Combine Multiple Videos Into Single Video File

One of the basic tasks in video editing is to merge videos. The five-minute videos that you often watch on YouTube are not filmed all at once, they are small pieces of video clips that they assemble into one to have the final video.

Combine multiple Videos into Single Video File
Combine multiple Videos into Single Video File

As you read in the title, today I will show you one of the necessary functions of video editing, I will show youhow to merge two or more videos into one videoquickly and for free.

To perform this task, you don’t have to buy pro video fusion or video editing software likeAdobe Première ProorFinalCut, there are small free software to assemble videos quickly: VideoProc,ShotCut,VSDC Free Video Editor,VLC Media Player, etc.

The 2 best ways to combine multiple videos together

In this tutorial, we will not go through all the software to merge videos, we will illustrate the tutorial withVideoProc, but also how to combine videos without software using an online web tool.

How to Merge Multiple Videos with VideoProc Without Recoding

Merging videos using VideoProc is done in 4 steps, but before that let’s first see the features of VideoProc:

  • VideoProc can merge as many videos as possible without re-encoding,
  • It also allows you to delete some unwanted video,
  • It supports all popular formats: MP4, MKV, HEVC, MPG, AVI, etc.
  • VideoProc allows you to edit GoPro videos ,
  • It also allows you to download videos or even a whole YouTube playlist .
  • Etc.

Step 0 :Download and Install the latest version of VideoProcif you don’t already have it on your PC or Mac, it’s free software.

Step 1: Open VideoProc, click on the video to enter Video Processing mode. Click the + button to add the videos you want to merge.

Step 2: Choose a target format or output format (MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBM, WMV, MOV, Mp3, etc.)

Step 3: Check the “Merge” box.

Step 4: Press the RUN button to start assembling the videos.

Video tutorial

How to Merge Multiple Videos Online for Free

There are several online videomergers, howevermergevideo.onlineis one of the best. Just go to the site, upload the videos, merge them and download the video montage.


This was a short tutorial for beginners in video editing on how to assemble multiple video files into a single video using VideoProc or without software using an online video merger.

If you have any questions about this or complications in applying the steps in the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

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