The Best Bingo Halls Around the World

Since its origins in the 16th century, Bingo has remained a truly popular game, played by many around the world. Each country has taken the game to heart and added their own twist on the ways in which to play, which means there are lots of exciting ways to enjoy the game.

The Best Bingo Halls Around the World
The Best Bingo Halls Around the World

The Best Bingo Halls Around the World

If you’re looking for a game of real money Bingo there are plenty of wonderful Bingo halls across the globe, that you can add to your gaming bucket list! Here are just a few of the top venues where you can play the classic game.

1. Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, USA

Built in 1986, the Foxwoods Casino’s humble beginnings was as a high-stakes Bingo hall. Over the years, the casino has transformed into a fully-fledged resort that covers a staggering area of area of 9,000,000 sq. ft (840,000 m2).Due to its unique design, it is sometimes referred to as ‘The Emerald City’.

The resort is now host to one of the biggest Bingo halls in the world, with the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 players and has some impressive pay-outs up for grabs! You’ll have to shout pretty loudly over that crowd if you were to ever to win a game of Bingo in this hall.

This iconic casino can be found in the Mashantucket Reserve in Connecticut and also involves a whole range of table games and slot machines, alongside the classic Bingo game.

This includes 250 gaming tables for games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker, as well as around 5,500 slot machines.

Nowadays, it’s not just the casino and Bingo hall that draws in visitors, as the complete resort includes fine-dining restaurants, a golf course and a first-class spa to delight its attendees. This just adds to the luxury accommodation of 2,228 hotel rooms.

2. Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, USA

No list about gaming would be complete without featuring Las Vegas. Known more for its slot machinesand classic table games, it also is home to one of the most glamorous Bingo halls!

The Red Rock Casino, Resort &Spa can be found in the Las Vegas Valley and was established in 2002. Adorned with exquisite designs of blown glass, polished sandstone and multicoloured onyx, the resort also features a multitude of impressive chandeliers, totalling a huge 3,000,000 pieces of crystal.

The Bingo hall is no exception when it comes the luxury of this casino, as not only does it host up to 6,000 players but also enhances the atmosphere with massive plasma TVs to entertain the players.

If you’re looking for more activities to float your boat, then you may just be tempted by the 118,309 sq. ft (10,991.3 m2) casino which includes 62 gaming tables, 3,200 slot machines and a specific Poker room that plays host to 20 tables to take your chances at.

That’s not all — Red Rock Resort has a three-acre pool area, a top-rate spa, a huge meeting room and a cinema! So, there’s plenty to do after you’ve finished your game of Bingo.

3. National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland

Built in 1938, the National Stadium is the only purpose-built amateur boxing arena in the world, as well as being one of the longest-running venues to host Bingo for the Irish nation. It remains popular to this day, as buses from all over the country turn up to play the classic game.

At full capacity, the arena can hold up to 2,000 players, although you’re likely to see around 800 to 1,000 attendees on a standard night. The winnings up for grabs are also pretty generous, adding to the friendly and amicable atmosphere.

When it’s not accommodating a fun game of Bingo, the venue has multiple purposes, including hosting elaborate music concerts. Famous faces such as Cliff Richard, Status Quo and Sting have graced its stage in Dublin. You never know, you might just see some celebrities at your next Bingo game in this famous venue!

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