How To Change Subtitle Size On Netflix

Change Subtitle Size on Netflix: With a small setting in your account, you can change the size and formatting of your captions. Check out how to do it!

How to Change Subtitle Size on Netflix

Netflix is a video streaming service most used in the world, which has several films, series, and documentaries quality. In turn, when watching something subtitled there, you may have already had difficulty reading the content of a subtitle, due to its size or even because of the color of the font.

How to Change Subtitle Size on Netflix

Fortunately, to solve this problem, Netflix itself has an option in its settings for you to change the formatting of your subtitles. Next, here’s how to change the subtitle size and other details on Netflix.

The configuration shown in this tutorial is performed directly in your Netflix account settings without using third-party programs or extensions. In addition, the setting will change the subtitle format on all devices where Netflix is ​​used.

How to change the subtitle size and formatting on Netflix on your PC

The process for changing the format of a subtitle on Netflix is ​​very simple to perform, with each profile having its own configuration. Check how to change the size and formatting of a Netflix subtitle on your PC first:

1. Normally access the Netflix website and log in to your account;

2. Select a profile;

3. Now, hover over the avatar icon on your profile and go to “Account”;

4. Next to the profile you want to change, click on the “down arrow”;

5. Then, tap on “Change” next to “Subtitles display”;

6. Customize the caption according to your preference and click “Save”.

From that moment on, any Netflix subtitled content should already display subtitles according to the selected setting. If this does not happen automatically, you must close the Netflix app and reopen it for the settings to be applied.

How to change the subtitle size and formatting on Netflix on mobile

The same process done above with the help of a computer can also be performed on the cell phone, with only access to the configuration being performed differently. Look:

1. Open the Netflix application normally and enter a profile;

2. Tap “More” and go to “Account”;

3. Next to the desired profile, touch the “down arrow” and go to “Change” next to “Subtitles display”;

4. Make the desired changes and tap “Save”.

Ready! You now know how to change the size and other details of formatting your subtitles on Netflix. If you want to return to the original configuration, just use the option “Reset to default” in the caption options in your account.

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