10 Best And Fun English Learning Applications

Most people nowadays want to improve their English language skills, if they study with a teacher or tutor they have to pay more to pay for their services.

10 Recommendations for the Best and Fun English Learning Applications

10 Best And Fun English Learning Applications

So, don’t worry, now there are many English learning applications available on the Play Store that can be installed for free.

Of course, using this English application can improve your ability to use this international language. Please note that you consistently learn English without using this application.

Some applications are easy to use to study at any time with a speed that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

No need to worry, even without a teacher, as long as you focus on studying, you can improve your ability to speak English both verbally and in writing.

1. Memrise

The Memrise application provides a way to learn English through games, so it will be more fun. Not only is it a game, it turns out this application also displays how other users answer questions in the game.

In the application there are thirteen pages containing English language material, of course the various applications have been arranged based on the level of difficulty starting from the easy “English Irregular Verbs”, to “A Tale of Two Cities”.

Memrise provides a feature to track what you have learned so that if you forget what you have learned, you can see and study it again.

2. Duolingo

Next is the Duolingo application which is well known as a medium for learning English. This application has a very good rating on the Play Store so it is highlyrecommended to download.

Through this application, you can learn English frombasictoadvanced level. When using the Duolingo application you can set learning targets every day.

When you want to study English for 1 hour a day, the Duolingo application will remind you to open the application at the specified time.

The advantage of this application is that it has a Duolingo user interface that is not boring so that users continue to be interested in learning.

3. Babbel

Babbel is an application for learning English that focuses more on conversation and vocabulary so that the application will provide interactive and short learning, but still informative.

In this way, the Babbel application is suitable for use by those of you who are still beginners in English so you have to learn English from the basics.

Using the Babbel application to learn English will help you become more fluent in spoken English.

4. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is one of the recommendedEnglish learning applications for you to use. This is because this application uses the concept of story telling in its learning.

So, the way to learn is that you read the story in the application in English then next to it is the story in Indonesian.

Well, there is also a karaoke-style feature which helps you to read while hearing the pronunciation of the words being read, so it really trains your speaking skills.

Apart from that, the advantage of this application is that it has an interesting story and design so that it makes learning more enjoyable.

5. Busuu

Furthermore, there is the Busuu application for learning English which can be used to help improve your skills in English with various aspects ranging from vocabulary, grammar, to speaking.

Of course, this application teaches you to speak English from the very basics to having strong language skills. The advantage of this application is that it provides feedback from native English speakers.

This will make it easier for you to evaluate what needs to be improved.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly is also an English learning application that is quite popular and well-known. This application focuses more on improving written English skills.

The advantage that Grammarly has is that you only need to install the Grammarly keyboard on your Android phone, then Grammarly will automatically correct any errors in writing.

Apart from that, the Grammarly application also has the advantage of having a feature to detect the ‘tone’ of the text you have written. Not only that, this application can also help you write good English emails.

7. Rosetta Stone

Please note that Rosetta Stone is also an English learning application that focuses on learning speaking so that it will help you to speak English more fluently.

The advantage of this application is that you can learn according to what you want in a learning time of around 10 minutes.

If you like traveling or shopping and want to use English in these activities, the Rosetta Stone application has a special program for you.

This application has contextual and interactive learning so that it makes learning English fun.

8. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is an English learning application that can help improve your speaking skills in English. As a fairly popular application, it provides learning through conversation with a native.

Apart from that, this application also has the advantage of teaching Indonesian. In fact, this application is a portal connecting millions of people to learn new languages ​​so that learners can learn new languages ​​directly with native speakers.

9. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is an application that isrecommendedfor those of you who want to learn everyday English from the very basics. So, you know, this application has the advantage of having a “mini daily lesson” feature.

This way you can learn English by watching teaching materials in just 3 minutes.

Of course, these videos can help you speak English easily and quickly.

10. FluentU

You can use the FluentU application to learn English which is different from other learning applications because this application presents materials that suit your level of English language skills.

The FluentU application also organizes its material using various media such as film trailers, music videos, news and talk shows so as to make your learning method more enjoyable.

This app can be used on Android and iOS in a fun way because it offers a personalized learning experience so you can choose the material you want to study first.

Apart from that, you can also track the vocabulary you have mastered to relearn difficult words that you don’t know the meaning of.

Apart from using the English learning application above, you can also use other ways to learn English by reading books, listening to songs or watching films so that it becomes more fluent day by day.

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