How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable

Android Auto is an excellent driving assistant designed to perform certain operations for the user while driving: it reads incoming SMS, writes and sends messages by dictation, finds points of interest and runs various entertainment applications, such as Spotify and YouTube Music; all with simple voice commands.

How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable
How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable

How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable

It is also very convenient for you. However, that bulky USB cable always around the gear stick, or wrapped in some compartment on the dash, is really “unpleasant”; Also because many times you forget it at home and that is why you can no longer use Android Auto.

I understand, therefore, why you have been looking for a guide to understand how to connect an android car without cable, and I am pleased to announce that you have found it: in today’s article, in fact, I will explain how to know if your smartphone and your car supports Android Auto wirelessly, and if so, how to use this feature to use the Wireless Driving Assistant. I assure you that it really is very simple. Happy reading and good luck in everything!

Minimum requirements

To use wireless Android Auto, you need gods basic minimum requirements without which you cannot interact with Google’s “wireless” home driving assistant.

First, you need to check if your car’s infotainment system is among those compatible with Android Auto: on the official Android Auto website you will find the complete and always up-to-date list of all compatible car models.

If your car does not have an infotainment system signed by the manufacturer’s brand and instead has a third-party stereo system, find out if the latter is compatible with the Android Auto wireless application through the list on the same web page, going to the lower section called Stereo. Models that support wireless mode are marked with an asterisk.

The next step is to check if the Optional packages of your car package also include wireless Android Auto, often it is also offered in base models for cars produced from July 2020.

If you cannot find this specification in your purchase documents, you can make a quick phone call to the auto concessionario to have a sure answer. In most cases, the wireless package can be unlocked through a software update (paid) of the vehicle’s infotainment system. To find out if it is feasible and how much the upgrade in question might cost, I suggest you contact the car dealer where you purchased the car.

  • Finally, you need to check if your smartphone supports wireless Android Auto. Also in this case the compatibility margin is a bit narrow but it is bound to expand a lot over time. With that said, Android Auto’s wireless mode is currently supported by the following devices. All smartphones with Android 11 and later with 5 GHz Wi-Fi support
  • Google Pixel smartphones that have received the Android 10 update announcement
  • Samsung smartphones that have received the Android 10 update announcement
  • Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 upgraded to Android 9

These are the devices you can officially run Android Auto wirelessly with. If your device is not included in this list but benefits from Android 5.0 or later, you can use Android Auto with a USB cable

(I spoke to you this way in another guide. Alternatively, know that there is an alternate method by which this is possible to force

Android Auto wireless mode activation, very common on the web but I don’t feel like I can recommend as it doesn’t always end successfully. In fact, it is a feature for developers and is not supported by all Android smartphones on the market.

The best suggestion I can give you in case your device is not among the compatible ones is therefore to wait patiently for the right opportunity to buy a new smartphone with Android 11 or the next version.

How to connect Android Auto without cable

After checking if your car and smartphone have the minimum requirements to run Android Auto wirelessly, let’s effectively see how to connect android auto without cable.

First, you need to install or update the application. Android Auto present on the smartphone. Then take your device and launch the Play Store.

Then type “Android Auto” in the search field located at the top and touch the Search item, to locate Android Auto in the search results (you can also visit the Play Store page dedicated to the application by pressing directly here) and proceed with its installation or update by pressing the corresponding button Install update.

At this point, get on the machine and turn on the infotainment system or third-party stereo system you are using. If necessary, start the vehicle’s engine by pulling the lever on the handbrake and placing the gear lever in the idle or PAG position.

In case your vehicle has an automatic gearbox. We are almost there! Now start Android Auto on your device (the icon with the blue A) and press the Continue like this button several times, to allow Android Auto to access your position data, using other applications and to execute and manage the phone calls.

Once all permissions have been granted to Android Auto, slide your finger on the smartphone screen from top to bottom to access the notification menu and activate the Bluetooth connections my Wifi, if necessary.

Now, from the infotainment system in your car, touch the app called car-connect, connection application the Android Auto (some vehicles have specific application in the main menu or submenu called APPS ).

After tapping the Android Auto icon, the system will automatically do an Investigation Compatible devices and it will find your smartphone, which will be identified on the screen. Then tap on your smartphone’s name on the list to start pairing.

On the screen of the car radio you will see a numerical confirmation code that will also be proposed on your smartphone: If they match, touch the Confirmation item on your smartphone to complete the pairing.

You will then see the Android Auto dashboard on the infotainment system screen or on the car radio, which can be conveniently accessed by keeping the phone in your pocket or in a dash compartment, wirelessly and without distraction.

How Android Auto works without cable

After setting up your smartphone and car with Android Auto wirelessly, there is only one last thing to know, namely: how Android Auto works without cable

In this chapter, I will show you, therefore, how to interact with Android Auto safely and comfortably while driving. The principle is really simple: when you get in the car and launch Android Auto, you can interact with the assistant at any time by saying the simple wake-up phrase “Okay Google” followed by a specific command, or by holding down the voice command key on the steering wheel for a few seconds, until you hear an audible response (similar to a “blink”).

While szaying a voice command, you will see a horizontal bar appear on the screen with colored vertical lines that will move similarly to waves of a speech synthesizer.

But don’t get distracted by this, it’s just one more visual feedback indicating that the voice assistant adapts to you listening.

So after hearing the “blink” from Google, you can issue a command, for example: “Ok Google, take me to Via Dante in Pordenone”. At this point, you will hear the driving assistant.

If you do not know a specific address, you can use the common name of a point of interest, for example: “Ok Google, take me to the nearest gas station” or “Ok Google, take me to the nearest restaurant”.

When a WhatsApp message arrives, you can read it to the driving assistant by tapping the notification balloon on the screen. After listening to the received message, you can reply by saying “Ok Google, reply”, the wizard will ask you “What is the message?”

Then you can dictate your reply message: try to spell the words well and not speak too fast. When the dictation is finished, the assistant will say [messaggio] “Ok, this is your message: do you want to send it or modify it?” : At that point you can say “Send”, “Edit” the “Cancel”.

Depending on what you want to do. If you want to listen to your favorite music while driving, you can specify the name of the song and the application with which you want to listen to it.

To give a specific example, you can ask the guide assistant to play the simple song (from The Shins) in the app. Spotify. To do this, just say: “Ok Google, play Simple Song on Spotify” or “Ok Google, play Simple Song on TuneIn. ” More simply, you can say, “Ok Google, play music”

And the driving assistant will play the last song or web radio listened to. If you need to make an urgent phone call, it is very dangerous to manually search for the contact in question, that’s why you only need to say: [nome contatto] “Ok Google, call ” or if you know the phone number by heart you can say: phone] “Ok Google, call “.

For this feature to be effective while driving, I suggest you name the contacts in your address book correctly and uniquely without using special symbols or nicknames, as the driving assistant may not interpret them correctly.

Unfortunately, not all apps on the Google Play Store are compatible with the Driving Assistant, and in this case, you won’t see them appear in the Android Auto dashboard.

However, there are many applications with which you can easily interact through the driving assistant and to give you a clearer idea and choose the most interesting for you, I leave you the web address of the official Google Play Store page dedicated to all the Applications. compatible with Android Auto system.

Android Auto Wireless Adapter

Since the launch of Wireless Android Auto began in mid-2020, not all previous car models have been able to get a software update for Wireless Android Auto.

However, many USB dongle manufacturers have thought of creating special gadgets for obsolete car models or not compatible with the wireless mode of the aforementioned application. Let’s talk about the so-called Android Auto Wireless Adapter

These USB adapters get between the USB inputs of the car and your smartphone, but unfortunately, the names of these products are almost always incorrect and therefore misleading because they do not reflect the actual functionality of the device.

Those few models that you will find on the market today allow you to useApple CarPlaywirelessly and Android Auto through an auxiliary USB input.

However, USB devices are being developed for this purpose. As there is often confusion between the product title and the actual functionality, the best suggestion I can give you is that you carefully read the specifications of the products that appear as wireless adapters for Android Auto

and consult the reviews in online stores like Amazon, to know if they really act as wireless intermediaries also for Android Auto and not only for Apple CarPlay.

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