How are Canadians Choosing the Best Online Casinos in Canada?

While some provinces are starting to discuss opening to other companies and their online casinos, Canadians continue to select the best online casinos Canada that are offered by foreign companies.

In other words, those players are quite familiar with the fact that they have much more promotions and games on websites developed by top-notch casino companies.

Choosing the Best Online Casinos in Canada
Choosing the Best Online Casinos in Canada

But how are those players choosing those online casinos, and how are they safe about their choice since those companies do not have an office in Canada? That is what is about to be explained.

Choosing the Best Online Casinos in Canada

According to the Canadians who enjoy their free time playing online casino games offered by foreign companies, their experience is several times improved when compared to the limited websites provided by the local, provincial government. The way they choose the right casinos, however, differ according to their level of experience.

New casino players are still unaware of what an online casino must have – other than great games like slots, of course. Therefore, they usually resort to websites dedicated to evaluating the best online casinos in Canada.

On the other hand, players that acquired the necessary knowledge through bad experiences or reading a lot tend to search for the online casinos themselves via search engines or forums. Either way, the criteria used always include the following parameters:

  • Licensing and security – every online casino must be licensed at a valid jurisdiction that is responsible for regulating online gambling.
  • Games – both the quality and origin of the games should be evaluated to make sure their results are actually fair.
  • Payments – it is important that the casino of choice counts with deposit and withdrawal methods that are useful in Canada.
  • Experience – when the website or casino app is adapted to Canadian players, they do not have to pay exchange rates. Also, support in both English and French is a huge plus.

Why Choose Foreign Online Casinos Over the Local Ones?

While the advantages and perks of playing online casinos versus land-based casinos are clear, only those who experienced the different types of online casinos can tell the huge difference between them.

In general, the games on the province casinos are not bad, but they are not as near as numerous as those on other casinos.

Also, players can receive bonuses and free spins on almost every deposit, which is not offered by those owned by the government. Some of them give an extra 50%, while others can go as high as 300%, always with some wagering requirements, of course.

The huge number of players, thanks to the fact that those casinos are available worldwide, also allows tournaments and daily draws of incredible jackpot prizes.

Who Can Play on Those Online Casinos?

It is important to highlight that, even though people are not prosecuted for preferring foreign online casinos, the local gambling laws continue to apply.

Therefore, the gambling age varies according to the Canadian province where the player is, as well as any possible amendments that might occur regarding taxes or withdrawals from those websites.

The Takeaway

There is no secret in the fact that the “PlayNow” platforms fail to present Canadians what they are looking for in terms of online gambling. They are promoted by some provinces and still lack a lot of resources and games to actually compete with online casinos established overseas.

Meanwhile, people continue to register, deposit, play, and withdraw from their favorite websites, and they have dozens of examples out there to choose from.

That is most probably taking from Canada some relevant tax revenue, only out of inaptitude. While the country delays in adapting the law, Canadians will always have alternatives with thousands of different games

In order to choose them correctly, those players rely on specialized websites that rank the best options or use their criteria to find websites on their own. When choosing correctly, it seems that there is no way the experience could go wrong.

Description: Learn how Canadians are choosing the best online casinos in Canada and discovering that they can have access to thousands of games and incredible bonuses.

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