10 Best Anime Discord Bots for True Weebs

To add excitement to the Discord server, you can try inviting the following anime bots. There are various games and anime characters as entertainment between server members.

10 Best Anime Discord Bots for True Weebs

10 Best Anime Discord Bots for True Weebs

What are the bots? Here we summarize the 10 best anime discord bots with a variety of exciting features.

1. Mudae

The first best Discord anime bot is Mudae. Mudae is a Social Discord bot that has a database containing a collection of characters from Anime, Manga and Video Games. This bot claims that there are more than 65,000+ characters available.

This Discord bot is very suitable for those of you who want a Waifu and Husbu (2D Couple). Apart from being able to be used to search for Waifu or Husbu, the Mudae bot also provides other entertainment features such as GIFs, pictures, and even anime-style quotes.

2. Better

Karuta is a Discord anime bot with a Socioeconomic type where the server can create its own economy oriented towards card collection. The way it works is very similar to the Mudae bot.

In this Karuta bot, you can collect more than 78,000 anime character cards. Not only collecting, Karuta also provides features for customizing cards, upgrading cards, and even buying and selling cards.

3. PokeTwo

For you Pokemon lovers, you must install the PokeTwo bot on your Discord server.

PokeTwo is one of the best Discord anime bots that brings the Pokemon gaming experience to the Discord platform. Here you can catch various Pokemon that appear randomly.

Apart from catching and collecting them, you can also buy and sell Pokemon with other people on your server. Even more exciting, you can do 3vs3 Pokemonbattles with other users.

4. ZeroTwo

ZeroTwo is a Discord anime bot whose main character is taken from the anime entitledDarling in the FranXX.

One of the best anime Discord bots is a very complete bot, where with this bot you can personalize the server, custom profile, leveling, and even role management.

In fact, this bot also provides entertainment in the form of card games which are the mainstay of the Discord anime game bot.

5. And cotton

Even though it is one of the best Discord anime bots, Nekotina is quite unique. Where this bot does not come from the land of the rising sun, but from Spain.

Nekotina is supported by more than 500commandsthat can be carried out by server owners and members.

This bot provides various features such as server economy, music, roleplay, ranking, moderation, and various interesting games.

6. AniGame

For those of you who are looking for the best Discord anime game bot, you can install AniGame.

Different from other anime game bots, AniGame is a Discord game bot with the JRPG (Japan Role Play Game) genre which is one of the game genres with many fans.

Here you don’t just collect anime character cards, but you can also do PvP in real time, move floors and defeat each guard,enhanceandevolvecards, and dominate the leaderboard on your server.

7. Katherine

Katheryne is a Genshin Impact bot on Discord that provides all detailed information about the game Genshin Impact .

Starting from information about characters, weapons, artifacts, and much more. Katheryne bot even provides features such as reminders which can remind you about events in Genshin Impact.

So for those of you who play the Genshin Impact game, of course you have to install the Katheryne bot on the Discord server.

8. Naruto Botto

Who is an anime lover who doesn’t watch Naruto? Almost all anime fans definitely like the Naruto series. The good news is, it turns out there is a bot on Discord that was created to collect Naruto characters. The bot is Naruto Botto.

Apart from collecting more than 170 Naruto characters, here you are also tasked with preparing your dream team and defeating the enemy team. You can also duel directly with your friends.

9. Myuu

Myuu is a Discord anime bot that brings Pokemon games to the Discord platform. The way this bot works is quite similar to PokeTwo.

With this bot, you can go on an adventure and catch as many Pokemon as possible and then collect them. You can also battle with other users’ Pokemon to reach the highest leaderboard.


The last best Discord anime bot is LaifuBot. LaifuBot is a game bot based on card collections with thousands of famous anime characters.

Apart from that, this bot also provides other features such as Gacha, card buying and selling, battle arena, card auction, level increase, and many more.

Above are 10 recommendations for the best Discord anime bots that you can install on your Discord server. If you have other anime bot recommendations, please leave a comment below.

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