Best Sites to Watch Live TV Shows Online for Free

Best Sites to Watch Live TV Shows: Television has been one of the most important entertainment media for years. Now, with the technological boom, you can enjoy your favorite programs from different smart devices, thanks to platforms that transmit these channels through the Internet.

Best Sites to Watch Live TV Shows Online for Free
Best Sites to Watch Live TV Shows Online for Free

Without the need for a TV capture card or antennas. Therefore, you should keep in mind that there are numerous options towatchlive TV programs online.

Best Sites to Watch Live TV Shows Online for Free

In the following post, you are presented with variousplatforms for watching televisionin order to help you determine which is the best streaming TV for you.

This, taking into account its monthly value and content available. You should know that these are platforms with awide variety of content, both original and from renowned film companies.


Netflix is ​​known as thelargest streaming service in the world, being the number one platform in multiple countries, completely displacing pay television services.

With this service, you will be able to enjoy a wide number of programs, series and films available, both original from the platform and famous from TV in its content library.

Starting at $ 7.99 per month for a standard definition display, you can enjoy a wide selection of content. No matter your type of device, be it tablets, computer, Smartphones or video game consoles,with Netflix you can enjoy streaming TV24 hours a day. In addition, you will have the opportunity todownload the movies and series of your liking.

You can access theofficial Netflix pageto analyze their monthly plans and thus decide the one you like the most. Likewise, Netflix has an app forAndroidandiOSrespectively.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the bet of one of the largest American transnational companies: Amazon. It isa streaming platformpresent since 2005, which offers its own exclusive series and has partnerships with other major companies in the film world such as HBO and Warner Bros., thus offeringexcellent visual content.

With this service, you will have all kinds of digital copies at your disposal, allowing you to enjoylong hours of entertainmentin the comfort of your home.

Amazon Prime Video offers awide variety ofrecognizedtelevision series suchas The Good Doctor and movies of all kinds, such as Coming to America that you can watch whenever you want. Starting at USD $ 5.99 per month, you can enjoy all the services of this platform.

To check all the details you want about this service, you can access their websitehere. Similarly, it is available on Amazon tablets and streaming boxes, as well as onAppleandAndroidsmart devices.


HBO is one of the largest model companiesin the market, which was forced to innovate its offer in terms of content and thus open its doors to collaborations with the main visual content operators in the world.

As a result, it is possible to enjoy platforms such as HBO Streaming, HBO Go, and HBO Max. Precisely, the latter offersthe best in series and movies of all kinds, offering you a unique Premium service in its class.

HBO Max hasmore than 10,000 hours of Premium contentto enjoy, including series, movies and television shows, which come from great companies such as Warner Bros., DC Expanded Universe and Max Original series.

Therefore, if you love series like Game of Thrones, you can enjoy this type of content and much more for USD $ 14.99 per month.

Although it is not available for Latin America yet, it is expected to arrive in the second half of 2021. Therefore, if you want to purchase it, you can clickhere.

Disney Plus

With Disney Plus, you not only enjoy theextensive content in series and moviesthat Disney offers, but also that of Marvel, National Geographic and Pixar, thus being one ofthe kings of streaming content along with Netflix.

This, starting from a monthly subscription of USD $ 5.99 per month or USD $ 13 for a package that includes ESPN + and Hulu content.

With Disney, you will find a large catalog toenjoy streaming TV, with shows and movies from Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disney and more.

In other words, you will have more than 600 series and movies. It is also available on a wide variety of bothAppleandAndroid devices. In addition, you will be able to enjoy thecontent in 4Kand Dolby Atmos on those devices that support this class of formats.

If you want to access Disney Plus, you can do ithere.

Apple TV +

Taking as inspiration platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, Apple + was launched in 2019 to offer its subscribers interested in streaming TV a catalog full of all kinds of audiovisual content, from children’s programming to series, movies and documentariesto enjoy at all times and online for only USD $ 4.99 per month.

It differs from other streaming services, since it has onlyoriginal content,with programs like For All Mankind, Servant, and Dickinson that are definitely worth watching.

Also, if you have anAppledevice purchased after September 10, 2019, you canenjoy this service for one year atno additional cost. It is also compatible with a number of devices, including Amazon TVs and Roku devices.

Students subscribing to Apple Music can getApple TV + for free. Similarly, if you want to purchase this service, you can do ithere.

Google play

The famous Google Play Store presentsan exclusive content platform, with which you canenjoy all kinds of series, programs and movies.

For their part, most television series are available after they are broadcast. So, if you enjoy the iTunes format, this is your perfect option to complete the service provided by platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Google Play presentssupport for HDR and 4K, as well as an update that will be useful if you haveAndroid Google Play Movies & TV, which will signal the moment when a movie or television series is available. If you want to have access to new movies and series at all times, this is an excellent option if you have Google devices.

With compatibility foriOS, Android, and in your computer’s browser, Google Play presents anexcellent support for renting moviesfrom $ 5 and buying them from $ 10. Also, TV shows starting at $ 2. You can access them by clickinghere.

iTunes Store

Following the Google Play mechanics, the iTunes Store offers youa movie rentalfor only USD $ 4.90 onwards, as well as the purchase of different types of content.

Similarly, you have the option to buy the movie you want to watch for USD $ 9.90 onwards. Therefore, if you enjoy the content that iTunes offers, this is a good option for you.

If you are an iOS user, you will be able to enjoy awidevariety of contentsthat areorganized in detailby categories, which will allow you to easily find the movies and series of your liking. Additionally, it is worth noting that the platform offers numerous promotions and some titles in4K definition.

You can enjoy this service through the app foriPhone, Apple TV, PC and even iPad. If you want to contract the service, you can clickhere.


Hulu has taken place within the world of streaming service platforms since 2007, being the product of the partnership between Disney, Fox Broadcasting, and NBC Universal.

It is currently astreaming subscription service, which offers a wide variety of its own series that you can enjoy for USD $ 5.99 per month, such as Runaways, The Path and Futureman.

Its movie selection may be modest, but it has acatalog of television showsthat far outstrips platforms like Amazon and Netflix.

Whether it’s old or modern shows,Hulu has it all. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the updates of your series moments after they are broadcast.

If TV shows are your thing, Hulu is a fabulous option that you won’t be able to ignore. You can access their official websitehere.

AT&T TV NOW (DirecTV Now)

AT&T TV NOW, known as DirecTV Now is an option that you cannot ignore if you are looking toenjoy streaming TVand if you are a lover of legendary series and movies like those offered by HBO.

With an interface similar to the one you usually see on your television, and even giving you the opportunity to change “channels” by scrolling left or right, this is a one-of-a-kindservicethat you will undoubtedly love.

With packages that include channels such as Discovery, Fox Corporation, WarnerMedia and more, it is anexcellent entertainment optionfor those who enjoy all this type of content, being an impossible service to ignore. Its price is € 44.74 onwards.

In general, it has awide catalog of channelswithvariedtelevision programs and moviesfrom different companies that you can access during your subscription.

You can go to the official AT&T TV NOW websitehereto check their plans and packages in detail.


Filmin is your ideal option if you enjoySpanish audiovisual content. It is an online service that will provide you with a platform with very good navigability, where its main focus isindependent cinema.

Therefore, if you are a lover of auteur and commercial cinema, you can enjoy them on this streaming site under a basic subscription of only € 7.9.

Filmin has avery interactive interfaceand stands out with an exquisite variety of European series, as well as programming corresponding to independent cinema, which will undoubtedly hold your attention for long hours.

In addition, a plus for which this platform is an excellent choice is because itoperates with various film festivalsthat take place in Spain, which will give you the opportunity to view films almost at the same time as their premiere.

In addition to the basic subscription, it has a Monthly Plus for only € 14, which will allow you to watch premiere movies for rent. If you want to purchase this service, you can do ithere.

YouTube TV

This is Google’s most acclaimed proposal for users looking for amoreinteractivewayto enjoy Streaming TV. Despite being very similar to those mentioned above, such as AT&T TV NOW, YouTube TV stands out with a mix of features that make it one of the best options when it comes to watching television online.

In fact, it’s the only streaming service that can bring you a selection ofmore than 85 traditional broadcast and cable TV channels, as well as PBS stations and content.

In general, the service covers up to more than 98% of US households, making it a perfect option if you are looking for a menu of channels to access easily.

With a price of USD $ 65 for users subscribed as of June 30, 2020 and USD $ 50 for those who are previously subscribed, it is aperfect alternative to the PS Viewthat you will definitely want to consider. If you want to hire this service, you can do ithere.

Acorn TV

If you are a fan of British series, with Acorn TV you can enjoy the visual content of this class, which you can view at all times and on different platforms, either on Roku, Amazon Fire TV,Androidand Apple TVdevices. It is a streaming service available for Spain, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Based solely on British series, Acorn TV stands out with anaffordable priceandexcellent qualityvisual contentformat.

Despite not having a catalog of series as extensive as that of the platforms mentioned above, you will undoubtedly want to check it out to enjoy hits such as Los Misterios de Brokenwood, Delicioso and Baltazar.

With a monthly subscription of € 4.99 per month, you can contract the servicehereif you wish.

The bestStreaming TV servicewill depend on what and how you want to enjoy your favorite series, shows and movies. Whether you’re looking fororiginal content,recently broadcast or ongoing movies and TV series, or old shows. In the end, your best option will be to mix some services or try the ones you like the most to achieve a result that suits your needs.

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