Learn These Carrom Trick Shots to Win the Carrom Board Game

Carrom is a board game that is played all over the world and is among the greatest old age activities that you may remember from your youth. We are aware that you would have your friends and relatives around and play with them earlier in the day.

Carrom Trick Shots to Win the Carrom Board Game
Carrom Trick Shots to Win the Carrom Board Game

Learn These Carrom Trick Shots to Win the Carrom Board Game

However, the game has now become available on a variety of online platforms, allowing you to interact with random people from all over the globe using your phone or computer at home.

This game has always been a hit in an Indian family, whether it is played by your grandparents, your parents, or future generations. At every family get-together or a small get-together, a game of carrom board was indeed a requirement.

However, because the epidemic had forced everyone inside their houses, it had become impossible to meet together and play the game on the board together.

Fortunately, numerous internet firms capitalized on this business concept and launched online carrom board games to keep families occupied while they were at home.

Side Shot

Using a side shot is among the most common trick shots for securing your game pieces. This easy strategy allows you to move your game pieces away from your opponent’s game pieces more quickly.

It is necessary to hit the striker in such a way that the game pieces are forced to move in the opposite direction to that in which it was struck, making it harder for your opponent to pocket a particular game piece.

In addition, if it is possible, you can place your gaming piece right into the pocket itself. In most cases, players choose this strategy in order to be on the safe side.

Second Hit

There are two methods for avoiding snags and obstacles. A second puck will be taken by one player, while the other player will receive a second hit.

In the event of an impediment, pocketing another puck will not always be a viable alternative. This is accomplished by using a puck that is obstructing the pocket of the carrom guy you were attempting to dunk in the first place.

This trick, however, is only effective if the blocking carrom man, as well as the intended puck, are both in the same direction of the pocket when the trick is performed.

You must also be extremely accurate with your aiming abilities in order for this method to function. This shot is among the most well-known carrom board fancy shots when you’re playing online.

Cut Shot

When your pieces are now in the center of the board, you can play the cut shot… As an example, if your striker is put on the left side, you would pull and unleash your striker towards the right side, as well as the piece would be pocketed within the right pocket as a result. An additional excellent online carrom board trick shot may be found in this video.

Thumb Hot

For beginners, we recognize that their fingertips may begin to suffer after a period of time. In this case, thumb hot is a method that allows you to flick that striker considerably more forcefully than usual.

The index finger, as well as the thumb, should be used to make a circle to create a thumpy heat. Flick your thumb very precisely toward the striker in order to deliver the stronger shot in this instance.

Live the old days with online carrom board games.

Board Shot

In professional carrom, board shot is among the most effective objectives to be used. When it comes to mastering this maneuver, extreme precision and accuracy are essential.

As a result, you should avoid playing the board shot unless you are very certain that it is the right move. Unless things go exactly as planned, you will wind up squandering your time.

To play this shot, you must strike your striker in just such a way that the striker strikes three separate sides of such a carrom board before returning to collect a puck in your side pocket.

This technique is perhaps the most effective one to use in doubles situations. So, when it’s your time, strike a carrom board piece in just such a manner that it makes things easier for the opponent to pocket the piece in question.

When it is your opponent’s chance to score, they will do it with ease since you made it much easier for them by making it easier for yourself. When playing a board game with a group of people, collaboration is essential to winning.

Double Shot

There are several shots that are frequent and well-known to everyone when playing board games, particularly online carrom. An example of one of these shots is the double shot, which is played whenever the piece is in the center or very close to the center.

The striker strikes the piece strongly, causing it to clash in the other direction, causing it to bounce and fall into the pocket at your side of the table.

Middle Shot

Since all of the carrom board men are positioned in the middle of the board, this one is referred to as a tough shot, and it is performed at this moment.

In order to strike two carrom men into the two pockets at the same time, you must hit them simultaneously. You can gain points for two carrom men at the very same time if you are successful in hitting both two carrom men in two pockets with this specific shot.

Pro tip –The Queen Should be the goal from the beginning

Finally, one of the most important and required carrom techniques to use in an attempt to score an online carrom game is to always defend the Queen.

In terms of winning the games, a player must pot one of their own coins into the pocket just before the Queen is struck by the jack of hearts.

In order to do this, you may either position your other access points on the board there in route of the Queen or block the opponent’s coins in order to ensure that they really do not strike the queen at any expense.


If you really want to relive those amazing carrom days and also win money, then you participate in different carrom board tournaments available on a number of websites, like GetMega. You will be able to compete against great players and also try these above-mentioned trick shots.

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