What Are Some Common Macbook Performance Problems?

Buying a new Macbook means that you should be set with a good computer for a long time. However, after a while, you may encounter certain issues. Despite their reliability, even Macs are prone to potential performance issues.

What Are Some Common Macbook Performance Problems
What Are Some Common Macbook Performance Problems

What Are Some Common Macbook Performance Problems?

This article covers the most common Macbook problems and ways to deal with them. Knowing how to deal with them in advance will give you an advantage as you can get to fixing them right away. Or maybe you are already having some problems? Either way, the information in this article should come in handy.

Problem #1 – Unresponsive Wireless Connection

If you do not have an ethernet cable, you have to rely on a wireless connection. Some ISPs are notorious for their mediocre services, and connecting to Wi-Fi is not helping either.

There are a few things to try when you do not have a proper internet connection. Start by restarting the Macbook. If the problem persists, disconnect, and reconnect to the network.

Calling your ISP and asking them for support is also worth a shout. However, if the situation seems good from their end, you will need to continue looking for the cause yourself.

It may be the third-party peripherals that are the primary reason. As silly as it may sound to some, this link between devices like microwave ovens, wireless printers, or smartphones and a poor internet connection exists.

Try using the Macbook away from the potential interferences. Or, if you can, take your modem to another location where you should not have problems.

Problem #2 – Loud Fan Noise and Overheating

The first thing to do when dealing with loud fan noise and overheating should be clear. You have to remove the filth that accumulates inside the Macbook, and you should do it regularly.

Those who are reluctant to do the work themselves should pay money to someone who can. A local computer service store is one of the best options.

Besides removing the filth inside the Macbook, you can also invest in a cooling pad. The accessory is quite cheap, and it can do wonders for the laptop’s well-being, particularly if you are stuck in a poorly ventilated room.

Problem #3 – FPS Drops and Stuttering in Video Games

FPS Drops and Stuttering in Video Games
FPS Drops and Stuttering in Video Games

Macbooks are not necessarily the best when it comes to playing video games. Most people will tell you to get a console or a personal computer.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of games you can play on a Mac, but if you encounter FPS drops and stuttering, your experience will not be pleasant.

Lowering in-game settings might help, but you will need to find other solutions if the problem lies in the computer itself. Adding new hardware, like extra RAM or a solid-state drive, is one of the options. Also, make sure that you have installed the latest OS updates.

Problem #4 – Spinning Beach Ball

A spinning beach ball is not a problem if it disappears quickly. However, if you have to deal with a persistent beach ball, do not wait until it becomes even more of a nuisance.

The problem occurs when the computer cannot keep up with your requests. For instance, you are trying to launch an application while the rest of the processes still need time to close.

For the most part, restarting the computer helps, even if it is a temporary solution. If the spinning beach ball persists and grows as an issue over time, you will need to take other measures, such as freeing up drive space, scanning the system for potential malware, and even reinstalling the OS.

Problem #5 – Flickering Screen

Flickering Screen
Flickering Screen

A flickering screen is not that common, but it can get pretty annoying. The usual reason behind the problem is the incompatibility between the operating system and the graphics processing unit.

If the Macbook’s screen started to flicker after you updated the OS, switching back to the previous operating system version is the thing to do. You may need to take some time before Apple releases a hotfix.

Problem #6 – Slow Internet Browser

A lackluster internet browser performance may result from too many extensions and add-ons, not the computer itself.

Do not go overboard with browser extensions. Otherwise, you will run into performance issues. Also, as a rule of thumb, you should limit the number of browser tabs and clear the browser cache regularly.

Problem #7 – Lack of Drive Space

Lack of Drive Space
Lack of Drive Space

Running out of Macbook’s drive space will spell trouble. You do not want to end up with a few free gigabytes left.

Coming up with ways to free up the drive space should not be that difficult since there are multiple methods for that.

You could transfer data to external hard drives, memory sticks, and cloud services. Deleting unnecessary junk like old apps and downloads would help as well. Finally, instead of keeping large media files on the computer, why not consume media on streaming sites?

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