Best IOS Apps Of All Time

Best iOS Apps: Choosing the best iOS apps from thousands available is a herculean task. There are just so many options that it might often get too baffling for an individual. Each app has its own set of pros and cons which you need to keep in mind. When downloading an app, you also have to consider whether it fulfils your requirements.

Best iOS Apps of All Time
Best iOS Apps of All Time

Best iOS Apps of All Time

But we have taken the task up today to aid you in optimizing your device. The list below carries details about apps which are best in their categories. So that next time when visiting the App Store you would know exactly what to look for.

VSCO – Best iOS Photo Editing App

VSCO - Best iOS Photo Editing App
VSCO – Best iOS Photo Editing App

If you have an iPhone and are a budding photographer, you need to have VSCO installed. It is just the perfect photo editing app. But in reality the features of VSCO are innumerable.

You can find the app in the Editor’s Choice list at App Store and for good reasons. VSCO is a camera, photo editing as well as photo sharing app. It is an app that just adds a professional edge to your photos.

If you know what you are doing, then VSCO is the editing tools you need. You can do all the normal things with it like crop, tune the tone, exposure, graining, etc.

But that is not all. Choose from over 130 filters the one ideal for your pics. Moreover the smooth interface makes it so much easier to do that. The camera of the app has some amazing manual features for the professionals.

You can customize focus, exposure, interface colour all easily and quickly. VSCO is also a photo sharing app. So share your picture with the community of photographers who shares your passion.

My Fitness Pal – Best iOS Fitness App

My Fitness Pal - Best iOS Fitness App
My Fitness Pal – Best iOS Fitness App

Staying locked at home has opened us to new hobbies. For some it is exercise to keep their bodies in shape. While for some going to gym becomes too hard to fit in their crammed daily schedule.

MyFitnessPal is the perfect solution for them all and one of the best iOS apps. You can tone your body, lose weight or bulk up all without visiting any gymnasium. You just need this app in front of you.

When it comes to exercise the library of the app has it all. You can access over 350 different video sessions according to your needs. These sessions cover all of your muscle groups. So there is nothing that they cannot find for you.

But exercise is only half of the matter. Your body also needs the perfect food to keep you in shape. And the massive database of the app helps you to choose better.

It also keeps tabs on your exercise stats and your calorie intake. Even if you are eating out, the restaurant logger in the app keeps an eye on your every calorie intake. It is an app recommended by experts, and a must have for fitness freaks.

Spotify – Best iOS Music App

Spotify - Best iOS Music App
Spotify – Best iOS Music App

Spotify is the best app to listen to music online. And that is just not us saying but millions worldwide as well. It makes listening to your favourite songs and podcasts simpler than ever before.

The immense library of Spotify with over 40 million songs means it misses nothing. From Modern Hits to Classics, find them all here. That’s why it is one of the most popular apps on the App Store with over 140 million users.

The app does not only let you stream songs online. You can also choose to download them and listen to them anytime you like, offline. And with the ability to change the sound quality, download freely without burning too much memory space. Or choose to listen from the Weekly list of songs.

These soundtracks are selected with special care and can always lift you up. Spotify also has a special Radio feature where you can update songs to your desire. And even if you delete these playlists, you can recover them whenever you like. So no more worries about losing your favourite songs accidentally.

Facetime – Best Video Calling App

Facetime - Best Video Calling App
Facetime – Best Video Calling App

You already know how good the app is. FaceTime was first launched in 2011. Since then it has made a successful journey to the pinnacle of video calling. It is a free app but you would already find it pre-installed in your Apple devices.

There is little to not admire about the app. It is an app perfect for personal or professional calls. And finding that balance has been key to its success.

FaceTime is easy to use and log in. All you need is your Apple Id. It is end to end encrypted. That is an assurance in an age when your world resides on your palm. But of course the defining feature of FaceTime is its High Definition video calling. The app is peerless in this department as any user would testify.

Using the app once, makes you a loyalist. Given how the developers continually update the app is an added bonus. For now you can also share Animojis, stickers and much more during a call.

Kayak – Best iOS Travel App

Rating- 4.8/5

Kayak is one of the best iOS apps for tour planning. Whenever planning a holiday or a business tour, you need Kayak. It eliminates the need of having multiple apps to book flights, hotels and rental cars. Instead it covers them all in one app.

Get to know about flight updates, wait lines and availability of rooms all from the Kayak app. It goes through different websites to find deals that are best for you.

The app gives you a comprehensive pricing of the flights to your destination. You can check the prices of the routes swiftly. And because of its sleek interface you don’t have to enter your data every time you log in. Furthermore it is a tour assistant, even if you are lost in an airport. The app gives a live timer of your flight.

It lets you know exactly of the gate you need to take at the airport. It also gives you the ability to avail special deals that are not available anywhere else. And along with regular updates, you can also share your travel details with any number of friends you want.

Tinder – Best iOS Dating App

Tinder is by far the most popular dating app in the world. It is a great place to find a match. The app itself boasts of making over 30 billion matches. And given the popularity of the app, we can believe it to be true.

Finding a date over at Tinder is a legend of modern culture. Just swipe the profile right if you like it and left if you don’t. If the person you liked, likes you back then congrats, you are in luck.

The app also can be used for chatting with the person you are matched with. This serves as an opportunity to know them better before venturing out on a date with them. There is also the double opt-in feature in the app.

This makes the app match individuals only if they have common interests. The experience gets even better if you bump yourself up to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. You get a greater control in customizing your profile.

On top of that get unlimited likes. You also get five super likes which makes you stand out. Given the record of Tinder, it would be a good choice to trust your love life in their hands.

Amazon Kindle – Best iOS e-book Reading App

Amazon Kindle - Best iOS e-book Reading App
Amazon Kindle – Best iOS e-book Reading App

Amazon Kindle is one of the best reading apps for any bookworm. It makes it possible for you to read books whenever and wherever you like. Whether on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

There is no longer any need to carry along bulky books in your bags. You can choose to read from thousands of books worldwide without a hiccup. It is basically a personal library in your pocket.

The members of Kindle Unlimited have nothing to complain about. You get access to over a million books, thousands of audiobooks and countless magazines. And with its interface it is a brilliant reading app to have as well. You can alter the size of fonts, visibility all to your specification.

The app has several features like X-Ray reference tool and Page Flip in-book navigation. Such are advantageous features for users. However Kindle’s best feature is Whispersync for Voice. This feature allows you to shift from ebook to audiobook seamlessly. With just a few taps evolve your reading experience and resume from where you had left off.

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