Casumo Review | The Japanese Favorite Online Casino

Casumo was founded in 2012 with the motto of “providing the most user-friendly service to players” and has been a favorite online casino, known as カスモ, for Japanese people for a long time. There’re also lots and lots of promotions and loyalty programs just for Casumo!

Casumo Review | The Japanese Favorite Online Casino
Casumo Review | The Japanese Favorite Online Casino

Casumo Review | The Japanese Favorite Online Casino

In this article, we will walk you through interesting points about Casumo (カスモ) that will make you understand why this online casino is famous in Japan. However, if you’re still want to know more about Casumo after reading this article, you can visit this page.

Welcome Bonus at Casumo Online Casino

Casumo has a very generous “Welcome Bonus” for you which is a 100% deposit bonus of up to $600 on your first deposit! And the wagering requirement for this bonus is a friendly 20x

When you make your second deposit at Casumo, you’ll get the bonus money plus 30 days of free spins on the most popular machines with no wagering requirements!

In order to get free spins, you need to deposit at least $50 for both the first and second time.

The expiration time of each free spin is from 16:00 to 22:00 Japan time on the day it is awarded.

The maximum winnings are $200 per installment (10 installments).

A number of daysModel
Day 1 – Day 3Processional Dream
Day 4 – Day 6Moon Princess
Day 7 – Day 9Money Train 2
Day 10 – Day 12Hawaiian dream
Day 13 – Day 15Golden Ticket 2
Day 16 – Day 18jamming jar
Day 19 – Day 21book of debt
Day 22 – Day 24Wolf Gold
Day 25 – Day 27John Hunter
Day 28 – Day 30Dream of Gold

Bonus Conditions at Casumo (カスモ)

Casumo’s bonus regime is ‘mixed (integrated)’! The bonus system is the best of both worlds: you can withdraw cash only at any time, even while the wagering requirements are being met. Bonus money will be discarded if you withdraw during the process.

To complicate matters a bit, the player’s bonus money is used in proportion to the real money.

Example: You have $100 in real money and $50 in bonus money in your account (2:1 ratio of real money to bonus money).

In the case of a $3 bet, $2 of real money and $1 of bonus money (2:1) will be used, and the winnings will be split in the same ratio ($2 real:$1 bonus if the winnings are $3).

Please read the Terms of Use on Casumo’s website for more details.

Casumo Adventure – Casumo’s loyalty program

Casumo Adventure
Casumo Adventure

The Casumo Adventure is Casumo’s loyalty program, where you can make deposits and play casino games to level up and receive treasures that will help you advance in the game (see below for the treasures you can receive).

  • Free spins with no wagering requirements on winnings
  • Deposit bonus to get a bonus on your next deposit
  • The bonus money you get when you log in

You can check the color of your belt on the level chart.

There are 8 planets to explore, each with 20 levels, and you can level up to get the treasures.

Casumo’s Original Bullet Tournament Jackpot System

A total of 42 tournaments are held in one day, “Bullet Tournaments”, 24/7.

The condition is to play the target slot game with other players in real-time, and the player who collects as many victory points as possible within a given time limit and a number of spins win!

It’s simple, if you win the top prize, you get a prize.

  • Two 25-minute bullet tournaments are held every hour.
  • One high-stakes tournament is held every hour for 50 minutes between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

The “Casumo Jackpot” is a game provided by Red Tiger, where only Casumo players have the chance to win the jackpot!

There are three types: “Daily,” “Must Drop,” and “Mega!

Let’s take this opportunity to get rich.

Casumo Exclusive Casino Games

Casumo has over 1,600 games to choose from, including slots, table games, and live casinos. It has agreements with well-known companies like Play n’ go and NetEnt, as well as some unique companies that you won’t find at other casinos.

Furthermore, many games are released first at Casumo, allowing you to play the most recent games before anybody else.

With a collaboration between “Evolution” and Casumo, they have a special table for blackjack and roulette!

In addition, you can play while chatting with the exclusive dealers in Casumo’s original uniforms, an experience that can only be had at Casumo.

Is Casumo Casino Reliable?

Is Casumo Casino Reliable
Is Casumo Casino Reliable

The Maltese government, Malta Gaming Authority, has granted Casumo a license to lawfully operate the casino. Moreover, Casumo was granted licenses from other countries below,

  • 2015 – Casumo was granted a license to operate in the United Kingdom by the UK Gambling Commission.
  • 2018 – Casumo was granted a license by the Swedish regulator, Spelinspektionen.
  • 2019 – The Danish gaming authorities also granted Casumo a 5-year license to operate in Denmark.

Thus, you can be sure that this online casino is legal and safe.

Furthermore, Casumo’s games have a random number generator (RNG) built-in, making it impossible to manipulate with them ensuring that you can enjoy gambling at Casumo without worrying.

Summary About Casumo Casino (カスモ)

Casumo (カスモ), the Japanese’s favorite online casino, was established with the goal of revolutionizing the casino industry and providing players with the most user-friendly service possible.

As the motto of the site is “The most user-friendly service for players,” the site is designed with the idea of how much it can give back to the players. It looks simple, but the FAQ and blog are very carefully designed, and the support was quick and friendly.

To put this philosophy into practice, Casumo offers a number of great services to its users, such as “Bullet Tournaments”, “Fast deposits and withdrawals with no fees”, and “Welcome Bonus”, which gives you a big bonus and free spins with no wagering requirements for 30 days.

Also, there are tournaments held every day, so you can do them in your free time. I hope you will all play and win.

To summarize, Casumo is an ideal online casino for those who are looking for a casino where they can play in peace without feeling short-changed in any way.

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