How To Configure Alex And Amazon Echo To Buy Online

Using a smart speaker when shopping can be a good or bad idea depending on how you look at it, but if you consider certain aspects, the truth is that it can provide some benefits that you also want to learn about.

How to Configure Alex and Amazon Echo to Buy Online
How to Configure Alex and Amazon Echo to Buy Online

Configure Alex and Amazon Echo to Buy Online

So let’s look athow to configure a speaker with Alex for online shoppingand what you need to know to protect yourself from unauthorized purchases.

How to shop at Alex and your Amazon Echo

Setting up Amazon Echo to be able to shopusing Alexa is very easy. In addition, you can do this not only with Amazon speakers, but also with any device that integrates the company’s voice assistant.

This means that with other speakers like Sonos, and even compatible headphones connected to your smartphone and the Alexa app installed, you can. Although we will focus on the company’s speakers for a simple question: they are the most popular among Alexa users.

To shop using Alexa voice commands, you must first register with Amazon Prime. This already allows you to use the voice assistant to make a purchase with just a query. Something as simple as saying, “Alex, buy toilet paper.”

When you do, Alexa will describe the products that belong to the first results and ask you if you want to buy it. If you say yes, the order will be placed and if not, it will move to the next option. Of course, you can also purchase things that you have in your cart and that you could add through the app or through the web.

You must note that once the purchase is confirmed, you will not be able to cancel. At least you’re not using a speaker. You would need to complete an application or website before submitting your order. Anyway, take it easy.

Just saying to your spokesman, “Alex, buy 20 bottles of Coca Cola,” won’t receive an order like this. You must first go to Alexa settings and configure your voice purchase, except that you have a valid form of payment and one-click address.

So let’s go in parts and configure the voice purchase as follows:

  • Open the Alexa application
  • Enter the configuration menu
  • Now select Account Settings
  • Shop by voice
  • There you can enable or disable it depending on what you want

Now everything is ready if the 1-Click data is correct. And with Alex, it can be interesting to add the things you need with voice commands. For example, when you cook. And if you already have it, confirm the purchase by simply placing an order.

How to protect your purchases with Alex

Buying with Alex is great, although we won’t deny that it initially creates some uncertainty. Could someone make a purchase without my consent just by asking Alex?

The answer is yes, but there is avoice code for purchasesto solve this problem . In other words, a four-digit PIN to ensure that you are the only one who makes the purchase.

To configure this code by voice, you must repeat the previous steps until you have configured Buy by Voice. These are the steps:

  • Open the Alexa application
  • Enter the settings
  • Then to Account Settings
  • Shop by voice
  • And there thevoice code is activated

Once the PIN is set, you can leave this feature active when you want to use it, because no one can do it without knowing it. But be careful not to shout when you use it to see if it will eventually find out who shouldn’t, because you said it yourself.

As a last resort, don’t use a PIN that you already use on another service or on your own credit or debit cards from your bank.

And don’t forget that if you want to use web browser access for activation and configuration instead of Alexa for your mobile device, just go

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