Best Browser Games to Play With your Friends in 2021

Are you bored? Tired of working all day and want to let loose with the boys? If you are on the lookout for ways to pass the time then browser games are your best option in my opinion. Browser games have little to no story, they get straight to the point and can be enjoyed fully within an hour.

Best Browser Games to Play With your Friends
Best Browser Games to Play With your Friends

Best Browser Games to Play With your Friends in 2021

Today there are thousands of browser games out there and none of the games need flashy gaming rigs. The only thing these games need is flash. Most browser games are flash-based.

You can play on single-player mode or multiplayer mode. But this article is mainly about the best browser games to play with your friends. So, let’s just stick to multiplayer games for now. Here are the best browser games to play with your friends in 2021-

1. Akinator –Remember Akinator? Yes, that amazing genie that guesses what you are thinking of. Prepare to be completely mind blown as an AI guess whatever is in your mind.

The game basically asks you a bunch of questions that help the AI sort out all the answers and most of the time, the final answer is the word you are thinking in your head.

It is a simple game but it is so intriguing to play with friends and see who can fool the Akinator. Try it with your friends and try to fool the Akinator or will the Akinator blow your minds too.

2. Dark Knight –Let’s say that you are with your friends and you guys need to sneakily play a game. Well, Dark Knight is the one for you. You start out as a sorcerer and then you turn into a devil hunter in Dark Knight.

The game focuses on action RPG mostly. In this browser game, you can either go solo and become the lone wolf or play with your friends and form a party to defeat the evil demon lord.

Master the skills and abilities to survive and go on adventures. If you are into RPG games then Dark Knight is definitely right up your alley.

3. Drakensang Online –Darkensang Online is an amazing game with stunning 3D graphics and effects that dazzle your eyes and give you an amazing experience just from your browser.

You get to create your own character, fight against demons, travel medieval towns, forests, swamps, and spooky caves in an extraordinary 3D game that tries to go beyond your average browser games.

game is multiplayer and you might need to grind a little to beat the later bosses. But as a browser game, Drakensang Online really takes the trophy for best graphics. Go on raids with your friends and get that amazing loot.

4. Madalin Stunt Cars –Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is a 3D stunt simulation driving game that focuses on players doing acrobatic tricks with their stunt supercars.

Players can jump behind the wheel and race around any of the three large maps. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can invite your friends and race them to see who’s the best.

The game has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. You can choose your own unique car and invent your own cool tricks and stunts that make you special. An amazing game to play during your small breaks on your browser.

5. Quick, Draw! – Quick, Draw is more of a play with your friends type of game. It is an excellent game to spend time with your friends and have fun if you are bored.

In this game, you get 20 seconds to draw whatever prompt object on your screen, and the AI will guess what you have drawn. The game is subconsciously training its AI to learn different human drawing patterns and also is entertaining us.

The game is really fun and you should definitely try with your friends to see who has the best art skills to make the AI guess correctly. The game can also bring out amazing memories with you and your friends. Try to have fun and draw goofy stuff now and then for some laughs.

Finally, there are thousands of other popular multiplayer games out there that can be played on a browser but the above shown five games are some of the best and most interesting story-driven games out today.

So, I feel like everyone should try these games and see if they like them or not. The next time you feel really bored, why not search for one of these games and have the time of your life.

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