Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

A Device that carries the heavy burden of improving one of the gaming mice most loved by PC gamers. Not a simple deal but, as you will discover in the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review, this time too the mission is accomplished for the Californian company.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Dark Core RGB PRO,Corsair’sgaming mouse designed primarily forFPS players,while maintaining all the advantages of the previous model is further improved with greater lighting areas, improved connections and lowered latencies.

In a nutshell, we are facing a series of upgrades that give us hope. If you want to know how this historic Corsair mouse has behaved, you just have to read theCorsair Dark Core RGB PRO review.

As mentioned, some changes have been made to the previous model. The mouse in question is inthe medium-high market segment. Obviously it is not a mouse for everyone and is designed for gaming. It gives its best in FPS titles, but can also be used for other titles. But let’s see some technical details of thisgaming mouse.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: the technical specifications

  • PPE: 18,000
  • Sensor: PAW3392
  • Sensor type: optical
  • Mouse backlighting: 9 RGB zones
  • Storable profiles: 3
  • Button type: Omron
  • Programmable keys: 8
  • Connectivity: Cable, Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Key durability: 50 million clicks
  • Grip: Palm
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • Cable: 1.8 meters in braided fiber
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz / 2000Hz
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer

New sensor and other news Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

In this gaming mouse we find thePAW3392 sensor model slightly improved compared to the predecessor.

Thanks to this sensor, we couldcustomize our choice of PPE, with a 1a1 selectionup to 18,000 PPE. Maximum sensor speed that we have tested for scruple but which obviously makes it impossible to play, at least at the screen resolutions available today.

Any movement at this speed would cause the view, or the pointer, to pop up at a speed that probably Flash would not be able to follow. However this great achievement in terms of “speed” is an indication of theexcellent sensitivity and precision of the new sensor.

Obviously, to set the PPE with the precision of one unit at a time, you need to rely on the excellent softwareprovided byCorsair.In reality iCUE is necessary for 90% of mouse customizationsand once you have learned to use it, you can hardly do without it.

It is also true, however, that in this version of Dar Core even more it is mandatory to use such software, asthe default presets fail to meet the needs of the playerwhether he is a casual gamer or a purist.

The software will also be needed toswitch from the polling frequency of 1000Hz to that of 2,000Hz, to obtain an input lag less than an additional millisecond.

Another key part controlled by iCUE is the lighting of the mouse, the Corsair software allows to assigna different color to all 9 of the new RGB zones.

There are also 9 programmable keysand among the novelties we find the use of the newOmron mechanical and minimum latency switches, which Corsair guarantees for 50 million pressures.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Design and materials Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

The design of this new product fully reflects that of the previous version. The big news is in the cable connector, which finally meetsUSB Type-C technology. In the package we find thecharging cable, in braided fiber,1.8 meters longand asecond option for the right side handle.

The handles like the back are covered witha rubberized and textured fabric. The non-slip rubber material that we also find in the scroll wheel.

In the remaining parts we find a series of more or less shiny plastics that give greater authority to the whole. In terms of size, we find ourselves in front of a mouse ofrather generousdimensions and witha rather important weight.

Here is the probable reason whyinterchangeable weights have not been implemented. Even if the most demanding players could miss the latter.

As mentioned, we havetwo possibilities of grip. The first makes the part of the right mouse more ergonomic and classic, the second instead gives the possibility of havinga support on the little fingerexactly as it happens for the thumb.

Obviously you will decide which position is most convenient for you, but the possibility of choice is very appreciable.

To “switch” from one spoiler to another, just run the chosen fin along with the mouse sled which, thanks to the magnets mounted inside it, will be easily and quickly housed.

The mouse offersan excellent palm grip strictly for right-handed use. The rubber wheel does not give rise to possible slips.

The top of Dark Core RGB PRO has two buttons right above the left click button which can be programmed within iCUE to execute various commands, but control DPI by default.

The central button under the wheel instead controls the switch between the various profiles, whether they are preset or not. Too bad for the lack of a “sniper” button, a fast profile with low DPI.

As far as battery life is concerned, much will depend on the chosen use. Obviously if you leave the LEDs on (16 hours of autonomy LEDs on or 36 hours on LEDs off) the duration will be shorter.

Software | Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

Dark Core RGB PRO could work even without software but, clearly speaking, you would exploit less than half of its possibilities.The personalization settings are truly infinite, in fact you can program your profiles in multiple ways.

Thanks to iCUE you can set the polling frequency to 2,000 MHz, assign colors to the various zones, control the target speed 1 DPI at a time on all the X and Y axes even in different ways.

In addition, you can use thevarious presets available which are also preset for competitive, or less famous,video games.

As you can see from the image just above, you can choose a series of actions that can fully customize your trusted playmate. A very important action to perform is that of “Surface Calibration”. By starting this test,the optical sensor will adapt to your mat. Action not to be underestimated as by default the Dark Core RGB PRO is set to work on some Corsair mats.

Thefirmware can be updated when neededand it is also possible to clear the built-in memory from the device. Memory capable of storingup to three profiles even without the obligation to use iCUE in the future.

Who should buy this gaming mouse?

Dark Core RGB PRO isa mouse as beautiful as it is complex to manage. If you are looking for a gaming mouse that once connected is ready for use, you have done something wrong.

This mouseoffers an immense series of customizationsthat will make more precise players happy, but without a good dose of knowledge of the management software, you will have a “castrated” product.

The tracking on Dark Core RGB PRO is excellentand the Pixart PAW3392 sensor has been implemented correctly. The new generation Dark Core is comfortable to use also via cable but perhaps it gives the best of itself free from any constraints.

The improvements of this product are not very many compared to the previous version but are still important and welcome. We also remember thatthe mouse can be purchased at a price almost equal to the previous model.

In a nutshell, if you have to buy a new mouse with the features listed in this review of Dark Core RGB PRO it is the purchase for you … but if you are in possession of the previous version, net of little wear of the same, do not I would opt for this new version immediately!

To conclude, we can say thatDark Core RGB PRO is an excellent gaming mouse that offers vast customization and the ability to play wirelessly just like wired. Before buying it, however, take into account that the use of the management software is not an accessory but a fundamental one.

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