How To Add BigBoss Repo Source In Sileo (2024)

Add BigBoss Repo Source in Sileo: The BigBoos repo is one of the biggest and oldest repositories of jailbreak tweaks. Now you can add the source BigBoss the package manager Sileo.

How To Add BigBoss Repo Source in Sileo
How To Add BigBoss Repo Source in Sileo

With the addition of SHA256 support, the BigBoss repository has become compatible with the Sileo app for people who have used the Chimera jailbreak.

Until now, packages hosted on BigBoss were offered via repoproxy which provided a slow and complex experience for Sileo users.

This changes completely with official support as the changes will now be downloaded more quickly and the new changes will be available more quickly.

With the new BigBoss repository update, users who have made the iPhone or iPad jailbreak with Chimera will be able to add the BigBoss repo to native Sileo native application sources and download tweaks and hosted applications to its servers.

CoolStar , one of the main developers behind Chimera and Sileo, also confirmed BigBoss’s compatibility with Sileo and announced that BigBoss would be added to the default package manager in the next update.

How to add BigBoss Repo Source in Sileo

You can add the BigBoss repository in Sileo on an iPhone or iPad already jailbroken with Chimera by doing the following:

  • Start the Sileo application and go to the Sources tab.
  • Now press the ( + ) button at the top right of the screen.
  • In the menu, type or paste the address below and click on the ” Add a source ” button.

If you get a 404 error, just ignore it, it does not matter for the future.

Then Sileo will add the new source and press the Done button. Once the BigBoss repository is added to your sources and loaded, you will be able to access all the tweaks made on the repository in your list of adjustments and they will also appear in the search.

We hope that you have added BigBoss source in Sileo.

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