Three Of The Best Sports Apps In 2021

It has never been more important to stay up to date with the latest sporting action as it has been in 2021. With many countries still operating sports events behind closed doors, there has been a divide that has emerged between fans and the sports that they have grown up watching.

Best Sports Apps
Best Sports Apps

Three Of The Best Sports Apps In 2021

Fans are no longer able to watch the sports that they love, but thankfully, the development of some of the best apps in the industry have been able to ensure that fanatics are still able to keep up to date with the latest news revolving around the sports that they care about the most.


There aren’t many more popular sports apps around than theScore. The reason for its popularity is due to its ability to cater to every possible sporting fan.

Unlike other apps, theScore covers every imaginable base, with basketball, soccer, American Football, and ice hockey among the sports that are covered. The app ensures that fans don’t miss out on a single piece of relevant information, with news stories added consistently throughout the day.

As well as that, the app also gives up-to-the-minute updates about the latest scores, with goal alerts for soccer fixtures being particularly quicker than many of the other apps that are around.

Users are able to choose their favourite teams that they wish to stay up to date with, which makes for a tailor-made experience on the app.


Like theScore app, SofaScore also excels with offering a range of sporting insights to the user, with 25 different sports covered on the app. Among the sports that can be found on the SofaScore app are soccer, basketball, American Football, and tennis.

It also has the ability to link up to smartwatches, which means that users don’t need to be on their phones throughout the day checking for the latest scores, as they will get a notification on their watch should anything of significance happen in the game that they wish to stay up to date with.

There is also an excellent social element that comes with this app, as the chat function enables fans to communicate with each other and dissect the action between themselves.

The app also gives in-depth rating and stats for players involves in the games, while there is also a number of quizzes that can be found on the app to ensure that it is as engaging as it is informative.

BBC Sport

There aren’t many broadcasters in the world of sport that cover a broader number of sports than the BBC, and that makes the BBC Sport app one of the most essential apps for all fans no matter the sport that they follow.

It is a hub for those looking for the latest information revolving around the world of soccer, tennis, golf, and athletics, with fixtures and results clear to see throughout the app.

There is also the ability to live stream events that are taking place around the world, while it is also an ideal app to catch up on the latest missed action, with extended highlights for massive events around the world.

There isn’t another app that have a wider back catalogue of sports available, with the BBC also having expert news articles for sports such as boxing, horse racing, and MMA.

There are also social aspects to the app, as users can share trending stories and also get involved in polls and picking best elevens.

Also, there is a rolling live page, which breaks the news as it happens, and users can also get in touch and get their opinion posted in the live blog.

There you have it, the top 3 apps for sports fans. And if you really enjoy sports, visit TwinSpires Edge website for the best content on NBA and tons of other games.

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