5 Best Voice Changing Applications | Suitable for Pranking Friends

The Best Voice Changing Application is suitable for those of you who might like to play pranks on your friends. Of course, with a funny or strange voice when you call or VoiceNote. For that, you need a cool voice changing application on your cellphone.

5 Best Voice Changing Applications, Suitable for Pranking Friends

5 Best Voice Changing Applications | Suitable for Pranking Friends

Not only for pranking your friends, the voice changing application can also be used for other positive activities. Like when you are playing a game and you want to use a female voice to gain popularity. Or, maybe when you are live streaming on your social media account you need good sound.

So, here are some recommendations for the best voice changing applications that you should have for those of you who really like changing your voice.

1. Voice Changer With Effects

The recommendation for a voice changing application is Voice Changer with Effects. Which is an application that can change your voice very easily by using this application.

You can make changes to your original voice into another, more unique voice such as the voice of Helium, robot l, monster, and many others.

This application is quite unique because this application can save recordings that you have changed to make your cellphone ringtones. That way, you can set a tone that might sound like a monster, robot, or something else.

The only drawback of this voice changing application is that it cannot be used in real-time on Android.

2. Voice Changer During Call Male To Female

The next recommendation for a voice changing application and one that will make you very satisfied when using this application is Voice Changer During Call Male to Female. Just so you know, this application can change the voice to male or female according to the options you want.

One of the weaknesses of this application is that the advertisements may appear quite often and be annoying when operating this application.

3. Gold Voice Changer & Voice Recorder

Apart from applications for changing photos into videos many people are also looking for voice changing applications. The third recommendation for a voice changing application is Gold Voice Changer & Voice Recorder.

By using this application you can change your voice by using audio effects which will make your voice really amazing. Then, after you modify how you want to sound, you can change it by using the tone effects according to what you want.

Of course, using this application the recording results can also be shared with your friends via your social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or Drive.

4. Girl Voice Changer

Not much different from the name, the fourth recommendation for this voice changing application is Girl Voice Changer. This application has the power to influence various types of female voices. In this application you can have fun by using it with your friends.

There are various kinds of funny sounds in this application. The performance process of this application is quite simple. You just have to record the sound. Next, this voice changing application will run automatically to change your voice to a female voice.

5. Voice Changer

For the final recommendation of the best voice changing application, you can try this Voice Changer application. This is the best language changing application that comes with a very simple appearance.

You don’t have to pay money to enjoy the amazing sound features, because this application is a free application to install on your Playstore.

Not only when you install, you can even use all the features in this application for free. Apart from that, you can make a recording with the best quality without any time limits. This is so that those of you who have a voice that is not very good can change it to be very melodious by using this best application.

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