How To Increase Alexa Rank In 2023

Increase Alexa Rank: As everyone knows, Alexa is one of the best analytics websites on the internet today. Due to the popularity of Alexa, your blog / website is judged by many people and also by the advertiser by your Alexa Rank.

How to Increase Alexa Rank in 2020
How to Increase Alexa Rank in 2020

Therefore, it becomes necessary for your website to have a better Alexa rank. Therefore, if you are to follow my path, you will surely get the best results.

What is the Alexa ranking?

Alexa is a company that provides the information of a website and also information about the data traffic on the website. The alexa provides the information regarding the total page view, today’s page view, the number of unique visitors, the site link, the traffic sources, etc.

The Alexa ranking is based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa widget / toolbar installed or you have to install the Alexa widget on your site.

How to Increase Alexa Rank in 2023

# 1 Install the Alexa toolbar

First of all, you need to download and install the Alexa toolbar in your browser and also ask your visitors to install the Alexa toolbar.Download the Alexa toolbar.

# 2 Claim your website or blog

After installing the toolbar then you have to claim your website on Alexa.comthis will allow you to provide all the information on your website and also helps you increase the ranking. Calming down your site also allows you to review your site.

# 3 Add the Alexa Widget to your website

Add the Alexa Widget to your website
Add the Alexa Widget to your website

Another important thing is that you add the Alexa widget on your blog or website. As I said, Alexa will count traffic only from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

You can’t ask your visitors to install the toolbar, so it’s a shame to add the alexa widget to your blog or website.

# 4 Writing Quality Content

Many people look for how to increase the range of the fins. Well, the short answer is writing quality content.

This is the most important factor because quality content provides you with more visitors and makes them share your site, which makes more links to your site and will definitely help you to increase the Alexa ranking.

Writing quality content will help you not only increase your Alexa ranking but also make your site popular, which is very important.

# 5 Provide fresh content

Always provide fresh content to your website and update it regularly so that the visitor comes again and again. Remember one thing that you never copy any content / postcard from any website.

If you do, you will not only lose your visitors, but you will also lose your website. Therefore, never copy a blog / website.

More post = More search visibility = More traffic = Alexa Rank

# 6 Check your site

Reviewing your site will also help you increase alexa rank faster. When you log in to your alexa account, you will see the Review option. Also ask others to review your site.

# 7 Increase your social reach

Well, this factor also matters a lot to increase the Alexa ranking faster. You should have your site linked to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also to other social networks. It also makes a fan page for your blog / site.

Increasing social reach will help build links and make your site popular. Facebook plays a vital role in increasing the rank of our website.

Because most of the traffic to our blog is from facebook. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the social reach of your blog / site.

# 8 Build Backlink

Put more backlinks to blogs / sites and also comment your blog on other popular blogs. This will help you increase the number of links to your site.

By doing these things your alexa rank increases faster because most bloggers have installed the alexa widget on your blog and you will get more alexa traffic.

# 9 Write a post about Alexa

Another thing is to get more Alexa traffic is to write a post about Alexa. When writing a post about alexa, visitors will have the alexa toolbar installed or the alexa widget installed on their blog. Therefore, you will definitely get advantages from this thing.

# 10 Increase organic traffic

As you already know, traffic is very important to make your site popular and also to increase alexa’s ranking. Therefore, you also need to increase your blog / website traffic.

To increase traffic you need to maintain the SEO of your website / blog for this read my full tutorial on the best SEO tips for beginners. Also include a guest post on your site.

So, that’s all about how to increase Alexa rank in 2019. If you follow all the points mentioned above, then you will definitely get a good random rank in no time. I hope this has helped you a lot. If you need any kind of help, just comment below.

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