Best 15 Websites to Watch Series Online

Websites to Watch Series Online: The series often stop being broadcast on TV. Fortunately, the Internet is there for us. Thanks to him, we can find hundreds of pages with all the series that we would like to see, totally free. Just one click to start watching the season and the chapter you want.

Websites to Watch Series Online
Websites to Watch Series Online

Some platforms even allow you to download the entire chapters and seasons without too many complications. Therefore, watching series online is always an option for every TV lover.

Best 15 Websites to Watch Series Online

Platforms to watch free series on the Internet, are from the beginning of the web pages. There are those who seek to see their favorite series with just one click at the time they want. Here you can find the best pages for it.


The first web page that we will show you corresponds to a site dedicated toonline series. And it is that the type of content it provides deals with series of all types and periods. So you will not have time to get bored, and the infinity of productions it has is impressive.

The incredible thing about this site is that you don’t need to take many steps to be able to access the series you want to see. In the same way, to locate it, the page offers some search filters as well as a very precise search engine. So you can easily access, select and watch your series.

  • It does not require prior registration, so you can watch your series directly.
  • It is a very dynamic page since it allows you to know whichseriesare the most viewed by users.
  • Advertising is very low.
  • It has a fast interface.
  • For those who love productions in their original language, we must tell you that the site offers few suchseries. And the majority are dubbed into Spanish or with Latin audio.

Site link:

Look at everything

This website, as its name implies, gives you the fabulous opportunity to watch all kinds ofseries. And it is that those provided by this platform are many. But without a doubt the best thing is that they are totally free.

On the other hand, theonline seriesoffered by this page can be searched very easily. This is due to the fact that the site offers a detailed classification service. Where they are organized by year of release, genre, image quality and if they are television or internet series.

It also provides detailed information about the content they have. So if you do not know any production and you are curious, you can read everything about it. And there, the cast, direction, IMDB score and a little plot synopsis stand out.

  • You can findseriesfrom different production companies and countries.
  • The page provides newly released or classic productions.
  • Theseriescan be seen in their original language, subtitled or in Spanish. So you have several options to enjoy them.
  • This site gives the possibility todownloadthe chapters. So you can see them from your computer or cell phone in case there is no internet.
  • As a drawback, we found that, on occasions, the service operates slowly. To this we can attribute the amount of content that the page has.

Site link:


The following site is undoubtedly one of the simplest but optimal platforms that you can get to watch a series online. And it is that this space allows you to see the most recent series at a high quality and for free. So you do not need a previous registration, but you really want to enjoy.

On this website, you will find all kinds of series. There are some categories dedicated to productions from platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and even YouTube.

So you have a wide range of options to see. You also have the opportunity to view them in their original language or with subtitles.

To access all of them is very simple. You only need to enter the series of your choice, and then select the server with which you want to reproduce it. Although, if there is any inconvenience you can resort to the information section, and there they will give you all the necessary details.

  • Provides easy access to variousTVseries and the web.
  • The content is updated on a regular basis.
  • The page has a very attractive design to the naked eye, and it is also very effective.
  • As you do not need a previous registration, you can enter all the series how and when you want.
  • A weak point that we have found is the use of ads when selecting the server to play.

Site link:


It is one of the most complete pages to watchseriesand movies on the web. In the case ofseries, this site offers the option of downloading various applications to watch the productions whenever you want. The best thing is that it will not affect the quality or functionality of the video.

The way this site operates is very simple. To start you have todownloadthe application that fits your device. After that, you can start selecting the type of series you want to watch. And, if you don’t have much time, the page gives you the option todownloadchapter by chapter.

In the same way, by working in this way, you will still be able to access the benefits of the series. As is the selection of the audio, the quality of the image and the type of language in the subtitles. So the only thing you will need for everything to run properly, will be a good internet connection.

  • It provides very complete functions in relation to the reproduction of the series.
  • It has very attractive titles from various parts of the world.
  • Downloadingthe application is totally free. Likewise, it does not require registration and you will be able to access all the content in Spanish.
  • The contents offered by the page range fromtelevisionseries, the internet and even tv shows.
  • It gives you the option to choose how you want to see your series.
  • As a disadvantage, we have that sometimes the site starts to operate slowly. And that happens more often if you have a lot of tabs open.

Site link:

W series

Another site towatch seriesof all kindsonlinethat has a fresh design is this. And it is that the page has only been on the net for a few years. So it has a striking style that is constantly evolving. What is reflected in its content, since it transmits current and quality series.

Upon entering we will be able to observe the categories into which the series are divided. Likewise, we will find those that are complete, that is, with all their seasons.

On the other hand, you have the option to enter your email. And thus receive messages with the regular updates of your favorite program.

  • It is a page with a basic style although it fulfills the required functions.
  • It gives you various search options. Which can be through the typical search engine, with a quick selection or through the search by letter.
  • You will find recentseries, some classic and others from the same year.
  • The site also has a section for movies.
  • Among its weaknesses we find annoying advertising.

Site link:

Full Mega Programs

This page is undoubtedly a very varied space. And it is that there you can find video games, recipes, movies and of course,series. In the latter there is a great variety of content and of the best quality. So it is a good option to watchseries online.

To enter the videos is very easy, plus the site will indicate it in detail. But, to get ahead of the process you will only need to select a server for the reproduction of the series. And from there wait for it to load and then enjoy it.

  • It is completely free. It also does not require registration with some type of payment.
  • Accessing the series does not take long. In addition, the process is very easy since it does not require any type of application.
  • There you can find modernseriesas well as some old ones.
  • The content can be found in Spanish.
  • Unfortunately the site covers too many ads that, at times, it becomes very annoying.

Site link:

As its name indicates, this page is completely dedicated to theseriesand their world. So you can find high-quality online series in image and audio. But above all a complete variety of them that can range from the most recent to some classic jewels.

As if that were not enough, this site gives you the opportunity to read reviews about various series. As well as opinions of the users about the productions that they transmit there as well as the evaluation of the page.

And as if that were not enough, it also provides you in a section with famous phrases or quotes from some classics to treasure.

  • His series are broadcast in high resolution.
  • You can comfortably navigate the page.
  • Its design is very easy to use, and it also has very interesting and dynamic sections.
  • It has a variety in content.
  • Its loading time is very fast so you won’t wait long to access the series.
  • As a disadvantage we have that, sometimes, when trying to reproduce the series, pop-up windows appear.

Site link:


If you want to see exclusive series, that are hard to get or just released, this is possibly your place. And it is that on this page you can find quality and variedonline series. Which can be noticed from the first moment on the main page.

In addition to the high resolution in which theseries are broadcast, they can be found in all languages. As well as subtitled and in Spanish. As if that were not enough, it has a precise search filter. So if you want to locate a series you can do it without problems using the categories or the search engine.

  • There is a wide variety ofseriesthat can hardly be located on another page.
  • All the content they offer is completely free.
  • The series usually upload them always by season.
  • This page also offers a large catalog of movies.
  • It has a very easy-to-use design, in addition to being visually striking.
  • It offers, unfortunately, a lot of publicity. That said, you have to be closing the different pages that appear.

Site link:

Despite what the name suggests, this site offers not only movies but alsoseriesof television and the web. So it is an extremely complete page that offers quality content. Which is very present in hisonline series.

These productions can also be divided into various categories. As in recently releasedseries, popular ones and some TV classics.

They also offer another type of program such as hit Korean dramas. And best of all, they can be enjoyed both in their original language and with Latin audio.

  • The loading speed is very impressive.
  • The player used for theseriesis very easy to use.
  • All series are in high definition, there is no exception.
  • You can walk comfortably through the different categories in which the site is divided.
  • The design of the page is very entertaining and allows you to better enjoy all its content.
  • Advertisements often appear on occasion.

Site link:


It is a highly dynamic and interactive website to watch series online. It offers the opportunity to link what you are seeing with your social networks.

But, if it were, it provides an internal chat from the same site to share opinions with other Internet users. And all while the series continues to reproduce.

That said, the series broadcast on this page are high resolution, both in image and video. Likewise, it is capable of playing the video in different languages ​​and some even with subtitles. So you choose how you want to access it.

On the other hand, to keep up to date with everything related to series to movies, you can add your email. That way, the most relevant news and the most recent releases can reach your inbox.

  • All the series it provides are of high quality.
  • It gives you the opportunity to exchange views with other people about what you are seeing.
  • It offers an extremely precise and detailed search.
  • Series and movies are updated regularly.
  • The design of the page is very attractive and novel. For example, it has a night mode option that puts the entire black screen on you except for your playback.
  • Sometimes the page is usually very slow.

Site link:


Who is not a lover ofanimated series? Those programs are capable of reliving beautiful childhood memories. However, it is difficult to see them again, since there are no spaces where they are emitted. Although, this is precisely the objective of this page. Since this place is dedicated to broadcasting great TV classics.

This site has a wide variety ofanimatedseries, as well as anime and children’s movies. And the best thing is that no matter what time they are, they are all reproduced with good quality. So they are worth watching and falling in love with childhood cartoons.

As for its design, we can highlight how organized it is. It shows us various categories to select the series we want to see. Like a space dedicated to the most outstandingseries. Also, this site provides a very precise search engine and instantly marks the video you want to play.

  • It features classics in animated series, as well as recent productions.
  • Each series is stored with a detailed technical sheet.
  • The page offers various servers to be able to enjoy the content.
  • Playing the series is not complicated and all thanks to the fact that the site teaches you how to use it.
  • Sometimes some servers do not work properly so we have to resort to others.

Site link:

Series 24

The following platform towatch seriesof all kindsonlinestands out for its design and quality. And it is that this site provides high resolution videos regardless of the language in which it broadcasts. Which can be the original, subtitled or with its Latin audio.

Also, this page uploads the chapters of the series continuously. There is also the case, mostly with those that are old, that the entire program is uploaded. And, if you don’t have time to watch a full chapter, you have the option todownloadboth the episode and the series.

  • It offers an impressive variety inseriesboth on television and on the Internet.
  • You can choose the type of language in which you want to watch the program.
  • It does not have unnecessary advertising.
  • Sometimes the player starts to work slowly, so it takes time for the series to load.

Site link:

HD Releases

With a very striking style, this page offers its users successful televisionseriesand some not very recognized. But, without a doubt, they are all capable of being reproduced in high quality.

To access the series you can search for one through various means. As is the case with the popular search engine, which only shows you the option you requested. And, you can also do it with some search filters. There, you can mark the genre and the date of creation of the program, for best results.

  • You can create a free account to improve the experience.
  • The player is very easy to use.
  • The design is very easy to use and in each place the same page tells you what to do.
  • Sometimes it throws pop-up windows.

Site link:

Payment pages, to watch series online

The series can be transmitted by official platforms during its broadcast. This gives some benefits, such as seeing it before anyone else since it is had from the day of its launch. However, these tend to have some costs that can be overwhelming.


It is undoubtedly one of the largest and most important web platforms to consume films, documentaries andseries. And it is that Netflix has almost worldwide coverage and millions of people are subscribed to its program. So the quality of its content is valid.

Focusing onseries, Netflix offers a varied catalog. And it is that this site grantsserieswith its own signature and style. Although, it also has series of all genres, countries, production companies and languages ​​in its service. So you have to choose from.

This platform also allows you todownloadepisodes or a whole season. But, you can only do it through the application. And as you watch them, they are eliminated to give entry to new chapters.

  • You can see series from all over the world.
  • You have the option to select the language you want.
  • Your player is very versatile.
  • As is well known, Netflix is ​​a subscription platform. That said, you must register and pay a certain amount per month to enjoy the service. Although, the company offers a free month before the first time you use it.

Go to Netflix

Recommended page to watch series online

Popcorn is one of the best options since it is complete in terms of TV series. Its platform is one of the freshest that we have reviewed and its advertising is not as frequent as on other pages.

Site link:

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