Prezi Free | Steps To Create A Free Prezi Account

There is nothing better than a good program to make your presentation with a sufficient level of professionalism. The traditional approach in this regard has always been to use Microsoft Office offerings or even OpenOffice due to the standardized nature of their use. This time we will teach youhow to make Prezi for freeand how to create a totally free account.

Prezi Free | Steps To Create A Free Prezi Account
Prezi Free | Steps To Create A Free Prezi Account

Prezi Free | Steps To Create A Free Prezi Account

Countless students, teachers, and even workers have usedPowerPointto accompany their presentations. However, thanks to the Internet, you can find an incredibly capable and much more powerful online tool, we are talking about Prezi.

What is and how to make free Prezi?

This platform has been the favorite choice of many users for several years due to its ease of use and almost limitless possibilities. It is possible that you have not used it yet, and if so, what we will inform you here will be very useful.

We will show you how to create an account and make free Prezi step by step in a simple and easy way, complete with additional details and many other very interesting details.

Here we will show you all the differenttypes of Prezi accounts, their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and how to apply for each one.

How to create a basic Prezi account?

If you carry out the steps that we explain, you will have no problem when opening a Prezi account and, in addition, you will know in advance all the differences and capabilities of each type of user that you can assign yourself. You should know that the prices shown in this guide do not include VAT 21% and are subject to change over time.

When you enter the main Prezi site through the URLhttps://prezi.comin the address bar of your web browser, you will find a series of sections with all the options of this website in the menu in the upper right corner.

In each of them, you must press the ”Start” button. After that, you will see that there are three options: Basic, Individual, and Business. For now, let’s focus on the first one, ”Basic.” Click right there.

1. Basic

The Basic package in the Basic section is the minimum set of services that Prezi offers to users. If you followed the steps above, you should be able to see it on the screen with a short description of what is available. With this option you can make Prezi for free.

  1. As it iscompletely free, you just have to click on the gray button with the text “Continue” to continue working.
  2. Now you must complete the form with your name, surname, email address and non-transferable personal password. Do this and you should also click on the ”I’m not a robot” field.
  3. When you’re done, click the ”Create a free basic account” button to finish.
  4. Another option is to use Facebook or your existing Google account. To do this, you just have to click on any of the buttons under ”Register with Facebook” or where it says ”Register with Google“.

2. Plus

If you want to find something more extensive than the basic package, you have the Plus option. It combines all of the above but adds more demanding privacy controls, offline access, and presentation features. Back at the starting point,you will see that it is next to the Basic side.

  1. Well, before you pay for it, you can start a free trial, which you must choose if you want to try it. In the window above, you need to click ”Start FREE Trial” to get started.
  2. Complete the form that appears on the screen with your name, surname, email and password.On the right side, you will see the annual cost of this Prezi plan.
  3. Well, having done this. You must also enter your credit card or PayPal account information (depending on the type of payment you want). Fill in the required fields and click ”Subscribe.”
  4. The service fee will be charged 14 days after registration is complete, so you have time to consider whether it is worth it or if you prefer not to continue.

Open a Prezi Next account or an individual account

Well, you know how to make Prezi for free, now you should know how to open a Prezi Next account. Returning to the Get Started menu on the Prezi site, the first option highlighted is to create an individual account.

You have three different sections with their own functions:Standard, Plus and Premium. Here’s how to sign up for each of these plans:

1. Standard

You should know that the cheapest option of all is this and it is focused on personal use. It allows you to create presentations online and control access to them. To get started, you need to click the ”Start FREE Trial ” button on the left side of the page.

  1. Now complete with your personal data (name and surname), add your email and password. Then you must click on ”Continue“.
  2. Select a payment method: credit card or PayPal, these are 100% secure options and fill in the required details. Finish filling out all the fields and click the ”Subscribe” button.
  3. Note that the annual plan fee of € 84, or € 7 per month, will only be charged 14 days after the trial subscription; 2 days before the end of this period, a reminder email will be sent to you.

2. Plus

Going back to the Start menu on the Prezi site, there is one option that stands out from the rest. The Plus account has allthe benefits of a standard account, but also adds advanced features andoffline access.

  1. To subscribe, the first thing you need to do is click on the button that says: ”Start FREE Trial“.
  2. Then you will be taken to the registration form where you will enter your name, surname, email address and password. On the right side, you will also see all the details of this type of invoice, along with the annual price to pay. Click the ”Continue” button.
  3. Now is the time to opt for a payment method and enter the corresponding details, choosing between credit card or PayPal. Complete the form that is most convenient for you and click ”Subscribe” to activate your Plus account.
  4. Only a fee of € 228 per year (€ 19 / month) will be charged after 14 days with an active account. If you change your mind and are not sure, you can cancel it and not pay. They will notify you 2 days before the end of the trial period so that you can decide whether to use it or open another type of account.

3. Premium

As for the Premium option, it is the last available in the customized packages, it offers everything that the Plus account does, adding advanced training for users(available only in English) and a very useful analysis system.

  1. To send a request, as in other cases, you must be in the main menu of the site. There, you need to click the button ”Start your FREE trial” in the field of such account.
  2. Clicking there will take you to a registration form where you will need to enter your first and last name, as well as your email address and password. Do this and also click the ”Continue” button.
  3. At this stage, you will need to select a payment method and enter the corresponding details. You must do this and click on ”Subscribe“; But remember that the amount of 708 euros per year (59 euros per month) will only be debited 14 days after you have created your account. The prices do not include IVA.

Steps to create a Prezi for business account

When it comes to creating an account with Prezi for business, you must proceed in the same way as in any of the previous sections. On the main site, you must click the ”Get Started” button to go to the start menu and select ”Companies“.

You willthenbe given the option to request a free demo. In the same window, you can see everything this business account has to offer, as well as click on theContact Usbutton to continue creating your new user.

After that, you will need to enter some data. In addition to your first name, last name, and email address, you will also need to enter your business name, phone number, what you do, the size of your business, and a message explaining what you want and why.

Complete all of this and click the ”Request a Demo” button. Prezi will contact you with a test to see how useful the system is and how it can be tailored to your business needs.

How to open a Prezi account for students and teachers

For students and teachers who have access to email with extension, Prezi has a special account type. Do not forget that the email with the .edu extension must be requested at your educational center in order to enjoy the benefits that Prezi offers you if you belong to the education sector, benefits in functionality, and in prices and discounts.

  1. To request this account, it is necessary to enter the ”Start” menu, as we described in detail in the previous paragraphs, and once inside, you must find the ”For students and teachers” section. There you must click on the ”Discover More” button.
  2. Select any of the three available plans and click the button for your chosen plan.
  3. After that,you willfirstneed to enter your email address in .edu formatso they can verify that you are in an education setting. Login and click ”continue“.
  4. Now you must enter the name of the school in which you are, the city in which you are located, the country to which it belongs and its main website. Please complete all the fields honestly, check the box to confirm that you are at this institution, and click Continue.
  5. Youwillfinallyreceive an email from Preziat the email address you provided. Log in and click the link to verify your account and start using this powerful presentation tool.

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