Best GIMP Plugins For Online Image Editing

GIMP is one of the best online image editing services, but without the GIMP plugins, you cannot use its advanced features. These plugins are usually written in Python and you can install them all in seconds.

Best GIMP Plugins For Online Image Editing

But before you start downloading them, make sure you’ve downloadedGIMPPython support to your device. So, without wasting time, let’s start exploring the best GIMP plugins and GIMP add-ons that you can use for free.

Best GIMP Plugins for Online Image Editing


Do you have multiple images to edit, but don’t have time to do it? If yes, then BIMP is a remedy for you. It allows you to upload multiple images to GIMP that you can edit one by one or one by one using the simple and effective features of GIMP plugins. You can crop, resize, rotate, rename and correct images using BIMP.

In addition to that, it also allows you to add watermarks to your images. Another cool feature is that you can view your images in the sidebar before saving them.


Beautify is another amazing GIMP plugin in 2019 that allows you to add multiple effects to your images. With the help of Beautify, you can turn GIMP software into a photo editing studio. It has a fairly simple and clean interface which makes it even easier to use. The best part is that you can convert your images completely using this software.

You can add amazing filters to your images and make them look better than before adding filters. It contains a large list of effects and filters that you can add to your images.

3.Layer Via Copy / Cut

Layer Via Copy / Cut is one of the best GIMP plugins that add Photoshop functionality to your GIMP. It allows you to cut and edit specific parts of an image. In addition to this, you can also create new layers using this GIMP plugin.

In addition to that, you can add different filters to different layers to help you edit certain parts of a particular image. Once this plugin is installed, you can start accessing it from the Layers menu located in the upper left corner.


LensFun is another amazing GIMP plugin window that allows you to correct lens distortion in your images. It detects and reads Exif data from your image, then lets you reconstruct the lens distortion of your images. The interface is quite simple, clean and easy to use, even an occasional user can use it without any problem.

Once this plugin is installed, you can start accessing it from the Filters option located in the upper corner.


Have you clicked on an amazing image, but it looks blurry? If so, refocusing can be a remedy for this problem. With the help of Refocus, you can correct any errors and blurring that occurred while taking an image. The best part is that it has a preview option which allows you to take a look at the images before saving the changes.

Install these plugins anduse GIMP onlineto edit photos, apply effects, filters, etc.

Final words

That’s all! These are the best GIMP plugins that you can use to have advanced GIMP features. I hope this article will help you make your editing work easier and better than before.

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