How to Block Ads on Android Phone Without Root

For android phone users, they are certainly often annoyed with the appearance of a number of advertisements in most applications installed on their devices. Here is how to block ads on android phone without root.

How To Block Ads On Android Phone Without Root
How To Block Ads On Android Phone Without Root

How To Block Ads On Android Phone Without Root

Therefore, on this occasion we have a recommendation for you about Android applications that can be used to block these advertisements so they don’t interfere anymore. What are you curious about? Let’s find out the answer below.

Block This

The first Android application to block ads is Block This. This application may still be relatively new for most people, the way it works is very similar to VPN setups such as those used like the AdGuard application.

This application makes use of a DNS blocker rather than using an ad filter tool. For developers, this Block This application is more power efficient than using ad blocking applications in general.


AdGuard is the next ad blocker application for smartphones that you can use. This application will run in the background and filter web traffic, and interestingly, the AdGuard application can be used without having to root later.

This Android application can also create tabs on all web traffic used, such as the Glasswire web security monitor application. Display interface that is arranged neatly, will make the workings of this AdGuard will be quite easy.


And the last ad blocker Android Application we recommend this time is AdAway. This application uses a modified host to send all ad requests to 12.0.01.

In other words, this application will expel the advertisements to a place so that it will not appear on the smartphone screen. This Android application also supports modified hosts, it can also be downloaded later the application base itself.

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