5 Best Sites To Play Carrom Board Game Online With Your Friends

Carrom is considered to be one of the greatest and most fun games played in India. Currently, we may participate in carrom games online with our friends and family members, and there are several digital carrom board game websites and apps accessible.

Best Sites To Play Carrom Board Game Online
Best Sites To Play Carrom Board Game Online

5 Best Sites To Play Carrom Board Game Online With Your Friends

Carrom games on the internet are the most effective technique to get yourself as well as your friends nostalgic & addicted. Here are a few recommendations for safe and dependable websites or apps:


If you want to experience a seamless carrom game without any interruption, then you must try GetMega. It offers the best gaming experience whether you are a beginner or a Pro carrom board player. You can either play with a bot to practice your trick shots or spend some time sharpening your skill t.

Along with that, you can play carrom in multiplayer mode, where you will be facing strangers across the globe. The best part of GetMega is that you can easily sign up within minutes and start playing without any worry.

2. Carrom King

There is no better game than Carrom King if you are seeking an interesting and entertaining game that you can enjoy playing with family members and friends. This exhilarating pool disk-like game is equally suitable for children. As a result, you may play with anybody at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

You only need to connect with the internet, and you can begin playing Carrom board in real-time right now. In addition, you may communicate with your opponents using amusing emoticons and phrases.

Play carrom board game online and also earn money

Furthermore, this mind blogging game lets you compete against gamers from all around the world. The game begins with the choices of selecting a mode, aside, and a board to play on.

Following the completion of the introductory stages, the player is transported inside the game, where he may choose between playing in online or local modes.

During the course of the game, the player should strive to place the queen piece within the pocket before the opponent since it is more valuable than the other pieces in the game.

There are several essential elements in Carrom King, including multiplayer mode, a 3D board, eye-catching Strikers, and more. Check it out and have a good time.

3. Carrom Friends

Yazoo Global brings you an Online Carrom Board Disc Pool Game, a strategy & single-player video game which you can play on your computer. Try to start a carrom club or perhaps become the king of the carrom board game in order to gain new and exciting adventures. In order to win, the player must collect all of the coins before facing off against hordes of opponents.

There are several modification choices available for him to use and customize his carrom board. Play against his friends and allies in carrom by selecting one of six distinct boards, pucks, or maybe even a striker from a selection of ten different options.

4. Carrom Pool

Multiplayer Carrom Pool, Sports Carrom Pool, and Single-player Carrom Pool are board video games created and released by Miniclip.com for the iOS and Android platforms.

The game allows the player to ask a friend to join him in playing the real board game, allowing them to compete against each other for gold coins at any cost.

As a 3D world is provided for the player’s enjoyment, they can choose to play from a top-down position with the goal of placing as many carrom men into the pocket as possible in order to win.

The game includes a multiplayer option in which the player must pot all of his or her pieces before his or her opponent does. It has fluid controls, easy gameplay, and excellent physics, and it gives you the option to explore the world and compete against other expert players.

In the starting, the player can get his or her pieces later on through a large number of unlocked goods and can display his or her personal style to other players from all around the world.

In addition to Disc Pool & Classic Carrom, there really are two other modes to choose from. There are several notable elements in Carrom Pool, including a large variety of strikers, magnificent arenas, accurate physics, scoreboards, and much more.

5. Carrom Multiplayer

Carrom Multiplayer is a pool disc game with pleasant and realistic 3D visuals that can be played with up to four players. This fantastic game may be enjoyed by anyone of any age, as there are no age limitations. It also allows you to play 2-player games in real-time with other people. To play online, you must be able to communicate with both your friends and other people across the world.

In addition, there is a range of different game modes in this Carrom board game, one of which is a Practice mode. Furthermore, Carrom Multiplayer may be played on practically any Android device with a web browser. The game’s file size is quite small, putting less strain on the device’s resources.

Important Characteristics

  • In order to create this game, the creators employed advanced artificial physics.
  • The game does, in fact, provide a practice mode where you may work on and improve your carom abilities.
  • You may absolutely welcome and encourage your friends to a friendly game of carom in your backyard.
  • It consumes very less power than some other Carrom alternatives, which is a plus.
  • This is a fun, family-friendly game that is also beneficial for your children.
  • You may also earn skins for strikers and pukes from the game, which is quite stunning. Furthermore, low-spec phones are not a hindrance when it comes to playing this game.


We have mentioned the best websites where you can play carrom, and you can enjoy your time. The best part is that most of these websites also offer real-time rewards that you can collect after winning every game. You can also convert these rewards into real cash as per the regulations of the game.

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