doesn’t have a watermark, so it’s more professional, right?

2. FilmoraGo: YouTube Video Editor App

FilmoraGo is an Android video editing application developed by Wondershare. Apart from basic editing such as trimming, cutting, adding themes, music and so on, via FilmoraGo you can also choose editing at a 1:1 ratio for posting on Instagram or a 16:9 ratio for YouTube.

Apart from that, you can also edit it into a reverse video, add transitions, slow motion, add text and much more. FilmoraGo is quite easy to use.

Once the video has been edited, you can immediately post it on any social media or save it in your gallery. Even though there is a paid version, you can also use it comfortably with the free version.

3. PowerDirector: 4K Video Editing Application

The PowerEditor application can provide video effects such as slow motion and can also create videos up to 4K quality, you know. Videos from your cellphone can be edited directly using PowerDirector with various professional-like tools provided by this Android video editing application.

Users can be satisfied to edit and be creative via PowerDirector based on their individual wishes and tastes. For example, adding songs, cutting and combining clicks, even reverse videos, aka reverse videos, can also be done in this application.

Unfortunately, for the free version there will be a watermark when the user has finished editing and downloading the resulting video. If you want to remove the watermark, you have to upgrade to a membership by paying for the PowerDirector application version and changing it to a full paid application

4. KineMaster: Popular Video Editing Application

Next is the Android video editing application that is free and without a watermark, namely KineMaster. Application made by NexStreaming Corp. This is an editor’s choice on the Google Play Store and is quite a popular app among users.

With its interesting features, it will add to your enjoyment when editing videos in this application. The features available include adding images, effects, text and handwriting.

Apart from that, adding music and background can be downloaded for free via this application. You can also directly record video or sound where various effects for music are available without having to pay again.

What’s even better, as mentioned at the beginning, is that the KineMaster application allows video output without a watermark, which makes the video edits look professional.

5. VivaVideo: Video Editing Application with Many Themes

This Android video editing application is also quite popular. VivaVideo not only provides various effects that are easy to adjust, it also provides various filters that anyone can choose. Not only that, VivaVideo also provides various themes to choose from for your videos. Starting from romantic themes, friendship, even birthdays.

Unfortunately, the free version of VivaVideo still has a watermark in the final video. If you pay for a license, the features provided are more complete and the results are without a watermark.

Don’t worry, even though it’s a free version, you will still be able to access more than 200 special effects that are ready to be used to beautify your edits. Once the edits are complete, you can immediately share them on social media.

6. Quik: Instant Android Video App

Free and practical, these are two things that describe this Android video editing application. Quik is a free video editing application that will give you the sensation of editing videos like a professional.

In its application, Quik provides 22 video styles that can be selected for free. You can also cut videos, add effects, text and can sync everything quickly with any music.

Then, the edited video can also be saved in 1080 and 720 resolution, so you don’t even need to bother sharing it directly on social media, because Quik can do that straight away. Another advantage, the Quik application does not contain any advertising.

7. Funimate: Cool Video Editing Application for Instagram

As the name suggests, this video editing application changes your edited videos to be funnier and more fun. Ordinary videos can be easily changed to be more creative. The Funimate application is very suitable for short videos with the aim of entertaining the audience.

Funimate presents various contemporary and cool effects, especially for your Insta Stories. With Funimate you will be freer to express the cuteness and fun of your videos in a cheerful style.

So, those are the seven Android video editing applications that you can try and use to make video editing, from professional to just plain funny. In your opinion, which one is the most suitable?

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