The Best Truck Driving Game For PC In 2024

Here are the 3 Best Free Truck Driving Games for Windows 10. All of these truck simulator games come with high-definition graphics and great sound effects. Download this free truck driving game on your PC and play as a truck driver.

The Best Truck Driving Game For PC
The Best Truck Driving Game For PC

In all these free truck simulator games, you must complete the given task. While some games have a time limit for completing a given task, some games do not.

You will face many obstacles on the road while driving. To keep your truck from having minimal damage, try to avoid all these obstacles.

As you explore this list, you will find a truck driving game that comes with two play modes: Training and Campaigning. You can see the speed of your truck on the speedometer displayed on the interface. Apart from that, it also displays the total distance traveled by Agan in miles.

Best Free Truck Driving Games for Windows 10.

1. American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a free truck simulator application for Windows 10. It allows you to drive your truck in the beautiful scenery of America.

This free truck driving game comes with high definition 3D graphics. With more than 30 trucks, lots of work and cycles day and night, you won’t be bored playing this game.

I found background music for a casual game. There is country music playing in the background which calms Agan’s mind while playing the game.

Agan’s main task in this game is to send the material in the right place without or with as little damage as possible. But to send goods, you must first collect them. Maps are provided in the game for your convenience.

This map guides you in the right direction to get and deliver goods in the right place. You will see three letters on the map: G, J, and D. Each letter has a different meaning. You must remember the meaning of these letters during the game:

  • The letter G means the garage. Here, you can buy a new truck.
  • The letter J indicates the location of the job. You must visit the work location by following the map to send your goods.
  • The letter D is the destination, where you have to send the goods.

When you get an item to send, the timer on the screen starts. This timer starts from zero and continues until you finish the level. You will also see a bar graph on the screen, which shows the total damage to the item.

This bar graph decreases to a certain extent each time your truck hits an object, such as a tree, a rock, another vehicle, etc. After each shipment, you will get a sum of money as a gift from which you can buy a new truck.

How much money you will receive depends on the total time you take to complete one level, and also on the amount of damage.

Three camera modes are available in the game. Use the C key to change the camera mode.

Control: You can navigate the truck by pressing the WASD or Arrow keys. For brakes, press the spacebar button. You can download American Truck Simulator from here.

2. Truck Driver Chernobyl

Truck Driver Chernobyl is a free truck driving game software for Windows. In this game, Agan is a truck driver and works in an area near the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, Ukraine. Agan’s motive is to bring dangerous nuclear goods to their destination without damage.

Remember, that Agan is driving near the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, where a small carelessness will be life threatening. Therefore, you need to drive the truck carefully.

You will pass a road full of holes. Not only this, Agan will also face some sharp turns on the road. In addition, Agan must also oversee the fuel tank of Agan’s truck. Fuel decreases continuously, no matter whether you drive a truck or not.

Avoid all obstacles on the road and try to reach the destination before your truck runs out of fuel. The game will end if you drop items anywhere on the way or run out of fuel.

This truck game comes with 5 interesting levels, where each level is equipped with amazing graphics. Apart from that, this free truck simulator game has good sound effects.

Game Control: This free truck driving game is very easy to play. Use the WASD key to navigate towards your truck. Apart from that, you can also use the arrow keys for the same thing.

On the lower left side of the screen, you will see the “number of frames per second” of the game. You can download the Chernobyl Truck Driver from here.

3. Mad Truckers

Mad Truckers is a free truck driving game for Windows. This free truck simulator game comes with two game modes: Campaigning and Training. Let’s discuss these two gameplay modes:

Training: This is basically a survival game mode, where you have to drive the truck as far as possible. It displays the distance you traveled in miles. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a speedometer that shows the current speed of your truck.

Truck speeds vary from 0 to 90 on the speedometer scale. You also have to be careful of enemy attacks that shoot bullets, bombs, etc. at you from their vehicles. The survival mode ends when the health of your truck is zero.

Campaigning: This gameplay mode comes with more than 10 different missions. You can play the next mission only if you delete the previous mission. You must complete each mission by traveling a certain distance. It is recommended to monitor time, because you must reach your goal within the allotted time.

To make the level of the game more difficult, the developer adds a health truck rod. The maximum value of this health bar is 100%. Avoid attacks with other vehicles and obstructions (trees, rocks, hills, holes, etc.), because the health of your truck decreases with a definite value on each collision. The color of the health bar changes because it decreases.

The green health bar shows Good Health, the Orange health bar shows Normal health and the Red health bar shows Low Health. When your truck’s health decreases below a certain level, a message “Low Health” is displayed on the screen.

After completing each level in Campaigning mode, you will be given an amount of money that you can use to buy upgrades for your truck.

Other features of this free truck driving game:

  • Different backgrounds are available in the game, such as sunny day, winter, snowing, etc.
  • More than 10 skins for trucks available.
  • Various types of enhancements are available in the game.
  • It comes with good graphics and sound effects.

You can download Mad Truckers from here.

That’s the 3 Best Free Truck Driving Games For Windows 10. Finally, have a good time playing and thank you for visiting.

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