5 Best Free Clothes Design Software For Windows

Here are 5 lists of the best free clothes design software for Windows that allow you to design clothes with various types of patterns and colors. If you have interest in designing fabrics and want to design your own clothes, the software mentioned below is suitable for you.

5 Of The Best Free Clothes Design Software For Windows
5 Of The Best Free Clothes Design Software For Windows

Show your creativity by designing your own clothes. You can add images, logos and text to your clothes. You can also choose the color of your choice.

5 Of The Best Free Clothes Design Software For Windows

I also included two image editing software that can help you design your custom shirt using a clothing template. This software allows you to export your designs in different formats, such as PNG, JPG, etc., and some also allow you to print from your final design.

Please scroll down from the list of free clothes design software to find out more about them, and you will also know how to design t-shirts using this. Here are the 5 best free clothes design software:

1. Smart Shirt Designer

Smart Shirt Designer is a free clothes designer software that allows you to design clothes with different colorful patterns. This is primarily a football shirt designer software that allows you to design the front and back of the shirt.

This software comes with a number of brand logos, collar designs, and shirt designs where you can choose to make your own pattern on your shirt. Some brand logos include Nike, Adidas, etc. You can choose from a list of patterns available in the Software or can draw and design your own patterns.

Also, if you want to add any image or logo to your clothes, that option is also available in Software. It has an option that allows you to design t-shirt collars and even the bottom strip of the shirt.

Download Smart Shirt Designer

How to design clothes using a Smart Shirt Designer:

Start from scratch by choosing clothes from the list provided. Software does not let you continue until you choose the brand, collar, and design of the shirt. When you click the Draw button, this software makes clothes according to your design choices.

If you want to add your own image or logo, just enter it by clicking the Browse button. The alignment button is provided in the Software so you can customize the logos and images that you have entered.

Smart Shirt Designer Software Features:

  • Many patterns, designs and logos are available in the library. You can also add your own image and logo, or image files from the internet via the URL.
  • By using advanced options, you can create your own pattern. There are many patterns that you can add to your design. When adding patterns, you can use layers.
  • You can add images and logos to your own design choices.
  • Resize and align images in your design easily.

This software saves your final design in a format that he supports himself. In addition, you can also export t-shirt designs in JPG, PNG and GIF formats.

2. T-Shirt Maker

T-Shirt Maker is a free shirt design software that allows you to design clothes by adding different types of clipart in the gallery or by adding your own logo. Some of these clipart includes pictures of Animals, Flowers, Buildings, Hearts, etc. You can add this clipart to your clothes.

Also, if you want to add text to your shirt design, you can do it too. You can also change the color and style of the text.

Download T-Shirt Maker

T-Shirt Maker design software features:

  • You can add any images and text to your clothes.
  • You can import images with different formats such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, etc. And add it to your design.
  • You can export your designs with or without clothes.
  • This software also allows you to download cliparts from the official site for free.

Some disadvantages of Baju Maker include: You can export the design only in PNG format. You can’t design t-shirts with various types of patterns, because the software only allows you to decorate shirts with images and text.


GIMP is one of the best image editing software, and one can use it as a clothes designer software too. Not only GIMP, you can use any image editor with layer options to easily design t-shirts.

All you have to do is get a clothes template from the internet or draw your own clothes (if you are proficient). Then, Agan is ready to design your own clothes.

Download GIMP

Design clothes using GIMP:

After the Agan template is ready, just open it in GIMP. Now add a layer and open the logo or image you want to add to your shirt. You are free to design clothes as you wish.

Add text, add patterns, change the color of the objects you add, change the blend options for objects, etc. Options are unlimited; it all depends on how good you are to design.

Once done, you can save your designs in various image formats and even print your own designs.

4. Factory Deluxe T-Shirt

T-Shirt Factory Deluxe is a custom t-shirt design software. This is ideal for all types of designs from simple home T-shirt designs to work designs.

An easy-to-use software interface that is a good choice for beginners because it provides ready-made templates that make it easier to create the desired design.

In addition, it also integrates well with clip art from Microsoft Word; hence, Microsoft Word works perfectly with Factory Deluxe T-Shirt software. This software is also equipped with more than 6300 ready-made designs for beginners while users who want more options have more than 20,000 premium image and image clip art.

Factory Deluxe T-shirts are also equipped with the ability to edit scanned photos or scanned designs that are also quite good.

Download Factory Deluxe T-Shirt

Factory Deluxe T-Shirt Advantages:

  • Easy interface for beginners Good
  • design
  • tools Special shirt-making tools
  • Cheap prices [for premium versions]

Agan can own Factory Deluxe T-shirts from here .

5. Tee Designer Master

Tee Designer Master is a PHP based application that runs on your local server. This free shirt design application does not require installation on your system. You can immediately run it in your web browser through your local server after downloading it. The steps to install it is provided at the end.

You can use this software to design Round Neck Half Sleeves and Hoodies. Select the template you want to design. You can design shirts on both the front and back sides. In the preview option, the application will display both sides of the shirt simultaneously.

The paint brush option in the application allows you to change the color of the shirt. Come to the design section, you can add text, logos, and images to your design. More than 20 types of images are present in the library. You can add pictures from the library or even upload any images from PC Agan.

Master Tee Designer Features:

  • Comes with two types of clothes for design.
  • You can easily change the color of the shirt.
  • 20+ images are in the library.
  • Can add text to your design options.
  • It is possible to design the front and back sides of the shirt.
  • You can preview your design at any time.

This application does not have the option of canceling, exporting, and printing. To save the design, you need help with the Print Screen option.

To install and use this shirt design software, you have to download it first. Now install the local Software server, such as: WAMP, XAMP, etc. On this WAMP server, you will find the WWW directory, where you have to paste the downloaded file from this shirt design software. Type “localhost / T-Designer-master” in browser. Press Enter and you will be ready to design your shirt.

That’s some of the best free clothes design software for Windows OS. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share with your friends if according to you this article is useful.

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