Best WoW Addons for Shadowlands

The default World of Warcraft user interface (UI), while functional for sure, can feel clunky and unwieldy, especially at the higher levels of skilled play where having access to accurate information at a glance can be the difference between triumph and defeat.

Best WoW Addons for Shadowlands
Best WoW Addons for Shadowlands

Best WoW Addons for Shadowlands

Thankfully, there are a ton of third-party WoW addons available for customizing your WoW UI to suit your player needs.

But, with so many different addons, it then becomes a difficult task just knowing which addons are best suited for your particular needs, whether those be raiding or professions.

Each WoW addon highlighted here is certain to make your gaming experience in World of Warcraft that much more convenient.

Read on for the five best WoW Shadowlands addons, or follow the link for more tools to boost your WoW experience to the next level –

Weak Auras 2

Starting off strong with an all-time favorite among WoW players. Weak Auras 2 lets you display custom graphics on your UI to clearly display useful information like buff and debuff timers, as well as trackers for interrupts, dungeons, and raids.

You can create your own custom notification templates using the addon’s massive selection of pre-built notifications and trackers.

With this clever tool, you’ll be able to set notification parameters to give you a useful heads-up cue for when your spells are about to expire or come off of cooldown so that you can free up your concentration and focus on tactics instead of mechanics.


In an MMORPG as competitive as World of Warcraft, Details! gives you the tools you’ll need to optimize your character’s build.

Whether you’re concerned with doing damage or healing your teammates, this addon gives you the info you need to become the best of the best by offering and recording real-time statistics of your performance.

The addon then allows you to compare your damage or healing output against your group, based on what spells and abilities you’re using and how those affect your targets.

Details! is a top choice from among the myriad selection of damage and healing counters because of its flexibility, ease of installation, and the additional functionality it offers.

It breaks down the damage output of your pets and even other players so that you can quickly see why their numbers are the way they are.

Details! breaks these statistics down even further by allowing you to view data from an entire dungeon or raid, or even specific segments you and your team may be having difficulty with.


Going back to the most glaring issue of WoW’s poor UI layout, ElvUI offers the most elegant solution. This addon offers a carefully crafted UI overhaul complete with sleek redesigns of everything from maps to nameplates.

ElvUI completely overhauls the default WoW UI with a rigorously tested customizable interface, which has made it a popular go-to addon for many WoW players.

ElvUI offers UI improvements affecting spell bar positioning and character inventory and even expanded functionalities like selling all of your common grey items or making all of your repairs in one go.

The addon can even automatically configure your UI to optimal templates designed for your character’s role within the holy trinity —it’s even able to distinguish the nuance between whether you’re playing ranged or melee DPS.

One caveat, however, is that ElvUI can’t be added through addon managers like Curse or Twitch. You can manually install it for free, but if you want to automatically keep up-to-date with the latest version of this addon, you can avail of the addon developers’ paid client.

Deadly Boss Mod

For deadly serious raiders, there’s no better addon than DBM. Through prominent icons and on-screen text, DBM gives you visual indicators for timers and important effects during raids, dungeons, and special events.

This quality of life addon fast-tracks your mastery of raid boss mechanics by warning you of dangerous situations such as when raid bosses and mobs are about to use deadly spells so that you can either interrupt them or get out of the way.

All The Things

World of Warcraft is an expansive, utterly massive game with an almost endless list of quests to complete, items to collect, and achievements to attain.

All The Things lets you track absolutely everything you’ve yet to complete and displays them according to the relevant zone you’re currently in using an easy-to-read head-up display.

You can then mouse over the different icons to read additional info. Whether you’re a completionist or just want a fun way to track your progress, there is no better choice than this.

Bonus: Install an Addon Manager

Mentioned earlier was how it’s unfortunate how ElvUI doesn’t offer support for addon managers, but if you plan on using other addons, whether or not you plan on using ElvUI, an addon manager will simplify the process immensely.

It’s recommended that you use the Twitch desktop app, which works for both PC and macOS. Using an addon manager will help you find and install addons, as well as keep them up-to-date.

This is a bonus because it is by no means essential to using addons for WoW. WoW addons can be installed manually, but using an addon manager makes the process much easier and more reliable.

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