How to Clone Your Hard Drive / SSD in Windows

Cloning a hard diskis an action that is carried out when you want to copy the integrity of the contents of an original disk to a destination disk. This option is very useful when you need to transfer information to a higher capacity hard drive or when the hard drive we are using must be restored to a previous state.

How to Clone Your Hard Drive / SSD in Windows
How to Clone Your Hard Drive / SSD in Windows

How to Clone Your Hard Drive / SSD in Windows

In this way, all the data of the operating system, applications, partitions … will be transferred from one disk to another. Next you will see how to do the cloning process from one disk to another using different programs.

Step by step to clone one hard drive to another

Theimproved performance of the hard drive is one of the most common choices that cloning is performed. What is achieved is to significantly improve thestorage system of the equipment, which will affect its performance.

One of the most frequent changes that are made is the transition from aHDD hard driveto anSSD hard drive. This is due to the multiplequalities of SSD hard drives, which are much quieter, faster and have a lower consumption.

There are sometools specially designed to facilitate the task of cloning hard drives. Below you will see how to follow the step by step.

Checking the stored data

The previous step to cloning from one hard drive to another is to check all thecontent stored on thesourcehard drive. In that case, what you should do is access the hard drive and delete all those files that we do not need. In this way the process will be faster.

This pre-check also includes an analysis to make sure that the files to be transferred are not damaged and are also free from any type ofmalware infection.

Another step that must be done is to locate thoseobsolete filesortemporary files that have been generated by the operating system, and that are taking up space on the hard disk.

Make a backup

The next step in cloning a hard drive is to make a copy of the stored content. This copy should be made after checking and cleaning the existing files.

By making abackup, you avoid the loss of information that can be caused by anyfailure during the disk cloning process.

Tools to clone hard drive

Today there are many options available that make cloning a hard drive easier. The most reliable and effective options are the following:


Gparted is one of the simplest tools for cloning hard drives, which simply consists of copying and pasting partitions from the creation of a table on the new disk. Choose the partition you want to clone from the copy option and paste it.

Macrium Reflect (Windows)

Macrium Reflectis a free tool designed for users who do not have extensive computer knowledge. Thanks to this tool, the cloning process is easier.

Macrium Reflect, allows among its multiple options, to make backup copies. The interface is extremely simple and intuitive and, after detecting the available hard drives, it will automatically offer the option of cloning or making a disk image.

During the hard drive cloning process, a graphical wizard will appear at all times. In this way you can follow the step by step without complications. Ahard drive cloner available for Windows, which has become a favorite choice for inexperienced users.

Partition Assistant (Windows)

The Partition Assistant program is another option to easily clone a hard drive in Windows. In order to implement its function of cloning hard drives, you must follow the following step by step:

  • Once the program has been downloaded you must go to the column that appears on the right side and select the optionDisk copy> Quick disk copy> Next
  • Select the hard drive you want to copy and click Next
  • Next you must choose the hard drive in which you want to make the copy of the previous one. When you have located it, clickNext
  • In the next section, a warning will appear indicating that the data on the disk on which the copy is to be made will be deleted. You can also make the modifications you consider or make an exact copy by choosing theCopyoptionwithout resizing partitions. ClickNext> Finish
  • The last step is to apply the changes you have previously selected. Click on Apply to start the cloning

Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac)

In the event that you are using a Mac computer, the cloning process can be carried out with the help of theCarbon Copy Cloner program. It is not free software, but it has a one-month trial, so it is a good option if you want to give it a try.

Carbon Copy Clonerperformshard drive cloning on Mac, easily. It also offers numerous options. For example, you can schedule a backup to take place at a certain time, it makes a temporary save of the files you have deleted and it has even simplified the way you manage backups.

To start it up, you just have to connect the target hard drive, start the application and select the option ”Clone the entire drive of your computer to an external one”.

EaseUS Todo Backup (Windows)

If you use this program, you will see how easy it is to clone a hard drive in just a few steps. To do this you must follow this small tutorial:

  • Download the EaseUS Todo Backup program
  • Start the program and click onClone
  • Choose the source disk you want to clone
  • Then choose the destination disk. Click onAdvanced Options> Sector by sector clone
  • You can access the preview of the disk and finally select the optionProceedso that the cloning starts

Checking the stored data

  • Open the program on your computer and click on the optionClone> Clone disk
  • Click on the drive where you have installed the Windows 10 operating system and clickNextto select the source disk
  • To select the destination disk, click on the SSD drive andNext
  • A warning will appear stating that all the content on the destination SSD drive will be erased. Click Yes
  • You can then choose configuration options. It is very important to check theAlign partitionoptionto optimize SSDin order to improve the performance of the drive
  • Finally select the optionStart Clone

Now that you have selected the program you want to use to clone the hard drive, and you have done the previous steps, it is time to start the hard drive cloning process.

  • To get started, you have toconnect the target hard drive to the computer
  • Next, you must start the program you have chosen to perform the cloning. Restart the computer so that the application detects the new storage unit
  • Now it will be the program in question, the one that will mark the step by step to perform the cloning. You just have to follow the indications
  • If the cloning has been successful, you will have two hard drives that will contain exactly the same information. The last step will be to tell the computer which hard drive to choose when starting the boot. This process is done from thecomputer’s BIOS, accessing the disk management section

If thehard drive cloning processwas successful, the computer will start based on the new hard drive. You can see how the startup process is faster.

Also the performance of the hard drive is remarkable. A simple and very useful process to improve the equipment of your computer.

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