Top Best Apps of 2021

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 most popular smartphone apps that people will be using in 2021. The smartphone app industry is still evolving and expanding. The rivalry between rivals in the mobile industry is unquestionably fierce.

The play store and app store are flooded with a vast variety of applications designed to make life simpler and more comfortable, such as business, entertainment, social networks, education, sports, and so on.

Best Apps
Best Apps

Top Best Apps of 2021

Unfortunately, the majority of these applications malfunction and are uninstalled after only a few weeks. Just a handful of them stand out from the rest of the pack. Are you curious about the winning apps?


GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp app for Android smartphones that is used by many users who would like to get more out of the WhatsApp application than just transmitting Memes to their contacts.

WhatsApp allows users to share videos that are smaller than 16 megabytes in size. It’s basically an interface restriction, and by making any improvements to the app, you can get around the 16 MB limit. So, GBWhatsApp allows you to set a video cap, which is probably the most common feature of the application.

2. MoneyView:

Have you ever wondered why you’re still short of cash? This is, without a doubt, the best money management software we might discover. MoneyView will recognise your SMS and categorise your expenditures as well as the balances of various bank accounts.

You may also set billing alerts and manually enter cash expenditures and other details. Another feature of this app is it doesn’t connect to the internet to synchronise your data.

3. Solid Explorer:

It’s quite close to MiXplorer, which we spoke about in the previous post. Solid Explorer, on the other hand, will supply you with a wealth of information. We preferred it over ES File Explorer because it allows you to perform a variety of tasks quickly.

You should provide several tabs to easily navigate the places you go to most. You can also browse the directory structure of your Android device when you have admin rights.

4. JuiceSSH:

If you’ve ever heard of the word SSH (Secure Shell), trust us when we say you’ll need this app. If you’re dealing with remote machine control, such as attaching to a remote server, raspberry pi, or any similar device, you won’t be able to link to them directly through SSH with this application.

You can do anything you will on your machine with your phone. However, certain enhancements are only included in the free edition of the app; however, the premium version unlocks a wealth of additional features.

5. Authenticator:

This is the application to use if you want to drive intruders and hackers out of your accounts. This application can be used to provide two-factor authentication.

However, not all websites are compatible with Google Authentication server. We use it to protect our Google accounts as well as other sites such as Gmail.


But there you have it: our hand-picked list of the best Android apps any geek should have this year. Please let us know when you think there is an application that should be added to the list.

We’ll gladly add that to our to-do list. Even, in the comments section below, tell us about your experiences with these applications.

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