Best Game Console Storage Options (Updated 2023)

In this era of larger game sizes, game consoles are starting to require more storage to keep up. For console gamers, having enough storage is critical to making sure you have enough space for all your games.

Best Game Console Storage Options

Best Game Console Storage Options

500 GB used to be enough, but as the size of games increases, more storage is needed to support these large and dynamic worlds. Considering the limited amount of storage space on PlayStation® 4/5, Xbox® Series X/S and Nintendo Switch™, this article will take a look at some of the best storage options available for your gaming console.

Did your game collection fill up your PS5™ drive? Well, the chances of that happening are pretty high considering the PS5 comes with an 875GB SSD, but a portion of that space is needed for system software, leaving you with just 667.2GB for games, apps, screenshots, etc.

In September 2021, Sony offered a solution for PS5 owners. Sony has added the ability to install its own internal SSD into its PS5 to expand its storage. This is great news for PS5 users as they can now add more storage to their game consoles as their game libraries expand.

However, you cannot just install any internal SSD into a PS5, it must be an NVMe M.2 Gen 4.0 PCIe drive that meets all of Sony’s strict and specific requirements. Be sure to visit Sony’s website*before purchasing a new internal drive for your PS5 and read their M.2 SSD requirements for PS5 consoles.

The Kingston FURY™ Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD works on PS5 and is a great choice for PS5 gamers looking to expand their storage. If you’re looking to upgrade your PS4™’s internal storage, check out our KC600 2.5” SSD.

USB flash drives

USB flash drives are not only good for adding storage to your gaming PC, they are also a great option for expanding your gaming console’s storage. If you ever get to the point of deleting games to make room for newer titles, a USB thumb drive might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It is important to note that PlayStation owners cannot play PS5 games directly from a USB stick as they are designed with extremely fast storage in mind. But you can store PS5 games on a USB stick and copy them to the PS5 SSD**or its internal SSD when you play them.

However, while PS5 games cannot be played from a USB stick, PS4 games can. Don’t let the PS4’s internal drive hold you back***, use a USB stick to store your games so you don’t have to delete any of your favourites.

Kingston ‘s DataTraveler® Kyson with USB Type-A and capacities up to 256GB can be used to store PS4 games, while the DataTraveler® Max with USB Type-C and capacities up to 1TB can be used to store PS5 games.

USB sticks can also be used to create extra space for the Xbox Series X/S****. With the Xbox Series X coming with a 1TB SSD, and the Xbox Series S coming with a 512GB SSD, once you start installing a few games your storage space should run out quickly.

Sign up for Xbox Games Pass and this built-in drive will fill up even faster. Use a USB stick as storage for unused games to save you the hassle of re-downloading them every time.

Our DT Kyson USB stick can be used to store newer and older Xbox games, and to play older Xbox games. It cannot be used to play newly created Xbox Series X/S games.

MicroSD cards

Running out of storage on your Nintendo Switch? This is a very common issue with the Nintendo Switch, as it only comes with 32GB of internal storage and a portion of that is reserved for using the system.

You can download a lot of games, but with most games needing at least 10GB of space you’ll use up all of your internal storage pretty quickly.

The good news is that expanding your Nintendo Switch’s storage is as easy as inserting a microSD card into its built-in microSD card slot.

microSD cards come with a range of storage capacities and the amount of storage you really need depends on how many games you want to download and play. We recommend a high capacity card like 128GB to give you the flexibility to play a wide variety of games.

But if you don’t want to worry about running out of space on your microSD card, you might want to consider a 512GB card; more storage means more games! The Canvas Go! Plus microSD from Kinsgton will be a perfect choice for your Nintendo Switch.


Nowadays, internal storage in game consoles is not enough for most gamers. Don’t let your lack of storage stop you from playing your favorite games, invest in a proper storage option and keep playing!

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