Codes To Find Out Who Spies On Your Phone And Disable It.

If on your mobile phone you have noticed something strange or you feel spied on we will give you codes to be typed on the keyboard of your smartphone, you will know who is spying on you and possible deactivation.

Codes to Find Out Who Spies on Your Phone And disable it.
Codes to Find Out Who Spies on Your Phone And disable it.

Codes to Find Out Who Spies on Your Phone And disable it.

* # 21 #: this code allows us if someone has activated call forwarding to another number without us realizing it.

* # 62 #: it is used to find out the cell number of those who spy on you and maybe you can also report it.

* # 06 #: the last code is used to deactivate any diversions if you have found them, you will deactivate the call diversion of the number to which your calls are addressed.

Obviously you have to type them on the keyboard of your smartphone and press the green button of the call.

Surely these codes will help you to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife, husband ect… spy on you, but it may also be that some hacker entered your smartphone to steal your information, from the playstoreor from an unprotected site, someone can interact with your smartphone.

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