Recommended 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

For horror movie lovers, of course, this article will help you to see a list of what other movies you can watch to fill your spare time during this pandemic. As we know, the pandemic period is not over yet, so many people choose not to go to the cinema as usual.

Recommended 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix
Recommended 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

But because there are manystreaming platformsthat provide so many interesting shows like Netflix, we can still watch the latest movies at home.

Recommended 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

For those of you who are looking for horror movie recommendations to watch on Netflix, we have some interesting recommendations. This article is spoiler-free, so you don’t have to worry when reading it.

To find out the complete list, please read this article to the end.

1. Eli

The first horror film recommendation is a film with the title Eli, this film has been available to watch on Netflix since 2019.

The film, produced by Paramount Players and directed by Ciaran Foy, tells the story of a boy named Eli (Charlie Shotwell) who suffers from a rare skin disease that causes him to wear protective clothing to go out of the house to avoid being exposed to the hot sun.

Eli’s parents tried everything to make their son recover, but still to no avail.

Until finally he gets information that there is a health facility that can treat various diseases which was founded by a doctor named Isabella Horn (Lili Taylor).

Isabella Horn’s medical facility is located in a remote place with a building that looks old, but the facilities inside still look modern with sophisticated equipment.

After undergoing treatment at the place Eli began to experience significant changes, he no longer needed to wear protective clothing and had started to be able to do more activities.

But soon Eli began to feel strange things happening at the health facility owned by the doctor Isabella Horn and told his parents, Eli’s parents still wanted Eli to continue the treatment at the place until it was finished and Eli was completely healed.

What actually happened at the health facility? And what big secret is doctor Isabella Horn hiding?

If you’re curious, just open the Netflix app and watch the movie.

2. His House

Horror films with the theme of a haunted house have indeed become something common and one of them is the film with the title “His House”.

This film tells the story of a pair of asylum seekers named Bol and Rial from South Sudan who took refuge in London, England because of the civil war in their country.

On the way to London, their son named Nyagak drowned and caused deep sorrow for his wife but not her husband Bol.

This makes Rial very sad, in London they live in a house that turns out to be haunted and continues to interfere with their days. Their second attempt to ask for help only made them called crazy people because they believed in mystical things that were carried from their country in South Sudan.

Throughout the storyline, this film shows some snippets of their lives before evacuating to England and which becomes the background why mystical events always occur in that house.

3. Us

The film with the title “Us” is also one of the recommended horror films this time, with the famous director Jordan Peele who has succeeded in bringing his film before Us was nominated for an Oscar in 2017.

In 2019 he made a film with the same horror genre as before, namely “Us” which also attracted many horror movie lovers to watch it and was predicted to be a horror film with very good quality.

This film tells the story of a husband and wife named Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke) and Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) with their children on vacation to a friend’s house on the coast.

Their intention to spend time on vacation and having fun turns out to be a frightening and nightmare-like thing that they experience because a group of beachgoers suddenly make a mess by killing the other visitors.

Including the Wilson family, but strangely the killers have the exact same face as each member of the Wilson family and also have abilities that humans do not have in general.

The group of people continues to terrorize and destabilize the city including chasing the Wilson family. So who are they? And why do they look exactly like the Wilson family members?

This is what will make the audience curious and want to know what really happened and what the future fate of the Wilson family will be because there isaninterestingplot twistin this film.

4. The Maid

The film “The Maid” is a horrorthriller filmfrom Thailand that will surprise you a lot with ghost sightings throughout the film.

The story revolves around a girl named Joy (Ploy Sornarin) who works as a maid at the home of a married couple Nirach (Theerapat Sajakul) and Uma (Savika Chaiyade).

From the beginning of his arrival, Joy felt that there was something strange about the house because she saw many unreasonable events, including the presence of ghosts roaming the house.

At the house, the employer’s son, who is considered to have a mental illness, also saw what Joy saw.

Joy tries to find out about the truth of the female ghost who always follows her, she also asks the maids and also the driver who works there but they all don’t want to talk about it and are impressed to cover it up.

Joy finally finds out that the woman he saw was named Ploy (Gunnaporn Phungthong). She was a maid who had worked there and disappeared without a word for many years.

Can Joy uncover the cause of Ploy’s death? And in the case of this film, it turns out that Joy and Ploy have a bond that will make you even more curious about what really happened and why Joy is so eager to reveal the cause of Ploy’s death.

5. Bird Box

The next recommended horror film that you can watch on Netflix is ​​titled “Bird Box” which was released in 2018.

The film is based on a novel by Josh Malerman of the same name and directed by Susanne Bier with a horror thriller genre.

It begins with the story of a woman named Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) with her two unnamed children, who survive by using blindfolds through a river with a very swift current.

The danger facing them did not stop Malorie and her two children from taking off her blindfolds, for she knew if they took them off they would die.

How did it happen? And why should they turn a blind eye?

It all started 5 years ago when Malorie was pregnant and experienced a very confusing event for her, in the village where she lived suddenly everyone tried to hurt themselves to cause death.

In the end only a few residents can survive, this makes Malorie and other survivors try to survive from the terrible syndrome.

Then what is the story of Malorie and her two children? Will they survive and be able to return to normal life?

Check out Malorie’s journey with her two children to survive in the midst of the chaos that occurred by watching the film on the Netflixstreaming service.

6. Satan’s Slaves

Servant of Satan (Satan’s Slaves) is a horror film, directed by famous director Joko Anwar, along with other well-known Indonesian actors and actresses.

This film is aremakeof the previous film with the same title which was released in 1980. It tells the story of a family who experiences strange events after the death of their mother.

Rini (Tara Basro) who is the eldest child in the house finally tries to find out what really happened to their family. Rini’s three younger siblings, namely Toni (Endy Arfian), Bondi (Nasar Annuz) and Ian (Muhammad Adhiyat) also did not escape this obstacle.

Finally, after finding out, he found out that both of his parents were followers of the Satanic Service Sect. They follow the sect in order to have offspring.

Then, what will Rini do to save her younger siblings? Did they manage to get out of the terror?

7. Hush

The film “Hush” was released in 2016. Although it is long enough, but the film is still worth watching and madea list ofthe best horror moviestablets.

This film adaptation of the novel by Jay Anson is inspired by the true story of the Lutz family, although it is not about ghosts, you can still feel the tension in this film.

Tells the story of a deaf woman named Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) who is a writer and lives alone in her house near the forest.

Disaster occurs when suddenly a mysterious man begins to terrorize and kill Maddie’s friend, the scenes in this film are very tense about how Maddie, who is a deaf person with disabilities, survives the masked man’s disturbance.

Then who is this man? And what does he want from Maddie?

To find out more, you can watch it ontheNetflixstreaming platform.

8. Apostle

“Apostle” is a film with the genre ofthriller, horror film maskipun not reveal the ghosts spooky naumn this film will not lose with a suspenseful horror filmtablets.

Set in 1905, tells the story of a man named Thomas Rido (Dan Stevens) who tries to save his brother from the kidnappers of a secret cult and asks Thomas for ransom to guarantee his brother’s safety.

However, Thomas tried to infiltrate the sect to find out the situation of his brother there, but the unexpected happened while Thomas was in the sect and made him curious and began to investigate with his friends.

Then what secrets will be revealed from the secret activities of the sect and how will Thomas save his younger sister?

All will be answered if you watch the film on Netflix.

9. The Call

For lovers of darkor or Korean films, the film with the title “The Call” is a must for you to watch.

Thriller genre this film was worked on by a famous Korean director named Lee Choong Hyun who adapted this film from a film called “The Caller” in 2011.

The Call tells the story of a woman named Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye) who lives in the present and must connect with a woman named Young Sook (Jeon Jong Soe) from the past via an old phone at her old house.

Since then they have grown closer and become friends even though the distance between them is 20 years.

They always share their stories with each other, until one day things go awry when the past is changed and the future is revealed to the two.

Young Sook promises to save Seo Yeon’s father in the past and in return Seo Yeon must find out where Yong Sook is in the future.

However, this creates a bigger problem when things don’t go according to their expectations, Young Sook tries to change her future by preventing things from happening back in 1999.

While Seo Yeon is trying to save her family from the past that was changed by Yong Sook, then what really happened to the two in the past and present?

Although not a horror film with the appearance of scary ghosts, this film is no less thrilling to watch with an interesting plot and storyline.

10. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

The film begins with a postman delivering a letter to a house in the middle of the forest, but the postman is pulled into the house and disappears.

After decades there was a group of young people who camped in the forest to add experience and have fun, but one of them named Daniel (Sebastian Dela) disappeared.

The person in charge of the event (Wojciech Mecwaldowski) tries to find him, but Daniel’s three friends, Zosia (Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz), Julek (Michal Lupa) and Bartek (Stanislaw Cywka) want to join in the search for Daniel.

Until the three walked through the forest and found a house, they said hello but there was no answer. The frightened Bartek asks them to leave the house, but Zosia still tries to enter.

It turns out that in that house the postman is missing, and there are vicious monsters and creepy house dwellers.

They tried to save themselves by running, but only Bartek could get out of the house.

Then how is the continuation of the fate of Zosia and Julek who are trapped in the house? Will they be able to survive and return safely, find out their inner story by watching it on Netflix.

Those are the 10 best horror movie recommendations on Netflix version, enjoy watching and see you soon.

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