Watch Best Netflix Series And Movies This Weekend?

Netflix offers new series and movies every week. To help you choose what you will watch this first weekend of January 2020, we offer a small selection of the best new products of the moment. Let’s go !

Watch Best Netflix Series And Movies This Weekend?

The best Netflix series to watch this weekend

Spinning Out: season 1

Kat Baker, a high-level single skater is about to put her skates back on after a disastrous fall that left her out of the tracks. As Kat seizes an opportunity to pursue her skating career as a duo with a talented partner and bad boy, she risks revealing a well-kept secret that could shine the spotlight on her entire life.

On and off the ice, Kat and her new partner will face formidable obstacles, injuries to body and soul, financial sacrifices and even depression on the way to achieving their Olympic dream. .

Dracula: season 1

This is a new adaptation of the legend of Count Dracula. In this new Netlix series, new stories flesh out the bloody crimes of the vampire and highlight his vulnerability. Season 1 will be available on the platform on Saturday January 4, 2020.

Messiah: season 1

Available on Netflix since January 1, 2020, Messiah tells the story of a man who appears for the first time in the Middle East and claims to fulfill the biblical promise of the return of Christ. Its sudden appearance and its apparent miracles are attracting increasing international attention and are throwing the world geopolitical landscape into disarray. The CIA decides to tackle the problem head on.

You season 2

Joe, a not-so-ordinary New York bookseller falls madly in love with Beck, a young student. Quickly obsessed with the young woman who dreams of becoming a writer, he will lose the pedals. For love, man will commit the irreparable. After the events of the first season, Joe goes into exile in Los Angeles and is now called Will.

A figure from his past will torment him and warn his new sweetheart against his devouring love. Season 2 has been available since Thursday, December 26. One of the best series in the catalog.

The Crown – season 3

In this long-awaited third season, the historical series traces the 60s and 70s from the point of view of English royalty, notably marked by the death of statesman Winston Churchill.

In parallel, the Queen of England will have to accommodate the rise of a new Prime Minister. Very documented and relevant, the series offers a new look at the royal family and the history of the 20th century.

Love has Freckles

José Miguel, 13, does not care about the 1994 World Cup until he discovers that football is the only way to win the heart of the girl he likes. This Spanish film directed by Yibran Asuad with Loreto Peralta and Luis de La Rosa has been available on Netflix since January 3.

The App

Nick (Vincenzo Crea), a young actor, arrives in Rome to shoot his first film there. Despite his budding romantic relationship with a student called Eva, he will install a dating app. Very quickly, a tempting young woman will get in touch with him. Quickly obsessed with his interactions with her, he will lose the pedals and sink into madness.

The two popes

In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI, alias Joseph Ratzinger, became friends with Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the man who would become his successor. The pope summons the cardinal to the Vatican to lift the veil on one of the greatest secrets of the Catholic Church. Between the two men whom everything opposes, a bond will eventually be created.

Inspired by real events, the film by Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles brings Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce to the screen. With this dramatic comedy as original as it is intimate, Netflix hopes to win an Oscar.

6 Underground

A team of officially dead soldiers is recruited by a fanciful billionaire. Their objective ? To bring down a tyrant of “Turgistan” occupied in massacring all his population. Unsurprisingly, the mercenaries led by a humorous Ryan Reynolds will quickly show off the muscles. This adrenaline-filled and explosive feature film is by Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers saga. Unsurprisingly, the film will especially appeal to fans of brainless action, the specialty of Michael Bay.

Marriage Story

Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) are in the middle of a divorce. After years of crazy love, they can no longer reconcile the demands of their professional life with their family life.

As the two disoriented adults seek to settle their separation amicably, their respective lawyers will worsen the situation. This biographical feature film by Noah Baumbach paints a complex portrait of a couple who are tearing themselves apart. The end of the film, as bitter as it is depressing, is relentless realism.

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