How to Change DM Themes on Instagram

How to Change DM Themes on IG –How to Change DM Themes on IG is an article that is currently being sought for for sure by those Instagram users, where now Instagram seems to get a breath of fresh air after the presence of ig filters and so on which makes Instagram users seem to be busy again with the viral ig filter, ig story and more.

How to Change DM Themes on Instagram
How to Change DM Themes on Instagram

The display of DM on Instagram would certainly be very good if we could change it to what we want because we know so far that the display on this Instagram DM is just plain as if there is no color of life which makes Instagram display when chat is not good enough to look at.

But lately for you Ig users, you have to be proud because Instagram itself adds a feature that can change the appearance of the Instagram DM.

There will be many theme choices that you can choose when you are bored with the previous theme, and the way to change the DM theme on Instagram is fairly easy and simple to do. Are you curious as to how? Check out the explanation as follows:

How to Change the DM Theme on IG

  • The first step you can do is make sure you are using the updated version of Instagram, and if not, you can go to Google Playstore and search for Instagram and update the version.
  • Get into instgaram
  • Click on the DM menu and you can select Update
  • Then you can try to chat with your friends
  • And click on the exclamation mark icon in the circle
  • Then choose a theme, and you can choose which theme you will use
  • Done

Advantages of Changing the DM Theme on IG

When you have tried the trick that we provide, which is changing the DM theme on Instagram, it will certainly feel a different nuance and certainly more alive, right?

And maybe out there are many Instagram users who don’t know this method even though it can be said that changing the theme on this ig is very easy and anyone can do it.

Note: if you have done the above method correctly, now you just have to leave the menu that you have selected and try to go back into the DM chat and see whether the theme has been installed or not.

The final word

That’s all the information we can convey about How to Change Themes on this Instagram DM, hopefully it’s useful and I’ll see you.

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