Check LED Strip With Alexa Or Google: The Best Solutions

Do you want to control an LED strip with Alexa or Googleand therefore make it smart? It is much easier than you think.

Check LED Strip with Alexa or Google: The Best Solutions
Check LED Strip with Alexa or Google: The Best Solutions

A simple smart controller is enough to be able to have control via App or voice of the device.

But which one to choose? What if we wanted to buy a complete ready-made kit instead?

Check LED strip with Alexa or Google: smart controller

The smart controller is the ideal choice for those who already own an LED strip and want to make it smart, but many solutions are available online which one is the best?

From personal experience and after trying many brands, my advice is to avoid MagicHome as it is the most widespread but also the one that creates the most problems.

In our tests all the controllers of that brand after a few days or weeks all gave the same error “The device stopped responding” and we had to disconnect and reconnect the power every time, so what is the best solution?

After several tests, the most responsive device was that of theJinvoo.Although the app is not translated very well, it proved to be the fastest in response times with Alexa (but it also works with Google Home) and above all easy to configure.

Jinvoo Configuration

After purchasing it, I will briefly explain the steps to make your LED strip smart.

  1. Connect the PINs of the strip to the controller and the controller to the power supply
  2. Download the app on your smartphone:Android app|IOS app
  3. Now open the app and create your profile, then clickthe + button(top right) ->All devices->Lighting devicesand configure the LED strip

At the end of the configuration you will have the home of the app with the recognition of the LED controller.

Add control to LEDs with Alexa or Google

As for the newly configured controller it is controllable by Alexa or Google, to do this you will need to add the skills you find here:

Once activated, open the app (Alexa or Google Home) and look for a new device, after a few seconds if the configuration has been successful you will have your LED strip finally smart and vocally controllable.

Check LED strip with Alexa or Google: best complete kits

If, on the other hand, you do not have an LED strip and you want to buy a complete kit with everything ready, then the best advice for quality / price goes to the Lumary LED strips.

After trying them and still having them, the Lumaries have always proved reactive and without any kind of problem (unlike MagicHome where the strips often did not respond or did so with delay).

The configuration is very simple and requires no special knowledge, just follow the instructions on the package.

It is important to have WiFi with 2.4ghz band for the configuration of these devices as they do not work on 5Ghz networks.

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