How To Connect The AirPods To The PlayStation 4

One of Apple’s accessories, the AirPods, which arrived at a difficult time for iPhone users, in which they saw how the Jack connector disappeared, have become a success for the company, which already plans to launch a new version.

How to Connect the AirPods to the PlayStation 4
How to Connect the AirPods to the PlayStation 4

Although few expected such a thing, especially for the price of these, it is impossible to deny that they have managed to start a trend towards this type of headphones. But, making the most of it?

For many, the AirPods are simply headphones designed solely for use with Apple devices, but the truth is that they are not too far from normal Bluetooth headphones. In fact, itis possible to connect them to any device, including the PS4, which is capable of connecting to other accessories wirelessly.

How to connect the AirPods to the PlayStation 4

To be able to connect your AirPods to the PS4, you will first have to check thatthey are not connected to any other device, since it will prevent the connection when trying it on the console. Once you have checked it, you simply have to follow the following steps:

    1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 and go toSettings>Devices>Bluetooth devices.
    2. Put your AirPods in its charging case and close it.
    3. Open the lid of the charging case.
    4. With the AirPods in the case, press the button on the back until the status indicator lights in white.
    5. The AirPods will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices on the PS4, select them to link them to the console.

Remember that in order for you to use them with another device,you will have to disconnect them firstfrom the console.

Otherwise, you will not be able to use them since they will remain connected to the console if it is on and the audio is still activated through the AirPods.

With this little tutorial, you can enjoy the sound quality of the AirPods in your favorite games. Of course, youmay notice some delayin the transmission, but you should be able to solve it by turning the helmets off and on again after putting them in the case and closing it for a few seconds.

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