How To Change DNS On Smart TV

It is possible to change DNS on Smart TV easily so as to access all blocked sites. If you have a modern Smart TV able to connect to surf the internet thanks to the integrated browsers, install apps and access services, you will have agreed that some of these operations are blocked because websites are blocked or apps do not work.

How to Change DNS on Smart TV
How to Change DNS on Smart TV

To solve it, it will be necessary to change the DNS that will allow you to access websites and content blocked in our country. The DNS allows to resolve the name of a website, for example,, the address of the physical server, eg

If obviously, the DNS servers you have set up on your device have the resolution of these names blocked, the site or service will be blocked and inaccessible. However, if you change the DNS server addresses, you will gain access again.

In this article, we will see how to change DNS servers on Smart TVs and unfortunately not all models allow you to change them but only Samsung, LG or those with Tizen OS and some particular model. It is possible to change the DNS only on some models and we will tell you how and where to find the setting.

Change DNS on Smart TV

If you are unable to change the DNS on your smart TV and do not find any of the following settings, then change them on the router because the TV does not allow you to change it independently directly from the menu. Here are the steps explained to change DNS on Samsung smart TV with Tizen OS :

  • Access the Smart TV settings by clicking the Menu button on the remote control.
  • Navigate to the settings by looking for Network, Wi-Fi, Wireless, or the Internet.
  • Press OK to access the settings change, select the item to check the Network Status.
  • Go to IP Settings and then under DNS Settings or DNS Server.
  • If there are automatic ones, click on Edit and insert the manual ones like those of Google and or Cloudflare by inserting
  • Click OK to save the configuration.

How to change DNS: The useful guides

Before leaving our site, here are some practical guides on how to change DNS on different devices such as Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and also on Fire TV Stick and other devices.

If you cannot modify them on your device, our advice is to modify them directly on the router, so as to unblock access to all devices that access that router.

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