How to Change English Subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube Videos

The YouTube application is one of the most used and popular applications throughout the world. Maybe it’s not an exaggeration to say that YouTube is a collection of videos from various countries that contain a variety of information. Plus there is a way to easily change English subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube or even to other languages ​​according to the selected options.

How to Change English Subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube Videos

How to Change English Subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube Videos

So. Users don’t need to worry if there isa video clip of their favorite singer or other video in a different language. Unfortunately, some videos may not have automatic translation or the Indonesian language option may not be available.

Don’t worry, see the explanation of how to change subtitles from English to Indonesian on YouTube as follows:

1. Switch to Indonesian with the existing options

The easiest way to use subtitles is to change them according to the desired language. The steps involved are quite easy because users only have to visit or watch one of the videos they want.

Then click the three dots in the right corner of the video, select subtitles,scrolluntil you find Indonesian, you’re done, and users can enjoy it.

However, this method is used when the video you click has a subtitle option. In addition, some videos sometimes do not have translations in Indonesian and users have to look for them carefully.

Meanwhile, users don’t need to be confused because there are other ways to display subtitles even if they don’t have the desired language.

2. Using a laptop or computer

Using a laptop or computer to watch YouTube is no stranger. That way, there are slightly different steps when setting subtitles, starting with going to the desired video.

Then the user can click the toothed wheel symbol, subtitle if there is no desired language then select automatic translation, and select the desired language.

3. Utilize Chrome

Actually, it’s not much different from using a laptop or computer because Chrome can adjust todesktop mode. In short, this method is intended for users who are more comfortable usingsmartphones.

The method is very simple, users can enter YouTube via Google then set it todesktop modeand the next steps are similar when using a computer.

4. Using CC(Closed Captions)

The next way to change English subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube is to use CC. Every video on YouTube usually also has several symbols around the video, such as showing the time, CC, and so on.

Maybe some users are still unfamiliar with the existence of the CC symbol and its actual function. It turns out that this feature provides translation directly under the video and can be used with just one click.

5. Visit the Rules in the Video

This is related to the previous point which uses CC or clicks on the symbol that says CC, but is different from this point.

This method of changing English subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube is used if the CC symbol cannot be clicked. Users only have to visit the gear symbol which looks like a wheel then click subtitles or CC then select language.

Users need to know that this CC feature is a translation carried out automatically by Google. So, it is possible that the translation is not appropriate or the sentence structure is not good because it is only based on the sound produced by the video.

Another thing that can happen when using this feature is that the subtitles may appear slower than the sound. After knowing this, viewers and users of the YouTube application certainly know how to change subtitles.

Not only that, how to change English subtitles to Indonesian on YouTube can also be adjusted to the user’s needs and the options in the video. Now you don’t need to worry about watching films without understanding them because you can easily adjust the subtitles.

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