Best TV Series to See on NETFLIX

Having a guide to the bestTV series to watch on Netflix is any fan’s dream. On the other hand, this platform has launched authentic world phenomena such asThe Paper Houseor the most recentSquid Game, so I think it’s time to do some order and celebrate it in the right way.

Best TV Series to See on NETFLIX
Best TV Series to See on NETFLIX

Best TV Series to See on NETFLIX

With this article, I will try to point out the best productions in the vast Netflix catalog, so as to make your search and choice more agile.

Among the on-demand services, Netflix is ​​now a real point of reference for legions of viewers thirsty for new stories and unforgettable characters.


This guide to the best TV series to watch on Netflix could not be closed except with the catchphrase of the moment.

It is a survival drama that comes directly from Korea, in which the viewer follows the vicissitudes of a group of people who, due to their poor economic status, are recruited to participate in a game to death.

Among them, we follow the story of Gi-hun, a divorced and overwhelmed man who tries to get his hands on the rich cash prize reserved for the lucky winner.

Episode after episode, the series increases the suspense rate and the protagonists are involved in increasingly dangerous games. In the background, a fierce criticism of modern society, in an increasingly obsessive search for entertainment and contaminated by inequalities.


Another thriller TV series, but with a late 19th century setting, is this one based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr.

At the center of the events, a series of murders committed in New York in 1896 involving three different characters: the alienist, or a sort of psychiatrist, Laszlo Kreizler, the illustrator John Moore and the police secretary Sara Howard.

The main advantage of this series is that it manages to keep the charm and style of the story intact, based above all on the psychological introspection of the protagonists. However, there is no shortage of moments of action and mystery that make the story very intriguing and engaging.


This series has been considered by many to be the newGame of Thrones. However, even though it can fit into the fantasy genre and the sword and sorcery element is prominent, it is very different from that taken from George RR Martin’s novels.

The story sees the so-called “witchers” at the center of the events. These are mutant warriors who have the task of defending the civilized races from the danger represented by the many monsters that inhabit the world.

The aim of this series is to be inspired by the characteristic folklore of Eastern Europe and to tell the fate of the protagonists Geralt, Yennefer and Cirilla.

No power struggles, no court intrigues, alliances or wars. In their place, the narration of some lives inserted within a world where the supernatural is pre-eminent is preferred, between curses and old prophecies.

What makes this series different, in a positive sense, is precisely the fact that the relationship between the protagonists and the places in which it is set is always close and pre-eminent.

In addition, there is an extraordinary ability to play with space and time, so as to combine the right amount of entertainment with the need to intrigue and involve.


Also on the adventurous front is this TV series that tells the myth of pirates in a very classic and compelling way.

Nothing to do with the ironic and funny tones of thePirates of the Caribbean saga, but traditional themes such as treasure hunts, boarding and battles at sea.

The protagonist is also one of the most beloved and transported to the movies, or the Flint Captain, who goes on the trail of a Spanish galleon that contains a rich treasure.

However, the pirate will have to contend with the English Navy and, at the same time, will have to face some internal moodiness within his crew.

On Netflix you will find four seasons, thanks to which you can enjoy atmospheres and characters with an ancient flavor and timeless charm.


From pirates to Vikings in this History Channel-produced TV series. The protagonist is Ragnar Lotbork, a man who came from nowhere who, with great ardor and curiosity, would like to lead the Viking people towards a new era of civilization.

The main feature of this series is the accuracy of the historical reconstruction. Thanks to it, the viewer enjoys a truly surprising show, enriched by spectacular scenes and suggestive atmospheres.

Although it has been compared several times, for a change, toGame of Thrones, this series does not focus only on palace intrigues and coups.

Its goal is, in fact, to tell a fascinating people of which everything is not yet known, often the victim of prejudices and stereotypes.


Even today it is probably Netflix’s most successful series, thanks to the extraordinary numbers recorded in every country where it was distributed.

At the center of the events is a group of people who, each putting their own specific talent at the service, organize a sensational robbery at the Madrid mint.

A lot has been said and still talked about this series, among detractors and passionate fans. It is, in fact, a product that, having landed in an already saturated market, managed to stand out and immediately created a solid base of spectators.

Its main advantage is the characterization of the characters, really well done and very realistic, so much so that it will be difficult for the spectators not to find one in which to look at themselves or recognize themselves.

What, however, has probably “caused” the extraordinary success of the series is its nature of “attack on power” and revenge against it.


Also from Spain comes this other crime TV series inspired by the homonymous story by Jack London.

The story is set in modern Madrid, where the protagonist Victor Genovés (Luis Tosar) is faced with a somewhat bizarre blackmail. In fact, the man is asked to pay 50 million euros so as not to have a person killed he does not even know.

The series describes, in a clever and intriguing way, the descent into hell of this common businessman with a few skeletons in the closet. Both life, suddenly, is upset by the blackmail suffered and will change forever.

His choices will become, day by day, more and more fundamental to save human lives. However, man will soon discover that not only the fate of others is at stake, but also his own.


This TV series is inspired by the filmStart Over with Bill Murray. The protagonist is Nadia, a girl forced to always relive the same day or that of her thirty-sixth birthday.

As suggests the name, the series is built as a sort of Russian doll, where things are repeated endlessly, and every day is the same as the previous one. However, the series has that ironic streak that makes it very interesting and different from a classic sitcom.

Her strong point, in fact, is not being satisfied with being herself, but with changing and varying in each episode, passing from one genre to another and never getting bored.


On the subject of great classics, you can’t miss this historic TV series signed by Vince Gilligan. The protagonist is a harmless chemistry professor who, after discovering he is ill with cancer, decides to turn into a ruthless criminal thanks to a substance he invented.

Breaking Bad is, still today, one of the most successful series in the history of television. It has even been at the center of several theories, one of which believes that the substance invented by the professor is at the base ofThe Walking Deadepidemic.

Walter White, transformed from a professor into the ruthless criminal Heisenburg, is one of the most interesting characters on the television scene of the last twenty years.

This is also thanks to the extraordinary interpretation of Bryan Cranston that makes the protagonist’s torments flawlessly.

His is a path of suffering and the discovery of his deepest selfish impulses, alternating with a rhythm and an action capable of kidnapping the viewer episode after episode.


One of the proofs of the great success ofBreaking Bad is this prequel/spin-off of the series created by Vince Gilligan. This time, the protagonist is the lawyer James McGill who, thanks to a new chemical reaction, turns into Saul Goodman, an unscrupulous man.

For this series, Gilligan enlisted the help of Peter Gould, with whom he managed to create a new universe that stands up to his illustrious predecessor.

The authors, in fact, go beyond the spectacularization ofBreaking Bad, to focus on the introspection of the characters. Among them, of course, great credit goes to the protagonist, a literally unfortunate man who, however, does not hide his humanity.


It is another timeless and award-winning TV series, including an Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series.

Made up of eight seasons, it stars CIA agent Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes. When a Marine sergeant allegedly missing in Iraq is released, she alone thinks the man poses a serious threat to the United States.

It is a TV series about espionage that, in the height of terrorist fear, has tried to demonstrate how important the work of intelligence was to avoid tragedies and catastrophes such as that of 11 September 2001.

Over the course of the eight seasons, the series has evolved, changing history and settings, but remaining true to itself and to that sense of patriotism that pervades it.

In addition, the intelligent development of the characters, especially that of the protagonist, suffering from bipolar disorder, has allowed her to become one of the longest-running TV series of this genre.


Among the classics, this series certainly cannot be missing, dedicated to a gang of dirty, hard and pure bikers.

The story is told through the face of Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam. The man, the father of a family, must find a way to manage his private life and that together with his fellow adventurers.

Sons of Anarchy soon became much more than a simple TV series, that is, a real philosophy of life that does not allow in between: either you are in or you are out, or you are on their side or you are an enemy.

However, the look perhaps more interesting is the ability of the authors to have given birth to a kind of reinterpretation of ‘ Hamletby Shakespeare.

This is thanks to the analysis of the concept of power and belonging that reflects the way of life of the members of the gang, viscerally linked to their values.


When it comes to great classics, this series dedicated to Pablo Escobar, one of the most dangerous drug traffickers in the world, cannot be missed.

It is a ruthless and cruel portrait of a man whose atrocities have surpassed any imagination. Telling the rise and fall of one of the world’s most powerful men, Netflix delivers a fast-paced, tense series.

Playing between empathy and disgust, it is inevitable for all spectators to suffer the irrepressible charm of Evil.


Still on the subject of drug trafficking cartels, it is right to point out this series starring the family of Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman. The man, apparently, is a perfectly normal financial advisor, but in reality he launders money that has been propped up for Mexican drug cartels.

When his secret is discovered, the man moves his entire family (wife and two children) to a resort in the Ozark Mountains, Missouri. Here he will be able to continue his illicit trafficking.

Conceived by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams,Ozark moves nimbly through the terrain of the thriller, with increasingly engaging characters and intrigues. The protagonist, in fact, will soon discover that he has slipped into a really dangerous mess.


Another series that made the history of television, inspired by the true story of Piper Kerman and her prison experience.

For years,Orange is the New Black has represented the refinement and uniqueness of Netlix products. It tells an extraordinary story of female redemption, in which complicity and solidarity become a symbol of life itself.

Between comedy and drama, this series tells us a touching and emotional story. Moreover, it is able to always maintain a perfect balance which does not make it hang on one side or the other.

Rarely, the TV has we offered characters as powerful and empathetic so that it will be impossible not to take sides for them, sharing their joys and sorrows.


This is a series born right on the wave ofOrange is the New Black. It leverages a blatantly feminist approach, but with bizarre and amusing results.

The protagonists are the components of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling group, or female wrestling wrestlers. The vicissitudes tell us, in an 80’s setting, their frustrations and their ambitions.

By inserting the events in a world that has always been considered macho, that of wrestling, this series wants to overturn the canons and tell the redemption and the daily battle of these women.


If we have to talk about classics, this series created by Paul Scheuring cannot be missing. The protagonist is Michael Scofield, a man who gets arrested to help his brother escape from prison.

Even today,Prison Break is one of the most successful series in the Netflix catalog. It is full of surprises and twists, as well as shot at a fast pace, episode after episode.

One of its main strengths is the ability to mix different film genres, but without ever losing sight of the characters.


This sitcom has become history and legend of a completely different genre. It is, in fact, a cornerstone of the history of comic TV series, in which the protagonists are a group of friends who live together in New York.

Friends was, for many, a real manifesto on friendship, love, work and, more generally, human relationships. For many young people it was a real school to face life and to accept their imperfect sides and turn them into an added value.

In ten seasons, the protagonists of Friends have grown up with us, transforming themselves and discovering new sides of themselves, hidden or unknown. Each episode exudes brilliance and intelligence and always brings back to the sacred meaning of the word “friendship”.

A concept thatFriendstransforms into a panacea for all ills, especially if cultivated by people with devotion and sincerity.


This series takes up, in many respects, the characteristic themes ofFriends, telling what it means today to be thirty years old in New York.

The protagonist is Dev Shaah, a boy of Indian origins with a jovial and sunny character, able to take everything with a smile and never be influenced by events.

Through this figure of sympathy and contagious irony, Aziz Ansari, creator of the show, manages to give us an ironic, but at times bitter, portrait of modern society.

It will be difficult not to sympathize with Dev and not cheer for him, especially since he never loses the strength to pursue his dreams, also teaching us what it means to love.


In a rich and vast catalog like that of Netflix, one of the most loved sitcoms in the history of television could not be missing.

In twelve seasons, we can experience the adventures of a group of wacky scientists, as brilliant as they are eccentric. From Sheldon to Leonard, from Raj and Howard to Bernadette, Amy and Penny.

With extraordinary humor and a lot of wit, Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre have managed to create one of the most successful TV series ever. This is because through their life and their daily vicissitudes, an entire generation is told.


This TV series demonstrates how even the most advanced and innovative animation is given prominence on Netflix. The protagonist is BoJack Horseman, a declining horse actor. The man, however, does not want to give up his self-centeredness and popularity and seeks everyone’s attention.

It is a product that goes beyond simple animation and is proposed as a TV series for adults . In fact, delicate and contemporary topics such as depression, the feeling of inadequacy and the abuse of drugs and alcohol are treated.

The main character is the representation of the tragic, at times he becomes almost an actor from a Greek tragedy. The atmosphere is often dark and filled with a sad feeling of drama, and a ferocious satire against the Hollywood industry is often used.


Among the animated TV series on Netflix, this is one of the craziest and funniest. Born as a parody of the famous filmBack to the Future, it quickly became a cult series for both young people and adults.

The two protagonists are, in fact, Rick and Morty, the first is a scientist, while the second is his grandson. Through a machine that allows him to travel between parallel universes, the two are involved in extravagant and fun adventures.

The series is one of the most irreverent of recent years, in which anarchy and the politically incorrect are the two cornerstones that have allowed it to become so popular.

Furthermore, the two characters created by the brilliant minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, represent a real model of television quotation.


The fiction is one of the favorite genres from animation and this series seems to confirm it with certainty.

It is a very particular product, because it is composed of episodes unrelated to each other and which also deal with other genres, including horror and comedy.

Each episode deals with a very current topic, such as love, violence, death and sex. What is striking is that it manages to do so by experimenting with the very concept of animation and exploiting its infinite potential.

Between monsters, mutant creatures and robots, the protagonists move within a constantly changing world. Here, man is literally dissected in all his aspects.


Even more irreverent and revolutionary this animated series launched in 2000 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The protagonists are four boys, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny who tell us about their puberty.

What has sanctioned the great success ofSouth Park is the total unpredictability of the stories and characters. In fact, they are able to tell us about American society and its dysfunctions with merciless cruelty

Every point of reference, be it political, religious or sexual, is destined to be torn apart by these four irrepressible guys ready to blow up any certainty.


Space also for superheroes, starting with Daredevil, an anomalous character if we consider the Marvel universe. In fact, he is a man overwhelmed by moral dilemmas and a very realistic vision of life, so much so that he is characterized by a very complex psychology.

The protagonist is the blind lawyer Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) who, at night, plays the role of this executioner in the service of the weakest.

Precisely this physical characteristic makes Daredevil a superhero different from the others, much more human and sensitive to the facts that happen around him.


Staying on the superhero theme, this American television series created by Steven S. DeKnigh, is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

The events take place during the 1930s and the protagonist is Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel), a man who creates a team of superheroes guided by specific ideals such as justice and non-violence.

After spending most of their lives saving others, the group finds themselves in the position of having to pass on their role to their children. However, the handover will not be entirely simple.

Compared to the canonical TV series where the protagonists are superheroes, this time we try to take a different path. The deeds of the protagonists are, in fact, related to the delicate socio-economic moment of the period.

Between economic and political crises, the series tries to give a different vision of the role of the superhero. In fact, he has a face far more common and human, but partially successful, so much so that the series was canceled after just one season.


Comic book inspiration also for this TV series, dedicated to the characters of DC Comics. The events narrate the adventures of the so-called Young Titans, engaged in an eternal fight against crime.

The series maintains the characteristics of the comic and focuses on the action and muscles of the protagonists, always engaged in fights and exploits at the limit of the possible.

However, the psychological element of the characters is not overlooked, whose adventures pass from crime to supernatural with a lot of linearity, raising the bar bet after episode.


Also in this case it is a TV series inspired by the world of comics and, specifically, of Japanese manga.

This time, however, the protagonist is not the famous thief, but Assane Diop. It is a young Frenchman who, after losing his father during his adolescence, decides to shed light on the accusation that had brought the man to prison.

In this case, Leblanc’s novels are just an inspiration, for a TV series that focuses on action and pure entertainment. However, it reserves the right space for the personal stories of the protagonist.


If you love science fiction, on Netflix you will be spoiled for choice. You will find, in fact, several original and interesting TV series. Among these, there is Black Mirror, set in a future where technology can often cause disasters.

It is not the classic science fiction of cyborgs or aliens, but a much more realistic and contemporary genre. Here, in fact, evil can be represented by a social network, by software or by a talent show.

Ultimately, it is a dystopian vision of modern reality, in which each episode has the value of a real film.

In a short time,Black Mirror has become a cult series, precisely because of its ability to transform situations and everyday objects into real nightmares for every human being. However, it never expires in the mundane.

From this point of view, it could recall another much loved TV series likeThe Edge of Reality, but in a much more realistic and pragmatic sauce.


On the subject of science fiction, this Netflix production cannot be overlooked, still today considered one of the greatest successes of the American giant.

It is a series that pays homage to the 80s and to that cinema that has changed the very vision of many genres, such as science fiction or horror.

In a small village, a group of kids uncover the secret hidden inside a mysterious military base nearby. For them, life will completely change.

Stranger Things is pure nostalgia for a cinema that no longer exists, full of charm and lightheartedness. The melancholy runs through the whole series, the colors chosen up to the setting and the characters.

It is a splendid tribute to cinema, able to awaken the enthusiasm and emotions felt by many of us in front of films likeETorThe Goonies.


Even Germany has itsStranger Thing, arrived on Netflix in 2017 and accompanied by their suspicion of “plagiarism”.

The events are set in a small German village, where the disappearance of some children brings out the terrible and unsuspected secrets that many of the inhabitants hide.

Despite the inevitable confrontation withStranger Things,Darkmanages to conquer its own identity and personality, thanks above all to the evocative setting.

Moreover, thanks to the subdivision into different temporal planes, it builds a very complex plot capable of disturbing and conquering even the most accustomed spectator to the genre.


Staying in science fiction, but moving towards the cyberpunk genre, this TV series starring Joel Kinnaman takes us to the year 2384. Here, people’s souls, including consciousness and personality, have been turned into software that can be installed in new bodies.

However, as this is a very high-cost technology, it is only accessible to the wealthiest part of the population. In such a sectarian and divisive context, Takeshi Kovacs, a detective who has been hibernating for 250 years, is hired by a wealthy millionaire who, after returning to life with another body, wants to find out who killed him.

The series is based on the 2002 novel of the same name written by Richard K. Morgan and manages to convincingly reconcile science fiction with thriller.

However, its main advantage is the ability to give us a truly disturbing vision of a society now in the hands of the richest, who have the formula for immortality at their disposal.


Between science fiction and superheroes, this series tells the vicissitudes of seven children with extraordinary powers who are adopted by a mysterious billionaire, who intends to train them in the Umbrella Academy.

The story unfolds through the often difficult relationships between young people who, when a possible apocalypse looms on the horizon, will have to make important decisions.

The series is based on the comic of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba and is characterized by the exciting plot and the interesting and intriguing characters, able to make every kind of viewer grow fond of.

Finally, special mention also for the soundtrack that fits perfectly both the story and the characters.


This series moves between science fiction and horror and is inspired by the famous novelLord of the Flies.

The protagonists are teenagers who, returning home after a trip, discover that their parents have disappeared. They will soon realize they are trapped in their small New England town.

As it happened, in fact, inThe Lord of the Flies, the group of teenagers will be forced to organize themselves into a micro-society in order to survive. From this will arise contrasts and agreements that will lay bare the personality of each of them.

The series created by Christopher Keyser lays bare the difficulties of a forced coexistence, mainly due to the age of the protagonists, eager for freedom and anarchy, just like every teenager.


This series is also about science fiction and, to be precise, about a post apocalyptic world in which the only survivors move between cold or deserted lands aboard a perpetual motion train that goes around the globe.

The series is the prequel to the 2013 film of the same name, directed by Bong John-ho and is also inspired by the French graphic novel created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette.

The series aims to denounce social unease and the persistent division of the population into social classes, so much so that for each of them, there is a specific train carriage.

However, the fragile equilibrium is destined to last only a short time, under the pressure of entire strata of the population in need and eager for freedom and social equality.


Post apocalyptic scenario also for this TV series set in 2074. Due to a mysterious blackout that occurred fifty years before the events narrated, Europe has been devastated and the surviving tribes continue to battle each other for survival.

In this scenario of destruction, three brothers suddenly find themselves at the center of a last and desperate struggle to save the world.

Thanks above all to an evocative use of scenography and the contrast between city and countryside, this series offers several interesting ideas.

However, events do not always unfold in a brilliant and satisfying way for the viewer, who finds himself too often in front of something already seen.


If we talk about science fiction, we cannot miss this umpteenth TV series set in the Star Trek universe.

The events take place ten years earlier than the original series and tells the adventures of the starship USS Discovery, which is committed to seeking new worlds.

Among the protagonists, the actress Sonequa Martin, in the role of ship’s officer Michael Burnham.


From science fiction to fantasy, with a series inspired by the illustrated novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler.

It is a reinterpretation of the myth of King Arthur, this time told from the point of view of a young woman destined to become the Lady of the Lake.

The girl’s task is to deliver a powerful sword to Merlin the Wizard, but to do so she will need the help of the young Arthur, with whom she will face adventures and dangers of all kinds.

The series wasn’t very lucky and was canceled after just one season.

However, he has on his side the attempt to tell a story already known, enriching it with very delicate and current topics and themes. Among these, the destruction of the environment, terrorism and the nonsense of wars.


On the subject of fantasy, I must report this American TV series based on the first two novels of the fantasy trilogy by writer Leigh Bardugo.

The story is set in a world divided in half by the so-called Shadow Fault, considered a huge barrier of fog infested with all kinds of monstrous creatures.

The protagonist is Alina Starkov, a young cartographer’s apprentice who will discover that she possesses extraordinary power and, therefore, will be enlisted in the army to fight against the enemy.

This is a fantasy for kids that takes up, in some ways, the world ofGame of Thrones, but adds an interesting coming-of-age story, able to take hold on teenagers.


On the same wavelength is this television series based on the comic of the same name by Jeff Lemire.

The world has been decimated by a mysterious virus called Affliation, the main consequence of which has been the birth of hybrid children, half animal and half human.

Among them is Gus, a half-deer child who lives hidden in a reserve with his father. Soon, however, the little one will be forced to escape and for him an extraordinary adventure will begin that will lead him to discover a completely unknown world.

The story is a reflection on the concept of diversity and on the capacity of mankind to welcome and accept other cultures. Furthermore, it also aims to enhance the concept of friendship and solidarity that Gus himself will discover in the most difficult moment.


More classically horror is this series written and directed by Mike Flanagan and set in a terrifying house that hides the secrets of a family who lived there.

Years later, the members of this same family are forced to return to the large villa and will have to face, once and for all, the nightmares and ghosts that haunted them.

Despite the very traditional idea,Hill House is a very refined series, able to re-read a classic theme such as that of the haunted house and offering new ideas and reflections.

Above all, the atmosphere inside the walls of the big house is fascinating and bewitching, but the real goal of the series is to focus attention on the difficult and dramatic concept of mourning.


This series is based on the literary sequel toHill House, the novelThe Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

The story takes place in England in the 1980s and stars Henry Wingrave, an elderly man who decides to hire a young American governess to take care of the orphaned grandchildren who live with him at Bly Manor. However, the castle will soon reveal the dark secrets it has been hiding for many years.

Also this series, like the previous one, was created by Mike Flanagan, who gives us another high-tension story, in which the worst nightmares are those that lurk in the minds of the protagonists.


Staying on the subject of haunted houses, this series based on the saga of comics signed by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, sees the Locke family at the center of the events.

After the death of their father, the other members decide to move to the small town of Matheson and go to live in Keyhouse, the large and old family residence. Here, soon, they will discover the presence of some keys with extraordinary and dangerous magical powers.

The series manages to juggle the mix of horror and dark fantasy well, but every now and then it tends to lapse into an overly optimistic setting.

However, it remains an interesting reinterpretation of the relationship between young people and magic, in which the setting plays a fundamental role in maintaining the right suspense.


For those who love court intrigues, this British series is ideal. At the center of the events is Queen Elizabeth II, whose life is told from her marriage in 1947 to the present day.

In six seasons, we can witness an interesting portrait of the Windsor family, described as people attentive to the needs and requirements of their people.

Thanks to a skilful mix of private and public aspects, the series tells with an objective look but attentive to details, every background linked to the historical figures of the English monarchy.


In the Georgian era, however, this other British TV series is set, whose protagonist is Daphne, eldest daughter belonging to the powerful Bridgerton family.

The time has come for the young woman to make her debut in society and start looking for a husband. However, Daphne has a very different concept of love from that of her family, so she has to fight against her brother’s overly protective attitude. But when he makes his appearance the charming Duke of Hastings, the girl’s life will change.

Based on the series of novels of the same name written by Julia Quinn and produced by Shonda Rimes (Grey’s AnatomyandScandal ), this series revives the charm of the stories made famous by Jane Austen.


If you love London and the British atmosphere, you can’t miss this series dedicated to the famous private detective from Baker Street.

However, be prepared to be surprised, because the figure of Holmes is almost completely distorted compared to the classic portrait to which cinema has accustomed us, especially the black and white one.

Here the detective is described in a very modern way and presented with the flaws of a character of today, that is vain, arrogant and elusive, despite his unique genius.

To dress the role of Sherlock Holmes, a talented Benedict Cumberbatch giving his own interpretation of the character, especially in captive duets with his trusty sidekick John Watson, played by Martin Freeman.


The Sherlock Holmes universe is also the protagonist of this series created by Tom Bidwell and inspired, very vaguely, by the adventures of the Baker Street detective.

The protagonists, this time, are a group of orphaned children who, employed by Dr. Watson, solve small supernatural mysteries in Victorian London.

Adventure and mystery mix in this enjoyable series for kids, in which the canons are upset and where even the figure of Holmes undergoes a not very reassuring metamorphosis.


Classically British also this series dedicated to the sport most loved by the British, namely football.

It is a miniseries that tells the origins of football, starting from 1879, the date according to which this sport was invented in England.

The narrative starts in a small Lancashire town, Darwen, where a team made up of blue-collar workers (but reinforced, secretly, by two Scottish professionals ) suddenly becomes famous for reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

What characterizes this series is the modern look, thanks to which it is explained how a sport, then still in the hands of a few, became, day after day, everyone’s passion.

The football is, ultimately, an excuse, or rather, the assist perfect to tell the profound changes taking place at that time in England, where the sport gave an important contribution.


If you are a lover of love stories, this series will captivate you from the very first episode. The protagonists are a man and a woman, apparently very different from each other. He is clumsy and inept, she, however, moody and perpetually dissatisfied.

However, the unpredictability of love will trigger a spark and Tom and Mickey will find themselves having to put their lives back on the line, discovering new facets.

It is a frank and sincere romantic comedy, in which love is described as something difficult to understand, but which can reserve unexpected surprises.

Furthermore, the characters are the representation of the ability to get back into the game right in front of completely unexpected situations, such as the one involving the two protagonists.


A love story is at the center of the events of this series set in Italy, in which Summer, an introverted girl who hates summer, decides to work at a hotel on the Italian Adriatic coast.

Here his fate will cross that of Ale, the son of the owner of the hotel and a lover of motorcycles. Despite being two very different people, an overwhelming love story will be born between them.

Directed by Lorenzo Sportiello and Francesco Lagi, it is a series that is vaguely inspired by the novel by Federico MocciaThree meters above the sky.

It is the tale of the classic summer love story, in which the protagonists let themselves be carried away, despite being aware that, once the season is over, their paths are destined to separate.


Among the Italian series, you certainly cannot miss this one, which has now become an authentic cult among fans.

The series boasts a first-rate cast, in which Francesco Pannofino, Caterina Guzzanti, Carolina Crescentini and Pietro Sermonti stand out, but it is above all an exhilarating and merciless narration of what happens behind the scenes of a fiction.

Partita in muted after a short timeBoris has become a reference point for those who enjoy the television series, mainly for its irreverent approach and excessive in relation to a theme (and a world) very interesting and that arouses curiosity.


Another cult Italian TV series isSuburra, inspired by the 2015 film of the same name and based on the book written, jointly, by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini.

At the center of the events, some characters who are part of the criminal life of Rome and, through whom, a raw and ruthless picture of the political and social life of the capital is offered.

In the cast, big names of the caliber of Alessandro Borghi, Claudia Gerini, Giacomo Ferrara and Eduardo Valdarnini.


This all-Italian web series, created by Ludovico Bessegato, also deserves a mention. The project is part of the franchise of the 2015 Norwegian television series of the same name and tells the life of some students of a high school in Rome.

Between love stories, friendships, disappointments and new experiences, the series touches on several very delicate and contemporary themes, such as homosexuality, revenge porn, faith and mental illness.

For each season, the point of view of one of the four protagonists, three girls and a boy, is chosen.


On Netflix you will also find this Italian series created by Antonio Dikele Distefano, in which the figure of the superhero is reinterpreted. The protagonist is the young Omar, a boy of South African origins who, one day, discovers that he possesses the gift of invisibility.

On the contrary to what you might think, this is not a story about superheroes, but a regular guy who, instead, to escape from suburban neighborhood that has stifled him throughout his life, he chose to stay and defend it from crime.


Finally, the latest Italian production to report is this series produced directly by Netflix with the collaboration of The Jackal.

The story features two boys, Daniel and Matilda, who meet again after many years on the island of Procida. The meeting will be an opportunity to take stock of the situation in their lives and what happened to them once they finished school.

Playing on different temporal levels, this series ensures a nostalgia effect, especially for those who lived through the 90s, those of the internet revolution and the beginning of globalization.

Between iconic musical pieces and fragments of memories,Generation 56Kturns into an authentic journey into the past of each of us.


Those who love thrillers and David Fincher will find in this series based on the novel of the same name by John E. Douglas all the ingredients to be passionate about.

The director ofFight Club proves, once again, that he is at ease when it comes to telling delusions and distortions of the human mind. This time, the protagonist is a serial killer, whose personality is studied and deepened to understand perversions, motivations and attitudes.

Mindhunteris an ideal series for those who are not in a hurry and want to enjoy every dialogue and every detail and want to deepen their knowledge of a character, that of the serial killer, who has always been a source of inspiration for cinema, books and television.


This Swedish television series is placed in the thriller and crime genre but has a strong streak of social and political denunciation.

The events, in fact, revolve around the preparation of a terrorist attack by ISIS and five female protagonists, whose dramatic fate runs in the same direction.

Alternating thriller and action, the series points directly towards a goal, which is to talk about the recruitment by one of the most known and dangerous terrorist organizations and how this happens, often, in a completely unpredictable way.


Among the thriller TV series in the Netflix catalog, this one, which has now become a classic, must be mentioned.

Divided into six seasons, the series chronicles the life of lawyer Annalize Keating (Viola Davis), as she investigates a murder case involving a group of bright and ambitious law students at the university where she teaches herself.

Thanks to an approach that makes abundant use of different temporal planes, this manages to create a completely original and intriguing world, in which pathos and suspense are breathed in each episode.

Particular attention is also given to the interpersonal relationships that are created between the various characters, each of which contributes in its own way and with its own peculiarities.


When Great Britain decides to do a serious TV series, it is unlikely that they will not succeed and even in this case we are faced with a product of the highest quality.

The protagonist is Otis Milburn, a teenager like many others who, however, has a mother who is a writer and sex therapist. This particular made him a very sensitive and shy guy, but always ready to lend a hand to friends, especially when the topic is sex.

The series, created by Laurie Nunn, portrays a very real and contemporary cross-section of the teenage world and fights all those stereotypes that are usually associated with so-called teen comedies.

Sex Education, in fact, is very English, full of that sharp humor typical of the place, but totally uninhibited and, therefore, unpredictable.

The relationships of love and friendship between teenagers are told in a frank and direct way, without ever resorting to rhetoric or clichés.


This TV series based on the homonymous comic by Charles Forsman is also focused on the teenage world.

The protagonists are two seventeen-year-olds, James and Alyssa, who one day decide to escape from a life they consider suffocating, to try the experience of an adventure on the road.

In this series, we talk a lot about youth malaise, the desire for rebellion and the search for one’s own dimension. To do this, it focuses on a story with a bitter and, at times, very cynical aftertaste.

However, the strength of the protagonists and their insatiable desire for freedom will certainly have an effect on the spectators, especially if they are young.


Of a different genre, but always dedicated to the world of adolescence, it is this TV series that, every now and then, also allows itself some forays into horror.

The protagonist is Sabrina Spellman, a fifteen-year-old half human and half witch, committed to finding a balance between her daily life, made up of friendships and love, and the supernatural one.

Through the magnifying glass on the events of Sabrina, this series analyzes and addresses the anxieties characteristic of adolescence. However, we try to do it in an original way, often choosing the path of the grotesque and the excessive.


Also in this series the protagonist is a problematic teenager, that is Elodie, a shy and maladjusted girl who has just arrived in town from New Mexico.

Attending the new high school, Elodie befriends Moe and Tabitha, two other students with whom she discovers she shares kleptomania. Together, the three decide to attend a rehabilitation center, hoping to solve their common problem.

As can be seen from the plot, it is a fairly classic teen drama, based on these three girls who, despite the differences that distinguish them, manage to undertake a journey of friendship and solidarity together.


On the subject of adolescents, this cult series cannot be missing, one of the first to address the theme of growth and transition to adulthood.

Filmed in the late 90s, it is, still today, the manifesto of a generation, grown up in the company of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and the other friends of Capeside, struggling with school, family, heart and friendship problems.


Women also protagonists in this series, in which the story of nineteen-year-old Esty is told, a girl who wants to rebel against the ultra-Orthodox traditions imposed on her by her family. After a year of arranged marriage, the girl decides to flee to Berlin to rebuild her life.

The main feature of this series taken from Deborah Feldman’s autobiography is the frankness of the story, the blunt denunciation of the constraints to which women in many cultures of the world are subjected.

Despite being made up of only four episodes,Unorthodox manages to convey a clear and decisive message, especially through the strength of the protagonist.


Another famous female character is the protagonist of this series inspired by the novel and the subsequent cartoonAnna with red hair.

It is a real coming-of-age story that is told through the life of this little girl capable of looking at the world with visionary eyes and desperate for affection.

Delicate and very topical issues are dealt with such as integration and acceptance, but also the painful discovery of the differences between dreams and reality.

It is an ideal series for that slice of the female audience that is still looking for their own identity and role in the world.


The women are also the protagonists of this Spanish television series, in which the young and naive Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos), is pushed by his boss to make certain offenses. The consequence is that the woman ends up in prison, accused of various tax crimes.

The plot may hark back toOrange is the New Black, but unlike the latter which veers towards prison drama, this series focuses more on the thriller aspect of the story.

At the center of the events, in fact, there are the difficult interpersonal relationships between the inmates and the often raw and violent facts that arise from them.


At the heart of this TV series is a strong, independent woman, played by comedian Katherine Ryan.

The woman plays the role of herself and tells herself through a sort of reality show in which she would like to have a second child with her ex-boyfriend. The only problem is that it does not have positive feelings towards humans.

Among gag, fashion and hot topics, including the artificial insemination, this series entertains and amuses, but always with an eye to the difficulties that faced by single mothers.


Oscar winner Hilary Swank is the protagonist of this American series that tells the story of Commander Emma Green, an astronaut in charge of the first and very dangerous space mission to Mars.

However, the duration of the mission, about three years, causes a moment of confusion in the protagonist. The woman, in fact, is torn between leaving and making her dream come true, or staying with her husband Matt and her teenage daughter Alexis, in need of her presence.

The series presents itself as a science fiction drama, in which not only the extraordinary successes of human progress are celebrated, but the delicate issues of family relationships and the sacrifices that each of us face to find our own path are addressed.

The doubt that torments the protagonist becomes the symbol of a moving and epic story, in which making difficult choices can become the only way to achieve happiness.


A similar story is at the heart of this TV series conceived by Busisiwe Ntintili. The protagonist is the young and talented dancer Ntombi (Noxolo Dlamini), forced to give up her dreams to face family responsibilities.

Hers, however, is only a momentary renunciation, because when the opportunity arises to participate in an important dance competition, the girl will find the strength to go further.

Once again, we are dealing with a story of redemption and willpower, of sacrifices and battles, in which the protagonist’s dreams are put to the test, pushing her to give even more and overcome every obstacle.


Mother and daughter are the protagonists of this TV series which, in many ways, can recall the extraordinary success ofUna mamma per amica.

However, the goal of the creator Sarah Lampert seems to go further and, beyond the relationship between a young and charming mother and her teenage daughter, there is to deepen and discover what they both hide.

Dwelling a lot on the girl’s school life, the series touches on important and delicate themes such as bullying, racism and homosexuality, trying to describe them through the eyes of those who live these situations in daily life.


This time the protagonist is an eight-year-old girl who was orphaned after a car accident.

Her name is Elizabeth Harmon and after growing up in a Christian institution where it is normal to stuff the little guests with mood-regulating pills, she discovers her passion for the game of chess.

To teach him it is the custodian of the institute, still unaware that he is dealing with a talent of absolute genius.

Created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott, the series tells the extraordinary journey of the protagonist, through different phases of her complicated life: from unhappy childhood to sudden success, from alcohol abuse to addiction to psychotropic drugs.


In this new female series, the protagonists are Tully and Kate, two best friends. Their story is told from the first meeting up to the most recent years, analyzing all the moments in which their friendship was tested, but resisted.

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah and tells a poignant story of a friendship that manages to go beyond all obstacles, often walking a tightrope, but always solid and reassuring.


Space also for the detective story among the Netflix offer, with this series conceived by Steven Knight. At the center of the events, the story of a large family of gangsters, in which the figure of Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy , stands out.

Set in the 1920s, immediately after the end of the Great War, this series focuses precisely on the figure of this ambiguous gangster with a chiaroscuro character. He is an elusive man, but he possesses such charisma that any spectator will be bewitched by him.

Peaky Blindersis a perfect mix between a classic gangster story and a drama. It is not one of Netflix’s most successful series, but it has gathered few and tenacious followers and fans, probably attracted by the strong sense of belonging that characterizes the protagonist’s family.


If you love series that tell the universe behind the golden world of Hollywood, this could be for you.

It is a television miniseries conceived by the writers ofGlee, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan and is set in postwar Hollywood when the American film industry was once again flourishing.

At the center of the events, a group of young people trying to make their way into the complicated cinematic environment, among aspiring actors or directors.

In front of them they will find many obstacles, but above all they will have to contend with a system based too often on racist or sexist prejudices.


This series has caused a lot of discussion because it is dedicated to a controversial figure like that of Joe Exotic, the breeder and trader of big cats, owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

At the base of his economic empire, the exploitation and commodification of animals, as well as a somewhat questionable relationship with his employees.

The series has had a long gestation, about 5 years and has encountered several problems, precisely because it speaks of a delicate theme such as that of the defense of animals.

Through the contrasts between the protagonist and Carole Baskin, an activist for the defense of animals and owner of the Big Cat Rescue, the parable of a ruthless and singular character is told, soon ended up in the storm and jailed for several counts.


The character at the center of this series dedicated to the life of Sigmund Freud, played by Robert Finster, is quite different.

The events are set in Vienna at the end of the 19th century and narrate the private and professional path of the young scholar who, following an encounter with a medium, will find himself involved in unpredictable adventures and on the verge of the supernatural.

This series has the merit of giving a different interpretation of the figure of Freud, transforming him into an investigator of the occult, but often sins of excessive unreality and little likelihood.


Biographical inspiration also for this miniseries that tells the life of Sarah Breedlove, considered the pioneer of Afro hair care products.

Taken from the biographySelf-made: the life of Madam CJ Walker, it tells the battle of a woman who wants to impose herself in an era, that of the early twentieth century, in which gender equality is still a long way off.

CJ Walker is portrayed as a strong and determined woman, able to climb the steps of the society of that time and becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, always and only relying on her strengths.


On the subject of the supernatural, you can’t miss this fun and irreverent series starring him: the Devil.

Played by Tom Ellis, the demon decides to leave the underworld and move to Los Angeles. Here he opens an exclusive nightclub, but his life changes when he meets the detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and begins to help her in her work.

Looking atLucifer it will be difficult to get bored, both for the always compelling and intriguing plots, and, above all, for the irony that is often at the basis of the protagonists’ behaviors and the grotesque situations in which they find themselves.


For lovers of sport and, in particular, of American basketball, this docu-series represents the best in the Netflix catalog.

Created by Michael Tollin, it is based on images taken by a film crew of NBA Entertainment, during the last season played by Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, between 1997 and 1998.

Jordan’s fans will find the story pressing and compelling, with that touch of emotion for the conclusion of a historic career that has now gone down in history.

Thanks to the images captured live, you can relive the entire season, game after game, point by point.


If you loved the cult film OneFlew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you can’t miss this series that tells one of the “protagonists”.

The protagonist is, in fact, the nurse Mildred, whose life is told from her arrival in California, in 1947, until the beginning of her work in the psychiatric hospital.


This series also takes its cue from the cinema, because it is the spin-off / sequel of the famousKarate Kid saga.

Conceived by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the series is set 34 years after the story of the first film and stars Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) who return to being adversaries when the former reopens the Cobra karate dojo Kai.

Although many years later, the series relaunches the success of the saga, thanks, essentially, to two characters who have now entered the collective imagination.

The two, in fact, are capable of giving life to an exciting and never banal confrontation / clash, in an extreme act of love towards a cinema that no longer exists.

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