How To Change The Spotify Playlist Cover

Change the Spotify Playlist Cover: On Spotify you can find songs from around the world and you can make it as a playlist. If you have already created a playlist, you can adjust the appearance of your playlist like changing the cover image to make it more interesting. Then how do I change the Spotify playlist cover? Let’s read more about the method below.

How to Change the Spotify Playlist Cover
How to Change the Spotify Playlist Cover

How to Change the Spotify Playlist Cover

Spotify is a music service application that provides various types of music that are quite popular at this time. There are already 200 million people who access Spotify every month.

Therefore they continue to strive to develop this application with useful features. One of the features that people are most interested in is sharing songs to instastory.

In addition, in Spotify there is also a playlist feature that works to unite several songs in one list. Spotify playlists are usually used by spotify users to collect their favorite songs.

You can share the Spotify playlist with the available links so that other users can listen to them too. In addition, the Spotify playlist can also be searched through a search by typing the name of the Spotify playlist.

You can manage your own Spotify playlist like renaming, adding songs, deleting songs, and changing spotify playlist cover images. By changing the cover of your Spotify playlist, the playlist certainly looks more attractive than the others.

How to change the Spotify playlist cover is also very easy. There are several ways to change the Spotify playlist cover that you can try. Because the Spotify application itself is already available on the Android, iOS and desktop HP applications, it is very natural that there are different ways.

Well, if you want to change your spotify playlist cover, but don’t know how to change the spotify playlist cover. Following below is a brief review of how to change the Spotify playlist cover image.

1. How to Change the Spotify Playlist Cover on a Laptop

How to replace the first Spotify playlist cover is for Spotify users on a Windows computer or application on MacOS. Here’s the complete guide:

  1. Open the Spotify application on your Windows PC / Mac.
  2. In thePlaylistsection on the left, click the playlist that you want to change cover.
  3. Left-click on the spotify playlist cover image.
  4. TheEdit Playlist Detailswindow will appear , left-clickthe three dot icon in the top right corner of the playlist cover.
  5. ClickChange picture, then find an image to cover your playlist.
  6. If you have selected an image for the cover, click theSavebutton .
  7. Your Spotify playlist cover image has successfully changed with the image you selected.

2. How to Change the Spotify Playlist Cover on the HP

The second way is for users to spotify on an Android or iPhone device. Make sure your Android has the Spotify application installed, or if it hasn’t been installed viaGoogle Play Storeand theApp Store.

But unfortunately the Spotify application for HP cannot select images from storage as a cover cover for Spotify playlists. But you can still manage the playlist cover using the song cover you want.

  1. Open the Spotify application on your android.
  2. Go to yourCollectionmenu , then select your spotify playlist.
  3. Tapthe three dot iconin the upper corner.
  4. Select theEdit Playlistoption .
  5. Slide the song you want to the top position by tap and holdthe three-line icon to theright of the song.
  6. ClickSAVEand you have successfully managed to cover your spotify playlist.

3. Through the Spotify Web Player

The last way to change the Spotify playlist cover is through the Spotify web player. However, if you use a web player, you cannot take pictures that you want in your storage, similar to the application on the HP.

You can’t even shift the song so that the top song cover position is used as a spotify playlist cover. You have to re-create your spotify playlist and then adjust the cover position of the song that gets the top position.

So the conclusion for how to change the Spotify playlist cover is better to use an application for Windows computers and applications for Mac. You can download the desktop version of theSpotifyapplication on the official website install it on your computer.

Thus the article on how to change the Spotify playlist cover using a computer, android phone, iPhone, and web player.

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