How To Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking

After the successful list of BCA internet banking, this time I will try to use it to buy electricity tokens online through BCA internet banking, even though the actual electricity pulses at home are still quite enough for 2 weeks but I want to know what the steps are, so I deliberately tried to buy with a small nominal that is 20 thousand.

Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking
Buy Electricity Tokens Online Through BCA Internet Banking

For the record, purchasing of tokens pln through BCA whether through BCA banking, ATM or internet banking will incur a bank admin fee of 2,500 so make sure your savings balance is sufficient. In addition to being able to make purchases or transfers, you must register for internet banking and have a key BCA first, if you don’t have one, please come to the nearest branch office.

Well for those who don’t know the steps to buy prepaid electricity tokens via Klik BCA individually or internet banking, please refer to the following guidelines.

How to buy electricity tokens online through BCA Internet Banking

  1. Openthe kikBCA Internet Banking page then enter user id and pin.
  2. Then selectthe Purchase menu.
  3. SelectPrepaid PLN.
  4. Then in the NO METER / IDPEL column enter the meter number or id of the PLN customer, if you don’t know, you can look at the electricity meter at home then look at the numbers with barcodes.
  5. Activate KeyBCA by pressing the red button then enter the PIN.
  6. Thenselect APPLI 2.
  7. Enter the 8 digit number that appears on the screen on the Klik BCA page into the key BCA tool.
  8. Then enter the number that appears on key BCA into the APPLI KEYBCA RESPONSE 2 column, then select the Continue button.
  9. Choose the nominal electric token, for example, 20,000 and so on then select the Send button.
  10. Activate key BCA again then select APPLI 1 by pressing number 1.
  11. Enter the number that appears on key BCA in the APPLI KEYBCA RESPONSE1 column, then select theSend button.
  12. If the purchase of electricity credit at Klik BCA is successful, a prepaid PLn purchase transaction notification page will appear that has finished processing and to see the token code, check on the STROOM / TOKEN section.
  13. After the token code appears, you should immediately record it, or if you do not have time to record it then want to see the code again, it can be done from theTransaction History menu and then select the transaction that you have done, and you will see the code again in the stroom/token section.

Actually, if you pay attention to how to buy electricity tokens online through BCA internet banking, this is almost the same step as when buying pulses at the different KlikBCA, just selecting the menu.

That’s a little guide based on personal experience when buying electricity pulses through an individual KlikBCA using a savings account in the Xpresi stages.

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