How To Create A QR Code To Quickly Access Your Home Wi-Fi

Create a QR Code: In all these years, surely you have had to enter the password of your Wi-Fi network on your devices for some reason, either because they are new and need access to the internet, or because you have decided to improve the security of your network.

How to Create a QR Code to Quickly Access your Home Wi-Fi

And precisely for that reason, you have surely wondered why there is nobody capable of devising a security system that allows access to the networkwithout having to waste timeentering an absurdly long password.

How to Create a QR Code to Quickly Access your Home Wi-Fi

Let’s not even talk about those moments when guests come to your house, and you are forced to share your network with them. You end up having tocheck one by onethat they have all entered the password correctly and that none are trying to connect to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

Especially since WPS was deemed not to be a secure system. Well, with the tool that we are going to show you today that is over.

Thanks to the website that you will findhere, you can createa personalized QR codethat contains all the data of your Wi-Fi network, and that also serves as direct access to it.

Ideally, of course, you should use these types of methods only for guest networks, or keep the codes created in safe places, to prevent unauthorized people from entering the network.

Also, thanks to iOS 11, you can use the code without having to install an additional app. You just have touse the cameraand point to the QR you have created, at the time you do it, a notification will be activated asking you if you want to connect to the network to which the image is linked. That way you won’t have to deal with scrambles of numbers and letters.

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